Tareau’s Three Tunes Tuedays #2

Well thank you for looking at my 1st music post last week. I got a good response so let’s do it again.

Alessia Cara “Here” 

Lmfao yes! I love this song. When I was a tour bus driver, my co workers daughter would always sing this song. I had no idea what she was singing about but I loved the story. About a teenage girl who gets dragged to a party by her friends. She clearly did not want to be at said party. Hahahaha. She was singing her lil ass off tho. 

The Jackson 5 “Ready Or Not”


Off of their 3rd Album entitled “Third Album” I think this would be my favorite Jackson 5 song ever. With the utmost respect to the Delfonics, I really liked the Jackson 5 version better. 

The Stylistics “One Night Affair” 


Off of the hard to find “Love Spell” album, this song says it all. We’ve all been there. Men and Women alike. Man they were so soulful. 

 As a bonus song the rap group “Little Brother” sampled this song for their hit song “Lovin It” off of their album called “The Minstrel Show” 

Well here you are folks. Hopefully this will get you through, what feels like Monday Jr. Tuesday. Hahaha. Thank You 


Tareau’s top 5 love songs 😉


There is a lot of hate, like real hate in today’s society. Let’s spread some love, shall we? I’m thankful for the 70’s being instilled into my mind at a young age. Although I was born in the 80s, the 70s dominated my household. Today there is no love making music. Just lust and sex. No more passion. These songs taught me so much hahahahahabahahaha.You find that special someone and there’s no limit to romance. Keywords are “SPECIAL SOMEONE.”  That ol skool loving. MMMMMMMMM HMMMMMMM. So without further ado, LET’S GET IT ON 

5. Teddy Pendergrass “Turn off the lights”

See first you gotta set the mood y’all


4. Marvin Gaye “Let’s get it on”

See you done initiated so keep up


3. Prince “Erotica City”


Haha Get it in y’all

2. Marvin Sease “Candy Licker”


No Comment 😆😆😆😆😆

1. The Manhattan’s “Kiss and say goodbye”


Tareau, you da coldest brotha, how you just gonna do that, love em and leave em? How you still want a last kiss before you leave? 


Come on y’all can’t be mad right? I want to do a 70s/80s album pose one day. You know how all the album covers were sexually motivating. Taco meat, gold chains, lustful eyes, hahahahahaha. What do you think? What would be your list?



Tareau’s top 10 greasiest looking brothas of all time

King Petty AlertThats rightI am some ish on this oneso as a disclaimerif

youre not ready please leaveWe talkin on this oneOhhhhhh YesLot of slang so keep up with me people.
Greasy, Glistening, Sparkly, Shiny, Slick, Conniving, Dirty, Grimy, etc. You see people these gents take the cake. Just looking “guilty”or looking like “you did it” is enough for me to charge you with excessive greasiness. People who fit this criteria don’t know that they are greasy. Hell you might actually be one of them. Hahaha. There’s a few people I left off like Bobby Brown, Easy E, Teddy Riley Kirk Franklin,etc. Greasiness don’t necessarily mean that you’re a bad person. You can just look greasy. Greasiness can be hereditary and it is curable by soaking in a tub full of dawn while washing your draws. Hahahaha. All in jokes folks and you know us black people love to clown. So here’s my list.

10. Rappin 4-Tay

Rappin 4-Tay looks like the kind of cat to steal some money from you, right before he asks you for a dollar. Just Trifilin’ looking y’all. Hide ya wallets.

9. Lionel Richie

Oh Lionel, Ya High Yella Ass is not exempt. You can try and swoon all the ladies but I see through you. So you can take your sly greasiness and go somewhere.

8. Jesse Jackson Sr.

Yea you pug looking, not catching Martin Luther Da Kang Jr, Stealing money from black folks, Conniving, fake ass Mike Epps looking ass. Ohhhh Jesse Jackson is sholl Greasy. He looks like he would give your wife a hug and steal her pearls at the same time. In the words of Cedric the Entertainer in Barbershop “Man F*&$% Jesse Jackson.

7. Bootsy Collins

Yes I’m hating on you Bootsy, you an alright brotha but you look mighty shiny. Hell No you can’t borrow my pillowcase nor a spare toothbrush.

6. Phil Lewis aka TC from the Wayans Bros.
Oh yes, TC was the Grimiest cat in TV history. With his gold teeth and his experienced polyester blends, this cat would flat out sell you your own kids just to ask for child support. Watch out for TC y’all. Looking like he can’t be near an open flame. Hahaha.

5. Clifton Powell aka PINKY NUCCA

Yaaaasssss (I see you Lady G) Pinky is the ultimate hustler. To bad he didn’t take some strides or oxygen pads to that forehead before he decided to leave the house. Ohhhhhh he is Grimy looking. I’m talking bout peeing in the kiddie pool Grimy. Say anotha word Nucca!!

4. David Ruffin

David Ruffin is greasy for so many reasons. Drugs and domestic violence aside, David Ruffin telling the Temptations that they ain’t sh#t without David Ruffin is the most classic line of all time. He looks like he would steal all ya mama’s hair products in the middle of the night, with rollers in his hair still.

3. Ron Isley

OHHH Ron Isley watched R. Kelly pee on that girl, yall know he did. King Swindle at his finest. With his tax evading, hot comb using, fake preacher having self. Just Trifilin. Man stay away from him. Lmfao Mr. Big is gonna find you.

2. Rick James

Any cat with a cigarette hanging out they mouth fits the above criteria. We all know Rick’s antics so we will just skip to #1.

#1. Jermaine Jackson 

No one will ever out Glisten Jermaine. He takes greasy to the moon with his clay like, molded, tickle me Elmo sweater wearing, not showering but just spraying on some brut, having ass. Yes he needs to be power washed, chisled with a jack hammer and rubbed down in some downy dryer sheets  Just greasy. You can just smell his leathery, botox, fake plastic self from this side of the smartphone. Y’all better not be looking at this with A Galaxy Note 7 because u just might blow up. Hahahahhaahahahahah

So there you have it folks. Tune in next time for the Grimiest ladies of all time. Ohhhhhh huh Who will make the list

Tareau’s list of 10 random Black films that you probably never heard of!

When it comes to Black cinema, the masses only knows us for buffonery (* cough Madea cough*), Slavery films, Civil Rights films or comedies. What about other genres? Bypass the Blaxsplotation films a lot of our films do not get the support it needs, even from its own people. Why can’t a black comedy or black thriller do well at the box office? Here’s a list of 10 random movies I love, that probably never seen your DVD player.

10. The Spook who sat by the door

Shout out to my homie Joey (Good Brotha) for introducing me to this film in 2005. The double entandra of spook (CIA agent and also a derogatory term for Blacks) is a good title. This film is about a CIA agent trying to organize teens to overtake the government. Check it out y’all!

9. JD’s Revenge

“What’s the matter baby, you don’t like my conk?” This movie is classic. Picture a soul brotha in the 70’s getting possessed by a ghost named JD Walker. Please watch this if you haven’t.

8. Love Jones

Love Jones is every Black ladies fantasy of my generation (that or love and basketball) hahahah. It stars Fine Ass Nia Long and some guy who beat me out of this role named Larenz Tate. You probably seen this movie a few times so I’m not going to tell you what it’s about 😁😁.

7. Blue Collar

One of my favorite Richard Pryor movie, this movie is about factory workers tired of “The Man” screwing them over. Once again shout out to Good Brotha for introducing me to this flick as well. 

6. Dear White People.

Brilliant movie about what many of us Blacks go through in college or just general questions White folks ask us. Very powerful, but funny as well.

5. Hav Plenty

My sisters best friend (Kobe) loves this movie. Obsessed with it even. It’s about a writer who is spending time with his best friend Haviland. I’m not going to give away what happens so check it out.

4. Black Coffee

thecouchsports.com founder “The Dave” schooled me to this film. It’s one of the most positive movies I’ve ever seen. And it has delicious eye candy (No ladies sorry I’m not in this one) 

3. Akeelah and the Bee

A young black girl who is competing to be the nation’s best speller? Sign me up right now. 

2. The Secret Life of Bees

Yes this one is riveting. A must see. Great cast, great story and it was very touching.

1. Osmosis Jones

Chris Rock stars in this animated film about a Rebellious Cell who doesn’t want to listen to the central command (your brain) My daughter and I would watch this film when she was a baby. I miss those days. Awwwww. 


See she was 3 in this pic and I had hair.
Well that’s just 10 random Black movies that no one really talks about. Mind you there are a bunch more. Until next time, stay thirsty my