Dear Oakland, and Everyone Else



Lets be completely honest right now. I mean gloves off, emotion out of it (at least for a couple of paragraphs), it’s mostly people that’s NOT from Oakland or who never even been to Oakland, hollering that “I’m a fan no matter what” shit. Lets be clear, Oakland needs a lot of help financially, and if the rich ass owners, and the multi-Billion dollar NFL, and every person who complains about The Town don’t want to help a city in need, but hold the citizens for ransom over a stadium, then bounce for the corporate dollar anyway, then FUCK YOU!

Raiders turned their back on Oakland twice! Twice! At the end of the day they made a business move, and I’m making one too. I don’t have to support shit. At the end of the day, I rep Oakland, and we don’t have to hang our heads over RICH FUCKS WHO DONT CARE ABOUT THE CITIZENS. 


Let’s keep it a stack, since we are being honest. All the money the NFL and each owner has, why does every host city have to pay for a stadium, and everything to go with it, and don’t get not a nare discount? The owner gets the profits from ticket sales, concessions, parking, jersey sales, and what does the fan get? That’s an honest question. What does the fan get? 

What about the citizens who are stuck paying for a stadium via taxes, who don’t like sports? Am I being too real right now? I really could care less, because all I’m seeing is people who didn’t mind seeing the great citizens of Oakland, Ca. get screwed for the sake of, 3 hours, for 8 Sundays, in a calendar year worth of entertainment.

If anything, I just hope Mayor Libby Schaaf makes great decisions, for the future of what is — the pulse of the Bay Area.

In conclusion, Mark Davis never wanted to be there, the Las Vegas citizens will get screwed on this deal everyone thinks is so sweet (on the surface), and Oakland, Ca deserves better than the treatment it’s received from sports owners, and people who complained, but never helped.

I’m a proud man from The Town until the day they bury me. I love you Oakland!

-Ex Raiders Fan


That !@#$% Tom Brady 

Arrrrgggghhh he did it again. He passed Joe Montana. Now I have to hear about him being the greatest NFL players ever. Dammit. Man. Well I am going to be petty. Joe Montana never lost a Superbowl 😃. Man what a game. Lots of 1sts. Superbowl 51 did not disappoint. 1st overtime Superbowl. The Patriots were down 25 at one point. And this man Tom Brady came through and did what Tom Brady do. (Man, forget that I am still going to be petty. Tom Brady went to Serra High School, which is 25 miles from my old high school. My basketball team beat Serra’s basketball team in a summer league exhibition game in 1999. I had 25 pts 12 rebs and 5 blks that game) So blah. Hahahahahaha. Man what a game. I fast forward through the commercials and I didn’t watch the halftime show. I had a plethora of food for myself. Yes only me. Nachos, Fajitas, hot pockets, Kool Aid, Grand Marnier, and water. 

Anyways Tom Brady finished Superbowl 51 with 466 passing yards. Brad’s cast of characters all contributed as well. In the end however Atlanta’s defense did not stop the Patriots from scoring. They looked tired and made big mistakes in clutch situations. We have to remember, the Patriots have been here befire, and to the naked eye, experience doesnt really mean anything, but it does. It felt after halftime the Falcons were just cruising and they did not play with a sense of urgency. Tom Brady lives in this moment. I had several phone calls and texts messages from everyone, telling me that it is the end for Brady. Obviously I may dislike Tom Brady but I am not stupid. It felt like Tom Brady was baiting Atlanta, and as soon as Atlanta bit the bait, Brady Attacked. Anyways, sorry to bother you guys, but here’s my reaction to the last play of the game… click link please.

John Lynch is Here.

49ers Faithful from all over the Bay Area, can now rejoice. There’s a new Shireff in town and his name is John Lynch. Football minds were baffled by this hiring due to the fact that the 49ers were under strict orders from John Lynch himself, to not leak his name as a possible candidate for the vacant General Manager position. Lynch is a hard hitter on and off the field and knows football inside and out. Provided by “Bucs Nation” on YouTube here are some of John’s highlights: (Click link)

Now, we all now John’s hands will be full. The roster is inept and depleted. You have needs at virtually every position. (Except for Running Back, Place Kicker, & Punter). You have a boss who is a pompous, arrogant, unintelligent asshole. 

Hi, I’m Jed York and I am a douche!

You also have a Venture Capitalists, analytical, money grabbing, non football knowing, elitist in Paraag Marathe trying to secretly run a football team

Now John Lynch is no stranger to the Bay Area now. He played college ball at Stanford University. I think his biggest challenge, will be trying to win the faithful core fan base back. 
Die hard faithful, who are not bandwagon fans. They have been replaced with….

The empty seats represents, white collar fans who don’t show up to the game when they’re losing. What’s crazy is all those seats are paid for by the season ticket holders who jumped on the bandwagon once the 49ers got good again. 

A lot of cajoling to do, right. But Lynch is the man to fix this. As a 9 time pro bowler, Super Bowl Champion, 2 times All Pro, Lynch has a blueprint for success. I’ve been talking to a lot of die hard 49er fans like myself


And a lot of people unanimously agree that this is an exciting feeling. We are glad that Baalke and Kelly got axed. We just hope York butts out and let him do his thing. Good luck John Lynch. 

Super Bowl 51 is a brewing

Quick thought on the upcoming Super Bowl. SIGH Well my predictions were way off. But no one cares, right?? Haha. Yes football was a great stress reliever from reality, right? Kind of? Sort of? Not really? Yea I gotcha. I honestly thought the Green Bay Packers were going to pull it off but honestly, they just ran out of gas. Just think: At week 11 in this season they were a measly 4-6. The Packers went Wolverine on the NFL and win 8 straight games, only to lose yesterday in the NFC Championship game to the Atlanta Falcons. (Matt Ryan is about to get paid y’all. He’s gonna be like this: link) hahahaha

The Falcons pulled it off and now I have to eat raven (Not crow). I just didn’t believe in Matt Ryan, but like he said, “It’s a make or break year for me. I’m not getting younger.” Preach Matthew! Preach. 

As for the Steelers, I dont know what happened to them, oh wait, the guys who are always in the AFC Championship game was waiting on them. I know alot of Brady Buddies love this man to death, but I hope the Falcons win. Unfortunately Tom Brady has been to 6 Superbowls and I am 0-6 when it comes to betting against him. Even when they played the Giants twice, I betted for the Patriots, and lost. Sigh. All in all shout out to the Falcons and Patriots because I know we will be entertained. Do you think Matt Ryan is ready? Hmmmm leave your feedback below. 

The Couch Sports Podcast Ep. 38

Highlights include: Fake News & bullshit, is Demarcus Cousins selfish for planning to except $200 million contract, Bad Basketball, NBA Talk, New Segments, how to fix the 76ers,  49ers suing Santa Clara, NFL Playoffs, and much more!




Raiders season review

This may have been the most bitter sweet season of my life time. I’ve seen 4-12 seasons that I felt more complete about.

We watched the young Raiders arrive a year ahead of schedule. Boasting a league best, 7 players selected for the 2017 Pro Bowl, and two All-Pro’s.

derek-carr-fist-pumpDerek Carr emerge with a MVP caliber season, only to go down with a broken fibula. Before the freak injury, or the fake outrage about Derek still being in the game, defense’s were getting carved up. 3,937 yds, 28 tds, only 6 ints, completing 63% of his passes. I was rooting for the man to reach the 4,000 yard mark, but fate is making us wait. Again. But,

Screen Shot 2017-01-08 at 10.04.25 AM.png
credit to

he’s 7th on the Raiders all-time passing yards list. And 5th in Touchdowns (81). My prediction is in about 3 short years Carr will be the sole leader in both categories. Keep in mind he’s only 25!

The offense as a whole was high Octane, and the wide receiving corps. was easily the best group in the league.


After coming this close to having two 1,000 yard receivers last year, Michael Crabtree and Amari Cooper both arrived, 1,003 & 1153 respectively. Pick your Poison.

The Raiders didn’t go Raider. When the leader of the team went down, so did the team.

khalil-2-thumbsKhalil Mack tried to put the team on his back, but at the position he plays, that’s difficult to do. Lawrence Taylor in his prime couldn’t have saved the team, when Carr went down.

Mack finished the 2016 season with 54 tackles and 11 sacks (8th). Yes, he started off slow, but Khalil always does. Teams often double and sometimes triple team the man.

Overall the defense was decent at best. Too many big plays were given up, and the pass defense was awful. The Raiders gave up 275 yds per game through the air. 9th worst in the league. 117 yds per game were given up on the ground. Again, bottom 10. Overall Oakland gave up over 6,000 yards, and that is unacceptable. Offenses came in a little too confident all season.



The offensive line needs a lot of credit. Skill positions get all the glory, but the game is won in the trenches. Derek Carr was only sacked 16 times. Compare that to Tyrod Taylor, who was sacked 42 times in 2016.  Only quarterback that got touched less than Derek Carr was Tom Brady. And he missed 4 games.

It was also running back by committee for the Raiders, also a credit to the O-Line.

Screen Shot 2017-01-08 at 11.19.04 AM.png

Jalen Richard, and DeAndre Washington, were bright spots that no one seen coming. The Oakland rushing attack combined for 1,922 yards. Not bad, overall there was great balance to the offense.

The Raiders ended the season 12-4. I suppose we all could call that a great season seeing as there were 14 previous losing seasons — however I wanted to see my boys make some noise. But when your most important player, at the most important position goes down, well…such is life for the Nation.

I won’t get into the whole Las Vegas thing, that put the ‘bitter’ in the ‘sweet’ because I covered that plenty of times.

However, I am calling my shot for next year.  The Oakland Raiders will go 13-3, and be Super Bowl LII champions. Remember you heard it here first.


49ers 2016 season review
Well my 5-11 prediction was slightly off, right? Thanks to these 3 Wiseman. My 49ers went 2-14 in 2016 and was virtually last in almost every statistical category in the NFL. Once again this franchise is in shambles. As of yesterday 1/1/17, 49ers owner Jed York fired General Manager Trent Baalke and Head Coach Chip Kelly. For those of you who don’t know my feelings on this inevitable situation, please revisit posts in the past here on entitled:

This was inevitable and honestly Chip Kelly had no business being our head coach. See here’s the deal: Chip, was an amazing college coach. He won several of accolades with the Oregon Ducks and transformed them into a household brand. Once he left Oregon to coach the Philadelphia Eagles in 2013, his success transferred over to the pro ranks. The Eagles finished 10-6, winning the NFC East and made it to the playoffs for the first time since 2010. The Eagles would lose to the New Orleans Saints, but Chip was Herald as the savior of Philadelphia. You  see folks, it’s a rarity when a college coach in the NCAA can mimic the same success they had in college and transfer that into the professional leagues. Only a handful of coaches in both the NBA and NFL has had success in both. 

Chip was the head coach of the Philadelphia Eagles for 3 years, and only making the post season in his inaugural season. This past summer, the San Francisco 49ers hired Chip Kelly to be the new head coach. This honestly was just a publicity stunt because rumors swirled around the hire. 

1st rumor 

was that 49ers CEO Jed York wanted to prove to people that he could hire a coach who was reputable around the league. So basically name recognition gets you a long way in the NFL. And that is parallel to our next rumor: 

2nd rumor:

The 49ers wanted to hire Mike Shanahan as their coach. (Mike Shanahan was also rumored to be in the running, when the 49ers fired Jim Harbaugh). 

  • Well now for some facts. 
  • Chip Kelly and Trent Baalke bumped heads and had communication issues from the start. Chip Kelly wanted to draft rookie quarterback sensation Dak Prescott  (who now plays for the Dallas Cowboys) but Baalke did not want a quarterback.
  • The San Francisco 49ers owe around $69 million dollars to former coaches and assistant coaches. Coaches contracts are guaranteed so with Jim Tomsula and Chip Kelly, The 49ers owe them between $27 million- $30 million dollars. Just on those two “1 and done coaches.”
  • Daniel Brown of the San Jose Mercury news had a brilliant article today saying that in the past 3 years, Jed York has said the same exact thing after the firing of each move. Check it out here.
  • The 49ers has 15 players that will be Unrestricted Free Agents (wait 16, because It is rumored that Colin Kaepernick will opt out) here’s  list of those players and their 2016 stats: (all stats are from

1. DE Glenn Dorsey. 2016 Salary $4,362,500. 12 games played. 7 games started. 2o tackles. 1 sack

2. ILB Gerald Hodges. 2016 Salary $645,027. 15 games played. 12 games started. 52 tackles. 2 Interceptions for 27 total yards. 1 Forced Fomble. 1 fumble recovered. 3 sacks.

3. K Phil Dawson. 2016 salary $3,134,000. 18/21 Field Goals Made/Attempt. 33/34 xp made/attempt. Long 53 yards

4. QB Blaine Gabbert. 6 games played. 5 games started. 91/160 completion/attempts. 56.9%. 925 yards 5 touchdowns. 6 interceptions. 68.4% Quarterback Rating.

5. ILB Michael Wilhoute. 2016 Salary $1,671,000. 16 games played. 6 starts.2 passes deflected. 1 Forced fumble. 1 fumble recovered. 0.5 sack. 38 tackles

6.DT Tony Jerod Eddie. 2016 salary $1,000,000. 9 games played. 1 tackle.

7. WR Jeremy Kerley. 2016 salary $850,000. 16 games played. 13 games played. 64 receptions. 667 receiving yards. 3 touchdowns. 

8. RB Shaun Draughn. 2016 salary. $860,000. 16 games played. 1 game starts. 74 rushes. 196 Rushing yards. 4 rushing touchdowns. 29 receptions. 263 Receiving yards. 2 receiving touchdowns.

9. LB Nick Bellore. 2016 Salary. $845,000. 14 games played. 10 games start. 1 interception for 4 yards. 5 passes deflected. 1 sack. 55 tackles.

10. QB Thad Lewis. 2016 Salary $760,000. Tore ACL in Preseason

11. WR Rod Streater. 2016 Salary $810,000. 16 games played. 2 games started. 18 Receptions. 191 Receiving Yards. 2 receiving touchdowns.

12. QB Christian Ponder. 2016 Salary. $800,000. No stats 

13. G. Andrew Gardner. 2016 Salary $760,000. 1 game played. 1 game started.

14. TE Jim Dray. 2016 Salary. $760,000.(with San Francisco) 2 games played. 1 game started. No other stats.

15. Quinton Patton. 2016 Salary. $637,835. 14 games Played. 14 games started. 37 receptions. 408 reception yards. 

49ers team stats

  • 27th in Points scored per game with 19.3
  • 31st in yards per game at 308.1
  • 32nd in passing yards per game 181.9
  • 4th in rushing 126.2
  • 30th in 1st downs per game 17.9
  • 32nd in Time of Possession per game 26.55
  • 32nd points allowed on defense per game 30.
  • 32nd in yards allowed per game 406.4
  • 32nd in rushing yards allowed per game 165.9
  • 14th in passing yards allowed per game 240.5
  • 24th in the league for interceptions with 10 on the season
  •  32nd in Interceptions Touchdowns with 0
  • 20th in the Forced fumbles with 12
  • 32nd in defensive touchdowns with 0
  • 22nd in the league in sacks with 33.

Ok with all that out of the way, I want us fellow faithful to know that we are going to suck for years to come. You have to keep supporting them because we were there for all the big moments. Candlestick represented US. Levi’s represents THEM. Don’t jump off the bandwagon. What do you think? Please leave feedback.