Tareau’s Three Tunes Tuesdays #4

Decided to change it up on this one. I listen to a wide array of music and I wanted to share some with you. You will be surprised on what I listen too. 

Player Baby Come Back

That guitar riff at the end tho?

Metallica The God That Failed

Thanks to Beavis and Butthead in the early 90s for introducing me to Rock and roll music. I listen to some Rock and Roll, Metal, and thrash sometimes. 

Olivia Newton John Physical 

Hahahahahaha yes I know every words. She was getting it in, on the music video, wasn’t She? 


Tareau’s Three Tunes Tuesdays #3

En Vogue Don’t Let Go

Man remember when buying the CDs to your favorite movie? Yes buying the soundtrack. I loved the 1996 movie Set It Off. En Vogue was my favorite Woman’s R&B group in the 90s. That passion though? Hahahaha.

Fabolous ft Jazzy Real One


This song is dope. It samples The Fugees “Killing Me Softly” which samples Roberta Flack’s “Killing Me Softly” Rap is always sampling something, right? But I love this jam because it’s paying homage. This is off of Fabolous’s Summertime Shootouts album.

50 Cent Best Friend


Something about soundtracks today. I like this version without Olivia. Back when 50 cent had everything on lock. 2005. “If I’m focused when I’m stroking, I can change how you walk.” Hahaha best line.

Tareau’s Three Tunes Tuedays #2

Well thank you for looking at my 1st music post last week. I got a good response so let’s do it again.

Alessia Cara “Here” 

Lmfao yes! I love this song. When I was a tour bus driver, my co workers daughter would always sing this song. I had no idea what she was singing about but I loved the story. About a teenage girl who gets dragged to a party by her friends. She clearly did not want to be at said party. Hahahaha. She was singing her lil ass off tho. 

The Jackson 5 “Ready Or Not”


Off of their 3rd Album entitled “Third Album” I think this would be my favorite Jackson 5 song ever. With the utmost respect to the Delfonics, I really liked the Jackson 5 version better. 

The Stylistics “One Night Affair” 


Off of the hard to find “Love Spell” album, this song says it all. We’ve all been there. Men and Women alike. Man they were so soulful. 

 As a bonus song the rap group “Little Brother” sampled this song for their hit song “Lovin It” off of their album called “The Minstrel Show” 

Well here you are folks. Hopefully this will get you through, what feels like Monday Jr. Tuesday. Hahaha. Thank You 

Tareau’s Three Tunes Tuesdays

Ok, I figure I share with you good folks some music from my library every Tuesday. I will be selecting 3 songs. Seeing that I listen to a wide variety of music. Meet me in the comments to discuss.

Marsha Ambrosius “Stronger”

The beautifully gifted singer had T-Money’s blessing to redo Sade’s “Love Is Stronger Than Pride” off of Sade’s Stronger Than Pride album, which was released in 1988. You can find Marsha’s version off her 2014 album Friends & Lovers. 


Ann Peebles “Trouble Heartaches and Sadness” 

I remember always listening to this song every time my Uncle Renaldo would take me out for one of our crazy adventures. It was always playing in the speakers outside where he hung out at. This song is off of Ann’s Straight from the heart album. I love the pain on her voice. 


Link “I really wanna sex your body” 

Man y’all remember Link? The 69 song called “Whatcha gonna do”? This song right here though? Man oh man. Hahahaha don’t hurt em Young Tareau. I had to bring it out of retirement. A lot of people do not remember, so it’s my pleasure to take it back. Link also wrote “My Body” by L.S.G. You can find this song on Link’s debut album called Sex Down. 


Well I hope You enjoyed my 3 songs. Check back eveey Tuesday for 

Tareau’s Three Tunes Tuesdays

Big Sean ‘I decided’ Album Review

Live From Woodward

On his fourth studio album, Big Sean has put together what he feels is his best, and his most personal album to date. With his last album going platinum, and his Sean going on a full court press of promotion, I decided was a must listen for me.

The intro was inspirational. It lined up with the entrepreneurial message I often speech. It’s a man, seeming to be talking to God, or thinking out loud about his life. Screaming this is not life!

Light (Feat. Jeremiah) Sampling Eddie Kendricks “Intimate Friends” song, (Alicia Keys also used the same sample), Big Sean starts this album off with some inspiration — Hip Hop style. This may be my favorite song on the album. Even with the slow melody, Sean is able to deliver a message such as the closing to each verse: “So when they take our fame, take our cribs, take…

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Rappers Who Restored my Faith in Music

I’m back to listening to actual music! If you don’t know I took a break for a couple of years from rap/hip-hop music. Mostly because everything sounded the same and I was frustrated with the lack of originality. So I started listening to  a little Jazz, but mostly talk radio.

Well if you know me than you know, I need to peek behind the curtain of my past to see what’s going on sometimes. In the age of mumbling buffoonery and incoherent babble running the airwaves I think the game is changing back to the real.

I discovered a group of cats that have restored my faith in the genre I grew up loving. These are dudes that combined charisma with actual bars! Because at the end of the day that’s what I want: Bars! Substance. I missed music! But I’m back.

So without further  ado:


ScHoolboy Q


Repping: Los Angeles, Ca.

I was listening to this dude before I took my break, so he was definitely someone I wanted to tap in to, and check the consistency on. Yup, still killing the game! I love that his videos are like mini movies. Here’s a link to  School Boy’s Vevo so you can check out his work.

J. Cole


Repping: Fayetteville, NC.

We talking Bars? Ok cool.

This generations Nas ( yeah I said it!) never disappoints. The best part about Cole is, he doesn’t give a shit about changing his style to get the attention of casual fans. You fuck with Cole or you don’t. And if you don’t it’s probably because you like dumbed down mumblers.


Nef the Pharaoh


Repping: Vallejo, Ca.

This kid be grinding! I love work ethic. Pumping out video after video. Nef reminds me of a young Mac Dre. In style and work ethic. I definitely see and hear the influence.


Nipsey Hussle 


Repping: Los Angeles, Ca.

Nipsey makes me want to get up go make money, and be a G ass CEO! This is another rapper I was listening to before I quit rap. So he was definitely one of the guys I purposely came looking for. I love work ethic. This dude  owns his company, is killing independently and has a store on Slausen slanging clothes from HIS clothing line.




Repping: Sacramento, Ca.

Come on man. What can I say about the guy? Mozzy been grinding for years, and virtually put himself on. Who else you know without any major backing getting millions upon millions of views on YouTube, and everybody in the country talking about him. Mozzy got a mean buzz? How many street cats you know with mean bars? Straight outta Sacramento at that.


Rappers I plan to give a chance to

Chance the Rapper

I hear nothing but great things about this Chicago rapper. Bars is his speciality. So I’m tapping in soon as I press publish! Plus he just donated $1 Million dollars to the Chicago School district. And that’s big. He recognizes there’s no true progress as a people without educational progress.

Asap Rocky

He’s had a mean buzz for a couple of years. But it happened around the time I gave up on rap. But I’ll give him a solid listen, and see what it’s all about. I did hear him freestyle on the Sway show. So I’m all ears.

Tee Grizzley

The hottest thing out of Detroit right now, with the hottest song in the country. Hands down. Only 22, and the sky is the limit. I wanted to put him on the list, but I want to see a body of work first, to know I feel justified about this cat.

Lupe Fiasco 

That was my guy before I stopped listening to music. But I’m definitely looking for anything new he may have.


I need to get up on game quick! I do. I heard his freestyle on Sway in the morning. I’m eager to see his written shit.

G Eazy

I keep hearing great things about this cat too. Plus he rep Oakland, so I need to see!

The Couch Sports Podcast EP. 61

Part III W/ Eddie Star from EddieStarBlog.com

Music Artist Want to be Tough & the Fight for Relevancy (:55 – 7:20) Faux Messengers & Real Solutions (7:21-  22:25) Hard Work & Attention Spans (22:30 – 35:42) The Fellas Talk Housing (35:44 – 42:38) New Age Laziness (42:39 – 47:16) Double Standards (47:20 – 50:35) The End



Or Listen This Way👇🏿


The Couch Sports EP. 57

Pleasantries (:55 – 3:08) California Love Bubble (3:10 – 4:44) Soft NBA Announcing & ScapeGoats (4:45 – 12:35) NBA Trades, How to Fix the Lakers, New Age Journalism (12:40 – 37:30) [Side Bar about Workout music @ 22:28] Giving the People What They….Want? (37:33 – End) [Side Bar about Pancakes]



or Listen the traditional way below 👇🏿





The Couch Sports Podcast EP. 43

Show Highlights include: Oakland better not support the Raiders if Vegas is approved, there is a such thing as too loyal, Monkey see — monkey do in the NBA, mid 90’s rap (us singing all the jams), Generation X vs Millennials, Black People waking up and more! We had to much fun!!





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