Exactly Why You Aren’t Happy

For the last 20 years or so, advertisements for big name companies have gone on aggressive ad campaigns.

Nike told you to Just do it

Pepsi told you to Live for the moment

Burger King told you to Have it your way

And so many other companies have told you, your life wasn’t good enough, while planting seeds of consumerism. Essentially you can Only improve your life with their particular product.

Fast forward to the modern era, where “reality” shows, ladened with talent deficient people you hadn’t heard of before, seeming to be living glamorously, are on television living it up, and you just got home — from work.

Now lets take it over to social media, where people you know, have built successful fake lives on the internet. Yes, we have reached the pinnacle of your senses being under attack for decades now, with messages telling you how unhappy you are. Think about it.

When I was in fourth grade, I got teased for not having the latest brand name shoes on. I was unaware I was supposed to. I was told my family was broke, on welfare among many other things. This kind of teasing went on around America at every age, I’m sure. Today I realize, that this was learned behavior. It all starts at home. These aren’t things you innately have in you.

As a kid, you’re oblivious to a lot of adult themed topics, until someone makes you aware of it.

So it begins. A life of feeling you aren’t worthy. Feeling as though everything you have, and everything you own, isn’t good enough. A burden most people carry with them, deep into adulthood. However once you are aware of it, you can begin the process of gratitude. Being happy about the little things.

Good health, vision, hearing, and so many other things we need to be thankful for if we are lucky enough to have. Why? Because not everybody in the world woke up this morning. Appreciate life. When it’s over, or you’re at the end, you’ll wish you had.

These companies want your money. These reality shows and social media want your attention. For money. Most of the messages you receive have something to do with money.

So every time you feel unhappy, or you feel like your life hasn’t panned out the way you imagined, let this little article be a reminder, that you have live according to you. Your happiness depends on you, not them.✌🏿


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The Great Black out Of San Francisco. Part 1

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And no! I am no means talking about power outages. This next upcoming series will be talking exclusively about the Black Americans in San Francisco. We will go back to the Gold Rush era, talk about all the wars (From the Civil War to present), Economics, Sports, Culture, Climate, Politics, Unemployment, Crime, Entertainment, Drugs, and even Housing. We will bring you this series little by little to help you as the reader understand what it is like to be a Black American in San Francisco today.  When you read the title, what do you think I am talking about? Do you think it’s  power? Wealth? Opulence? Success? History? Unity? Etc? We are going to talk about all…

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Son of Malcolm

52 years ago today, one of the greatest men to ever grace the planet, was assassinated. 

America teaches you, if you are going to love a black man, it has to be one who’s message is that of inclusivity. He has to be all smiles, and preach patriotic, wholesomeness. Play it safe. Don’t rock the boat.


Anyone who conveys a message of self preservation, self sufficiency, or thinking for ones self, is vilified — and bound for historical exile.

Brotha Malcolm doesn’t have a day.

Not a single Panther has a day.

Angela Davis doesn’t have a day.

We have to tell people who Marcus Garvey is.

I could go on and on.

To put it plainly, anyone who can make the negro think, must be hidden deep in history, like a mystery an individual must unearth, themselves.

Like Malcolm I was once asleep. I was meandering around, hanging around the wrong crowd, believing that the “keeping it real” lifestyle, was what being black was.

When you live in the hood, and you come outside, there are no doctors, lawyers, or any other  prestigious titles hanging on the corner.

Guess who your sources of influences are?

In 2010, I was at a crossroads in life. I knew no one of influence,  and everyone around me was doing the same things they were in high school —  Getting high, being unemployed, and running around aimlessly in the streets. No plans for advancement. I had an ever growing feeling of wanting change.

I bought a plethora of self help, and how-to books, but nothing resonated.

I’m sure you can guess what happened next…


Yes, that is the book that changed my life 7 years ago. The book of transformation.

I stumbled across this book, and it awoke something in me. It was as if a seed was planted, and every word watered the seedling, and the very core of my being was blossoming with each page I turned.

Not many things can help shape a persons thinking like the words from someone who relates to you in such a manner, you’re practically begging for the blueprint for the fix. Hanging on every word, like the secrets of life were in one of these sentences.

Instead Brotha X became the father figure I always needed. He became my hero.


I’m looking at the jig. That shit is up. That’s right, the damn jig is up!


In my travels through life, I realize the need to wake up sleeping Brothas & Sistas who are preoccupied by the wrong messages. It’s a battle that has to be fought strategically, because the ingraining of bullshit is so deeply rooted, the truth sounds like blasphemy.

Have we learned nothing from history?  MLK is celebrated ’til this day, with his all-inclusive speeches. Yet Malcolm tried to make your parents and grandparents self sufficient.

Now think about what was passed down to you.  And the message being fed to you today.

These popular coons are here to pacify you. Keep you entertained, distracted.

While real messengers are silenced and marketed as hoteps. Boring.  Uncle Toms.


Much like Malcolm, I just want you to think. I try to motivate the people, but the people have to be receptive of the message. It’s easy to scream white supremacy and talk about what They won’t let you do. But if you know me by now, I’ve been consistent with one answer: Ok, so now what?

No disrespect, but I’m not cut from the MLK cloth. I don’t want to march in the streets, and beg the majority for equality.


Tie up your damn shoes, and roll up your sleeves.

It’s difficult for me to sit back and listen to whining about what somebody won’t give or do.

If you don’t like Facebook, create your own. If you don’t think someone will give you a job, go create one. With the ever growing tech field, you can invent your own job, from a single idea.

I don’t care who didn’t teach you something, adapt! In addition to that, there are 37 million black people in America. And an estimated 1.3 Billion in the African Dispora around the world. It’s time we start supporting each other, and barter amongst each other again.

If you want something bad enough you will figure out how to attain it. Before I studied Brotha X, I found every excuse why something couldn’t be done. Why, because my circle of influence taught me, that’s what you did. Blame others.


In other words, so now what?✌🏿