Returning to Transit (The Decision)


After much thought, and after a tough couple of months figuring things out, I’m going to take my talents to DDOT. That’s right, the Detroit Department of Transportation.


I was in the training program before, and I wasn’t happy with what I experienced, however I’ve been convinced things are changing, for the better. I would like to be apart of the change. Out with the old way of doing things, in with the new breed. This is my third, and final run as a transit bus driver. I don’t plan on switching teams again.

This is an opportunity to help change the culture of an organization and become a championship caliber team. I know it will be a long road ahead, but I’m something like the LeBron, (Pre-flopping) of bus drivers. A franchise player if I must say so myself.

I’ll be writing here on PTA a lot more…

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Pro Sports Entrepreneurs

Professional athletes who have successfully made the transition to life after sports through business are extraordinary and more rare than you think. But players doing so while still playing — and doing it well, are rarer than one may suspect, and should provide inspiration to upcoming entrepreneurs, like you and I.

I want to highlight 3 incredible individuals who have navigated the murky waters of business, to maybe open your mind, to never settle upon one thing. Never get to comfortable, and always expand.

Yes the athletes may have been blessed with athletic gifts, and yes they are rich, but they jumped into an unfamiliar — and often cutthroat world they had to learn. Business is a skill no one is born with. It’s filled with twist, turns, and plenty of risk. And before you say, “but they have the resources to do what we can’t” remember, 70% of pro athletes go broke within 3 years of retiring from their respective sports. Mostly from business ventures.



LeBron James

AP Images

One thing we can all agree on about LeBron is, he never settles. He has the hunger for more. When one becomes content, you are destined to get mediocre results from life. LeBron had all eyes on him for the better part of 15 years, in the basketball world. But it’s the business world where he should be applauded. To go from a young kid trying to live up to the hype and pressure of nation wide expectation, to transforming yourself into a business mogul, virtually under the radar. That’s the part kids should be looking up to.

Business Highlights include:

Lifetime contract with Nike that could pay him more than $1 billion. SpringHill Entertainment is LeBron dipping into the entertainment industry with a plenty of options on tv. It’s unique because many athletes don’t think of the executive producer side of revenue. Then there is a deal with Beats headphones, and the fact that James owns a piece of Englands most prized soccer team.


Magic Jonson

Getty Images

Easily the king of all ex athletic entrepreneurs, Magic Johnson inspires me to become the best businessman I can possibly morph into. Part owner of the Los Angeles Dodgers, the owner and founder of Magic Johnson Enterprises, which has an estimated worth of more than $700 million with involvement in franchises such as Burger King, Starbucks, T.G.I. Friday’s and 24 Hour Fitness, and probably everything else in Los Angeles. And now he some how found some time to become the President of Basketball Operations for the Lakers.



Venus Williams

Willie J. Allen Jr. (Washington Post)

The Williams sister that is often left out of the topic of conversation when it comes to women athletes or even black athletes is winning. On and off the Tennis court. Flying under the radar can be a good thing. She quietly put together quite the resume. Ms. Williams not only has a a singles record of 742-208 (78%), and 49 titles, but she is the CEO of V Starr Interiors, a partial owner of the Miami Dolphins, a franchise owner of Jamba Juice and managing an athletic clothing line called EleVen. I bet you knew none of that. It pays to keep a low profile, and to literally be about your business.


I only highlighted three, but there are many more making moves. I just wanted to give you a quick motivation, with some familiar faces this great Monday. Remember, they started off at the bottom too. Twice. In sports, as well as business.

Now go prosper.✌🏿

The Couch Sports Ep. 49

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The Couch Sports Podcast EP. 45

Pleasantries (:55-2:30)  Too much Fun (2:31-4:15), Wake’em up Wednesday [making too much sense]  (4:15-31:40), Great NBA Conversation (32:00-37:28), Warriors Talk [W/sidebar complaining about Xfinity] (37:30-49:15), Understanding LeBron’s frustration (49:20-57:53), More NBA Talk including will Dave & Tareau have a breakthrough with the new generation? (57:55-1:04:25) Football Talk [including BitterSweet Raiders Talk & NFL vs. Weed] (1:04:55-1:14:05)  Lets Go Home (1:14:05-End)

Mentions: Lady G shout out @ (2:32), Sista Garland mention @ (2:55), Sista Josie mention @ (2:57) Sista Suede Shout out @ (29:28)






Funky Fresh Friday is back!

N.B.A. Ni**as Be Actin’


When is enough — enough? The NBA golden chi…. The Face of the Association is definitely thinking about life after the NBA. LeBron James has been working on his acting chops for a while now.


Exhibit A

First of all, (there are so many first of alls here) at 6’8,  270 lbs it’s hard to believe someone who looks the part of a gym rat, can go down so easy — so often. I could half way understand if you ran into Andre Drummond full speed.

Second of all, what kind of example are you setting here? The whole league flops, I get it, but that doesn’t mean you do it too. You’re LeBron Freaking James! Since you stepped foot in the league, we were told you were dominant.

It’s easy to forget  when this type of shit is going on 👇🏿


As fans, or we done with this behavior yet? I completely understand the NBA is entertainment at the end of the day. Trust me, I understand. But what is so entertaining about this:



Or This:


Seriously! It’s enough to have you staring at your tv like


Why am I watching this shit?

Adam Silver it’s time to call a spade a spade, and drop the hammer financially. I get the anti-flopping rule was put in to place a couple of years back, but I personally feel it wasn’t harsh enough to quail habitual offenders.

So you mean to tell me, as a consumer, I’m stuck watching unskilled shooters camped out at the three point line, and stuck watching players flop?!

*Plot twist —  players are camped at the three point line to avoid floppers*

I know that isn’t the case (kind of wish it were), but both of these unfortunate (un)dynamics are offending my optics.

Some say the talent level has never been better, I present:

Exhibit B


That’s just the first wave! That’s light.

That’s when men were men. No one was doing this:


But, the man flopped his way to three titles. So maybe he’s smart like a fox…

I mean he’s making Millions…. a Billion, and I’m writing about his antics. 🤔

Listen, all I want is to watch the game be played like an art form, like it used to be.

All the theatrics are driving the basketball purist away. We are being replaced by these people who just want to be seen and use a winning team as collateral for cool points

let’s play spot the black people

Ahhh yea, the corporate dollar. Notice it was less flopping, and more fun, fundamentally skilled players when real fans were getting decent priced tickets.

Ok, I’m getting too real, let’s wrap this up.

In conclusion,







America has long been obsessed with celebrities. Turn on your television and behold, a plethora of celebrity based shows. TMZ, Inside Edition, hell, even your local nightly news has gotten in on the action. Why?

In a word: Ratings.

Americans have proved time and again, that they rather keep up on a rich strangers life, then their own.

We also  have the reality inside reality known as social media to keep us distracted from feeding our brains positive messages. Healthy food for thought. Too busy consuming empty mental calories.

In my quest to spread entrepreneurial seeds, I want people to focus on what’s important. Namely you, and those you love.  The people we argue over don’t even know we exist. One  becomes blurry in the sea of a million faces.

I grew up living and dying with my teams. A loss could ruin a whole day for me. If a player I was a big fan of had a bad game, it was like I had a bad game. When a player triumphs, we all do. Not realizing I was tying in too much emotion and brain power, which wasn’t making me any money.

Which brings me to this point: When did we reach the point where people get into verbal and sometimes physical altercations over people we don’t know? Millionaires at that!

Marketing and advertising are a mutha.

Celebrities count on you to keep them relevant, by keeping their name in your mouth.  By keeping them relevant you’re keeping their pockets lined. Ever stumble upon a conversation with a group of people,  discussing how much money a certain celebrity has? Or the contract a ball player just got? defines Vicarious as: felt or enjoyed through imagined 

participation in the experience of others

Tabloids have always made a lane for themselves in our lives. Sitting directly in plain sight near the grocery store check out stand. With bold and sometimes over the top headlines, it was a throw in at best. Now in todays 24 hour news cycle, over the top headlines are as good as gold—in the race to get your viewership. We call it click bait. When done right,  call it money.

Corporate greed + our short attention span + sheep mentality = Cycle of continuance

Why stop a good thing? They will not fix what isn’t broke. And what is broke is the peoples  will power.

Mainstream media specializes in getting you talking about things that don’t matter in the grand scheme of things. Attempting to  give you your opinion, all while making you feel included.

It was estimated 70% of Americans hate their job. Out of the 30% left, how many are content, and how many are truly happy? And what’s the percentage of Americans that gave up on their dream and ended up being part of the 70%?

If we can figure that equation out, than we could have happier people, thus lessening the importance of those who merely entertain us. ✌🏿