Tareau’s Three Tunes Tuesdays #3

En Vogue Don't Let Go https://youtu.be/mwhwGmoYv1s Man remember when buying the CDs to your favorite movie? Yes buying the soundtrack. I loved the 1996 movie Set It Off. En Vogue was my favorite Woman's R&B group in the 90s. That passion though? Hahahaha. Fabolous ft Jazzy Real One https://youtu.be/CGtx-bHW_sY This song is dope. It samples... Continue Reading →


Tareau’s 10 favorite Hip hop artists of all time

Dam Gina. 2pac was killed 20 years ago. I'm only 33, but it feels like an eternity ago. Hip hop music believe it or not was not my favorite musical genre. It's always R&B. The first time I listened to rap, I was 4 years old (1987) and it was Erik B & Rakim's "I... Continue Reading →

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