Exactly Why You Aren’t Happy

For the last 20 years or so, advertisements for big name companies have gone on aggressive ad campaigns.

Nike told you to Just do it

Pepsi told you to Live for the moment

Burger King told you to Have it your way

And so many other companies have told you, your life wasn’t good enough, while planting seeds of consumerism. Essentially you can Only improve your life with their particular product.

Fast forward to the modern era, where “reality” shows, ladened with talent deficient people you hadn’t heard of before, seeming to be living glamorously, are on television living it up, and you just got home — from work.

Now lets take it over to social media, where people you know, have built successful fake lives on the internet. Yes, we have reached the pinnacle of your senses being under attack for decades now, with messages telling you how unhappy you are. Think about it.

When I was in fourth grade, I got teased for not having the latest brand name shoes on. I was unaware I was supposed to. I was told my family was broke, on welfare among many other things. This kind of teasing went on around America at every age, I’m sure. Today I realize, that this was learned behavior. It all starts at home. These aren’t things you innately have in you.

As a kid, you’re oblivious to a lot of adult themed topics, until someone makes you aware of it.

So it begins. A life of feeling you aren’t worthy. Feeling as though everything you have, and everything you own, isn’t good enough. A burden most people carry with them, deep into adulthood. However once you are aware of it, you can begin the process of gratitude. Being happy about the little things.

Good health, vision, hearing, and so many other things we need to be thankful for if we are lucky enough to have. Why? Because not everybody in the world woke up this morning. Appreciate life. When it’s over, or you’re at the end, you’ll wish you had.

These companies want your money. These reality shows and social media want your attention. For money. Most of the messages you receive have something to do with money.

So every time you feel unhappy, or you feel like your life hasn’t panned out the way you imagined, let this little article be a reminder, that you have live according to you. Your happiness depends on you, not them.✌🏿


Everything is Business II

As I rolled past Detroit Metropolitan Airport this morning, I looked over to see the giant Delta building, and it hits me: The best businesses are those that provide a service. Transportation, parts and maintenance, for the vehicle that provides said transportation; food. Basically anything humans will always need, or have grown accustomed to.

Barbers, and hair stylist will never NOT be needed. Same goes for anyone who makes clothes (expensive or not), all the way down to coffee.

Business isn’t a bad thing, in fact I encourage many to become entrepreneurs all the time. Don’t be a consumer, be a producer. It’s better than sitting around complaining about rich people, and talking about who’s getting over on you, instead play the game.

All I want, is for you to think. I realize I won’t get to everyone, but I’m talking to a select few who are waking up to the fact that something isn’t right about not keeping your money in your pocket. Most people are taught from childhood to spend, spend, spend. Usually by those who were taught the same thing, thus consumerism is passed down to you, like a family trait.

I’m writing this because I see so many unhappy people, who spend all their money on frivolous things, and complain about being broke.

I’ll break it down the best way I know how:

Poor decision making = shitty results.

I’m sure many will want to give me a history lesson on why people are at the stage of life they are in, but at the end of the day, the simplistic answer is, if you know the game, and can see the playbook, adjust your strategy. And if you don’t, remember this: There are people out there adjusting their strategy as we speak, to part you from the true power you have to fight back — your money.✌🏿


The Couch Sports Podcast EP. 65

Pleasantries (:55 – 3:09) Travesties, Lies, & Money (3:10 – 12:22) Dependent & Dumb (12:25 – 22:28) Pretty lies & Ugly Truths (22:30 – 31:00) The Internet is NOT Reality (31:02 – 42:18 End)



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Late Night Grand Marnier Rants

So Im sitting here sipping on my Grand Marnier, and it hits me: I moved all the way to Detroit,MI for opportunity. The opportunity to escape the California tax oppression, and cost of living to live how it was meant for all of us to live.

As a people we are programmed to want more. Dare say hard wired. Why not follow your instinct, and go where happiness takes you. I’ve had a few battles with home sickness, as recently as last week. But at the end of the day, I’m somewhere carving out my own destiny, and dammit I plan to win!

This is me just ranting so bear with me.

It just occurred to me — and by occurred I mean it really dawned on me, that a young man from the bottom, made a website, and taught himself how to: edit, write, record, create content (audio and video) design merchandise and everything in-between — got dammit I’m a full blown businessman. Now tell me what you can’t do, so I can look you in the face and call you a liar.

I’m talking motivation. Huh?

I’m saying, fuck talking about racism all day because that’s broke shit. Let’s put our money together or let me teach you what I taught myself.

It’s enough money out here for all of us, but we’re too busy being distracted, and taking the simplistic bait. One thing I’ve learned is, when you get to a certain level, folks only want to talk green. As in, how to make more of it. What doesn’t make more money is complaining. Plans, and solutions. Do I have your attention?

It’s late, I’m sipping my potion and I’m in the mood to hustle. I’m in here making flow charts, and figuring out my next move? What are you up to? Not being arrogant, but I’m asking a question. Time stops for no man, and no woman, so make time work for you.

I said all that to say this: You can’t listen with your mouth open.

Let’s get this money. It’s instrumental to gaining power.


The Couch Sports Podcast EP. 58

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The Couch Sports EP. 57

Pleasantries (:55 – 3:08) California Love Bubble (3:10 – 4:44) Soft NBA Announcing & ScapeGoats (4:45 – 12:35) NBA Trades, How to Fix the Lakers, New Age Journalism (12:40 – 37:30) [Side Bar about Workout music @ 22:28] Giving the People What They….Want? (37:33 – End) [Side Bar about Pancakes]



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