Tigers vs White Sox Game 1

Live From Woodward

Game Recap

After the original season opening game was postponed, due to inclement weather, a little anticipation was built up. Dare say antsy-ness. We’ve waited six months, what’s one more day?

The Tigers and White Sox game didn’t disappoint. There was action, damn near from the opening pitch. Or maybe I was just excited.

The White Sox wasted little time getting on the board. In the bottom of the first, with a man on first base, Melky Caberra stepped to the plate. He hit a line drive to right field, driving in Tyler Saladino and his mustache, and although Saladino scored, Melky got thrown out going for the triple.

At the top of the second inning, the Tigers had men on first and third with no outs. 24 year old Jacoby Jones steps to the plate, making his first Major League debut. One would think he would be nervous, under the bright lights, and hype of…

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The Couch Sports Podcast EP. 67

Pleasantries (:55 – 2:40) NBA Fight Club (2:41 – 6:42) Raiders Relocation & Dave’s Message to Oakland (6:44 – 10:50) Baseball is Back! [Fans, Giants, Tigers, Barry Bonds] (10:52 – 19:36) Kaepernick vs Trump (19:38 – 32:20) Lavar Ball & Over-Parenting (32:23 – End)


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The Couch Sports Ep. 49

Pleasantries (:50- 1:50) The Pulse of the Bay Area [socially and Raiders, A’s, 49ers] (1:55-25:20), Will Millennials except Baseball (25:30-33:00), The Couch Sports Movie Segment (33:00-37:10), Charles Barkley vs LeBron (37:40-43:50) Giving the Spurs credit & where Carmelo should go [Sidebar Dave & Tareau argue if Carmelo is a Hall of Famer] (43:52-58-35) Super Bowl talk and predictions (58:40-1:04:20) Lets go home (1:04:25 – End)



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Baseball I think I love you, again


Oh how I missed thee. If Basketball is my first love, Baseball is definitely a close second. Almost like my long time mistress. I spent days and nights watching the A’s, but I had so many favorite players around the Majors. I can remember playing in little league, wanting to steal bases like Rickey Henderson


I sucked at stealing bases, despite my deceptive chubby kid speed. I did however have have 8, count’em — 8, inside the park homers.

When I was coming up, batting stances were important.

I modeled mine after Ken Griffey, Jr. (I was a righty though)


I can remember wanting to play shortstop. Seemed like that’s where the athletes were. Even when I was a kid, I thought I was an athlete.

I wanted to play shortstop like Ozzie Smith,


He was like an infield wizard or something.

And does anyone remember a young skinny kid named Barry Bonds?


Wonder what ever happened to that guy?

Yes, my childhood was flooded with stars, and from the looks of things — the future of the game looks like it’s in good hands. I did some part time Baseball watching last season..


I’m announcing my recommitment to baseball this year!!


Uh hello, Is this thing on?!



I’m actually excited.

If you were wondering who my favorite player is these days, it’s definitely this guy:

Khris Davis had 42 Homeruns, 102 RBI’s 137 hits, and 85 runs. Solid season to say the least.  Considering the A’s finished last in the AL West (69-93), He and Marcus Semien were bright spots in Oakland.

Other young cats around the MLB that made me love baseball again were:

Mike Trout (Am I wrong?)

 Bryce Harper (He’s dope)

Carlos Correa (Oakland Headache)

Jose Altuve (The Oakland Problem)

Robinson Cano (Still Dope!)

That’s a just a few of many that made me make baseball, must watch in 2016.

I’m looking forward to covering baseball in 2017, and I’ll most likely exclusively be covering the A’s. It’s only January 31st, and I’m ready!

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The Couch Sports Podcast EP. 44

Celebrities selling out for a quick buck (1:40-7:50), NBA Talk & The Joys of Pettiness (7:52-13:36)  Capitalizing on laziness (13:37- 21:05), Self responsibility is Taboo (21:10-35:50) Falcons vs Patriots [With a few sidebars (35:55-41:07),  Baseball Talk (41:10-43:15) Tareau & Dave reminisce about music taste and the Bay Area in the 90’s (43:23-52:15) Let’s Recycle the Bullshit (52:17-56:00) Pleasantries (56:01-End)


A’s closing in on .500 (Game preview)

The Oakland A’s are having a roller coaster of a season. The start to the season left a lot to be desired. Then there was a brief winning streak, followed by more losing followed by rays of hope. Yes, there seems to be light at the end of the tunnel for the Athletics (25-29) sitting just 6.5 games back of the first place Texas Rangers (31-22), and currently riding a 5 game winning streak. Today the Athletics face a division foe close on their heels, the Houston Astros (25-30) who’s riding a wave of their own. winners of 8 of their last 10 games.

During this current win streak Oakland has shown glimpses of grit, and glimpses of what it looks like when firing on all cylinders. winning a game by as much as 9 runs, and grinding a game out and winning by 1 run. First year Athletic Khris Davis hit 11 homers in the month of May, and staying consistent in the A’s resurgent by driving in runs. The big Bat of Danny Valencia came alive against Toronto and he makes you believe he may rock one every time he comes  to the plate. Overall this team has a line up that should be over .500 with solid players such as the base stealing threat Billy Burns, whom is 5th in the MLB with 12 stolen bases, Marcus Semien, and veteran Coco Crisp

Pitching has been the biggest issue for the Athletics, with a collective ERA of 4.63. Good for  26th in the MLB. The team also ranks near the bottom in runs given up with 260. Rich Hill has been Oakland’s one true shining star on the bump, with 8 wins. Hill ranks second in ERA currently at 2.25,and  ranks 2nd in the American League with 74 strikeouts (5th overall).

Tonight Oakland will have Jesse Hahn (2-2 record 4.15 ERA) on the mound facing the Astros at 5:00pm pacific facing Doug Fister (4-3 record  3.86 ERA). With both teams experiencing off and on streaks, and first place seeming attainable, this is a game and also a series worth paying attention too. Even in June.