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Detroit Weekly News Review for 3/11 – 3/18 2017

Live From Woodward

It’s been an interesting week in Detroit

New seats for little caesars arena have been began being installed, a guy opened fire on two officers, who may have been involved in the killing of the Wayne State officer who was killed in November. The CEO of the RTA has been ousted, Ben Carson came to Detroit and embarrassed himself and much more.

The Ugly

  • Trumps anointed  token black guy secretary of Housing and Urban Development Ben Carson spoke to concerned Detroiters about the Presidents proposed budget, that would heavily affect programs for vunaerablt citizens. Carson, who already was in the embarrassment spot light for his Africans slaves were immigrants comments, had this to say to the concerned: “Forget about the numbers, think about the concept.”

Right because that’s easy to do when your only way to eat may be stripped away from you. Way to look even more out of touch then usual…

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How Trump Budget will Affect Transit


President Donald Trump’s budget has been released, and like many people I was waiting to see how it would affect my personal interest — or business.

When it comes to public transportation, Trumps budget mainly affects aviation, and long distance routes for Amtrak.

As far as Aviation goes the budget will essentially move “the air traffic control function” of the Federal Aviation Administration and its 14,000 controllers “to an independent, non-governmental organization.” In other words, because of “inefficiencies and lagging technology efforts” airline executives want to privatize  America’s air traffic control system.

Amtrak will have long distance runs like the Empire Builder, which spans from Chicago to Seattle, scaled back a great deal. The Federal Transportation Administration Department, overall, faces a 13% cut while defense spending and Homeland security will go up 9% and 7% respectively.

Funding will be eliminated for 19 different agencies who depend on federal money, including the Appalachian…

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The Q in The D


The much anticipated QLINE street car makes it’s debut on May 12.

The 3 mile route will service the Woodward corridor, from downtown Detroit to Midtown. This also marks the first time since 1956, that Detroit has had streetcar style public transportation.

What was originally called the M-1 rail (before Dan Gilberts’ Quicken Loans purchased the naming rights), began construction in July of 2014, costing $142 Million. Each car will be 66 feet in length, and can travel up to the maximum speed of 35 m.p.h. up Woodward.

I’m curious to see how all these crazy drivers in South East Michigan are going to adapt. That’s the biggest question mark for me.

Here is some video of Detroits’ newest addition to the public transportation family. Enjoy:

Video courtesy of WXYZ channel 7 Detroit

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Self Hate & The Truth about Colorism: The Hidden Levels of Blackness

The Couch Sports

AlightAAhhh Yes. This was a long time coming. It’s School Daze all over again. Light Skint Vs. Dark Skint. Real Nigga Vs. Black Guys like me. Jokingly it is very funny and I have no problem with the jokes,but it is when people actually feel this way about each other. Imagine being me for a day growing up. Yes I’m light Skint and I’m proud. Does that comes with any benefits? Yes. Honestly it does. I’m not going to lie about it. There is a lot of cocky arrogant Light Skint Brothas who have a lot of self hate about themselves. Problem is when a Light Skint Brotha is cocky, he gets called all kind of bad names. When a darker Brotha does it, it’s ok!  But somehow in todays Black culture Light Skint has been labeled weak or frail. Nevermind that Muhammed Ali, Huey Newton, Malcolm X, William Alexander Leidesdorff are all Light Skint. But because of…

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How to Fix the Lakers in 4 Easy Steps

With a record of  20-47 the Los Angeles Lakers are under official reconstruction. There is transition afoot. With the much publicized hiring of Lakers great Magic Johnson to become President of Basketball Operations, and the hiring of new General Manager Rob Pelinka, the Lakers look poised to climb closer toward the familiar — winning. The Lakers have a surplus of young talent, and a bright basketball mind in first year coach Luke Walton. Los Angeles could get back to their winning ways with  a hand full of moves. Simple ones that won’t break the bank, yet catapult them at least to the playoffs next season.

1. Get a real point guard D’Angelo isn’t and never was the answer. The old adage of wait on a player to fully develop  only applies to players with star potential.

d russ

His underwhelming 15 points, 4.8 assist a game is just as bad as his 13 shots per game. 13! That’s the most on the team. So D’Angelo couldn’t wait for Kobe to leave so he could be the one to jack up shots. Got it. Russell also takes the second most threes on the team (6 per), right behind Nick Young (7 per), and only makes 35% of his attempts.

If we are being honest, the Lakers are terrible enough to get a high draft pick, and they don’t have to go far to find their point guard of the future; that’s right I’m talking Lonzo Ball! Magic Johnson knows point guards, and he most likely sees the ball doesn’t move. If we see it, he sees it. Lakers fans, get ready for the draft.


2. Sign solid veterans not named Paul George There are a plethora of good players that’ll be free this summer, and the Lakers have to capitalize on finding not only good locker room guys, but solid veterans that these young players can learn from on the court as well. If you can’t get Lonzo Ball in the draft, you can always aim to pick up George Hill, or Jeff Teague. To help the fanbase get over the signing of Timofey Mozgov, You could go after Greg Monroe, or a definite cheaper option in Nene.

Paul George is a great option, but it will stunt the growth of Julius Randle, Jordan Clarkson and Brandon Ingram. Paul is in win now mode, and a certified superstar, he’s going to need the ball, and I’m not sure how that meshes with youngsters who know nothing about winning yet. This is a growth stage in their careers.


3. Patience in Young Core Oklahoma City once had Russell Westbrook, Kevin Durant, James Harden, and Serge Ibaka on the same team. And before you say these players aren’t those players, YOU DIDN’T EVEN KNOW THOSE PLAYERS WOULD TURN OUT THE WAY THEY DID. 

I said it.jpg

You never know how some good some players will turn out, given the right circumstances, i.e. surrounding players, coaches, upper management, work ethic etc. Given my scenario of getting rid of D’Angelo,and Mozgov, the Lakers also need to trade away Nick young, and Luol Deng as well. These young cats need positive influences that can bring out the best in them. I actually like Deng, but that contract has to go so the Lakers can sign solid veterans who can contribute to wins.



4. Trust the Process This isn’t the 76ers, or the New York Knicks, we are talking about the Los Angeles fucking Lakers. The fanbase is used to winning. So is the organization. Hell we all grew up being used to seeing the Lakers win more often than not. Lakers fans can be impatient, and so can everyone else involved.

Young Luke.jpg

The Los Angeles Lakers have a young bright coach in Luke Walton, who already has an unofficial Coach of The Year award. He learned from the best in his career, knows how to win, knows what it looks like, and just needs time.

Magic and Pelinka just need to keep adding positive pieces to the puzzle, and don’t make desperate moves do to pressure. They have to remember, they are the ones in charge, and as long as they do better after each and every move, everyone invested in Los Angeles, and the Lakers can sleep better at night.

Leave your comments below if you agree or disagree, and if you want me to fix your team, leave me a comment as well.✌🏿


Pro Sports Entrepreneurs

Professional athletes who have successfully made the transition to life after sports through business are extraordinary and more rare than you think. But players doing so while still playing — and doing it well, are rarer than one may suspect, and should provide inspiration to upcoming entrepreneurs, like you and I.

I want to highlight 3 incredible individuals who have navigated the murky waters of business, to maybe open your mind, to never settle upon one thing. Never get to comfortable, and always expand.

Yes the athletes may have been blessed with athletic gifts, and yes they are rich, but they jumped into an unfamiliar — and often cutthroat world they had to learn. Business is a skill no one is born with. It’s filled with twist, turns, and plenty of risk. And before you say, “but they have the resources to do what we can’t” remember, 70% of pro athletes go broke within 3 years of retiring from their respective sports. Mostly from business ventures.



LeBron James

AP Images

One thing we can all agree on about LeBron is, he never settles. He has the hunger for more. When one becomes content, you are destined to get mediocre results from life. LeBron had all eyes on him for the better part of 15 years, in the basketball world. But it’s the business world where he should be applauded. To go from a young kid trying to live up to the hype and pressure of nation wide expectation, to transforming yourself into a business mogul, virtually under the radar. That’s the part kids should be looking up to.

Business Highlights include:

Lifetime contract with Nike that could pay him more than $1 billion. SpringHill Entertainment is LeBron dipping into the entertainment industry with a plenty of options on tv. It’s unique because many athletes don’t think of the executive producer side of revenue. Then there is a deal with Beats headphones, and the fact that James owns a piece of Englands most prized soccer team.


Magic Jonson

Getty Images

Easily the king of all ex athletic entrepreneurs, Magic Johnson inspires me to become the best businessman I can possibly morph into. Part owner of the Los Angeles Dodgers, the owner and founder of Magic Johnson Enterprises, which has an estimated worth of more than $700 million with involvement in franchises such as Burger King, Starbucks, T.G.I. Friday’s and 24 Hour Fitness, and probably everything else in Los Angeles. And now he some how found some time to become the President of Basketball Operations for the Lakers.



Venus Williams

Willie J. Allen Jr. (Washington Post)

The Williams sister that is often left out of the topic of conversation when it comes to women athletes or even black athletes is winning. On and off the Tennis court. Flying under the radar can be a good thing. She quietly put together quite the resume. Ms. Williams not only has a a singles record of 742-208 (78%), and 49 titles, but she is the CEO of V Starr Interiors, a partial owner of the Miami Dolphins, a franchise owner of Jamba Juice and managing an athletic clothing line called EleVen. I bet you knew none of that. It pays to keep a low profile, and to literally be about your business.


I only highlighted three, but there are many more making moves. I just wanted to give you a quick motivation, with some familiar faces this great Monday. Remember, they started off at the bottom too. Twice. In sports, as well as business.

Now go prosper.✌🏿

Tareau’s 10 Favorite Detroit Pistons players

Live From Woodward

What’s up motown. Yea man, I’ve always admired the Detroit Pistons style of play. Tough, rough, rugged, physical. When I was growing up in the late 80s and Early 90s, my 2 favorite teams were my Golden State Warriors and The Detroit Pistons. Too bad I couldn’t play ball at a young age, but as I got older, in the mid 90s, I rebounded like Rodman. Here’s my 10 Favorite Pistons in my lifetime and with respect to RickMahorn, BillLambier, AdrianDantley, DaveBing, and yes even you BrianCardinal hahaha they didn’t make my list. Nothing personal.

Hopefully the 2017 DetroitPistons will see our posts and gives them motivation to move up in the standings. I’m rooting for y’all Motown so no more inconsistency. Snatch that 6th seed as the underground voice of the Pistonshas been telling y’all. Let’s get it.

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