“Daddy bets daughter” 

Pic was taken in 2009.

Took my daughter to Coit Tower today and we had a little bet. I won of course. 



Vlog on Twerking, Feminist, Body Shaming, from a Single Black Father POV



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Hey there everyone. I hope you have a great weekend. If you have 5 minutes to spare, please watch a VLOG I did on my break. It’s a quick 5 minute VLOG on Iggy Azelea‘s new song called “Mo Bounce.”  I also talk about SexismCulture Appropriation, Sex, Misogyny, Rap, Ladies, Fatherhood, Feminist etc. I really appreciate the love and support and would love to hear from you, The Reader. Thank You 

The Couch Sports Podcast EP. 67

Pleasantries (:55 – 2:40) NBA Fight Club (2:41 – 6:42) Raiders Relocation & Dave’s Message to Oakland (6:44 – 10:50) Baseball is Back! [Fans, Giants, Tigers, Barry Bonds] (10:52 – 19:36) Kaepernick vs Trump (19:38 – 32:20) Lavar Ball & Over-Parenting (32:23 – End)


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The Couch Sports Podcast EP. 66

Pleasantries & Catching Up (:55 – 4:13) The fellas talk Video Games (4:15 – 6:09) & NBA vs NFL Marketing (6:10 – 15:08) NBA Talk [Pistons, Warriors, Spurs, NBA Softness] ( 15:09 – 28:28 END)


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Everything is Business II

As I rolled past Detroit Metropolitan Airport this morning, I looked over to see the giant Delta building, and it hits me: The best businesses are those that provide a service. Transportation, parts and maintenance, for the vehicle that provides said transportation; food. Basically anything humans will always need, or have grown accustomed to.

Barbers, and hair stylist will never NOT be needed. Same goes for anyone who makes clothes (expensive or not), all the way down to coffee.

Business isn’t a bad thing, in fact I encourage many to become entrepreneurs all the time. Don’t be a consumer, be a producer. It’s better than sitting around complaining about rich people, and talking about who’s getting over on you, instead play the game.

All I want, is for you to think. I realize I won’t get to everyone, but I’m talking to a select few who are waking up to the fact that something isn’t right about not keeping your money in your pocket. Most people are taught from childhood to spend, spend, spend. Usually by those who were taught the same thing, thus consumerism is passed down to you, like a family trait.

I’m writing this because I see so many unhappy people, who spend all their money on frivolous things, and complain about being broke.

I’ll break it down the best way I know how:

Poor decision making = shitty results.

I’m sure many will want to give me a history lesson on why people are at the stage of life they are in, but at the end of the day, the simplistic answer is, if you know the game, and can see the playbook, adjust your strategy. And if you don’t, remember this: There are people out there adjusting their strategy as we speak, to part you from the true power you have to fight back — your money.✌🏿


The Couch Sports Podcast EP. 65

Pleasantries (:55 – 3:09) Travesties, Lies, & Money (3:10 – 12:22) Dependent & Dumb (12:25 – 22:28) Pretty lies & Ugly Truths (22:30 – 31:00) The Internet is NOT Reality (31:02 – 42:18 End)



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The Winning team

As we all know by now, anyone who attains fame is adored. Worshipped even. People will hang onto your every word, with that goofy look on their face, as if you’re really touching their heart.

In my armchair-psychologist opinion, it has everything to do with the insignificance one feels about their own life or accomplishments — or lack thereof. Something can be said about someone who works harder than everyone else to become good enough to “make it,” and vice versa.

For those who haven’t thought much of themselves since childhood and never went for any of their dreams because of it, are usually the ones who buy up every tabloid, watch TMZ, or consume all this television, that makes up this celebrity obsessed country. While the rest of us wonder, “who the hell are these people?!”

For example, President Trump can say whatever pops into his head, and his supporters will run with it, like God himself came down and delivered the message. Famous people are treated as if they are saviors all because they have wealth, and TV makes heroes out of people usually because of their money.

Yesterday, Donald Trump had this to say about Colin Kapernick,

“There was an article today … that NFL owners don’t want to pick him up because they don’t want to get a nasty tweet from Donald Trump,” the president said. “Do you believe that?”

Then the crowd went nuts, as if they were under a spell. As if it were the greatest thing ever said.

Let’s be clear about a couple of things: For starters, the combination of Kapernicks lack of quarterbacking ability, i.e. his lack of accuracy, lack of touch, and his inconsistency is the biggest reason for his current unemployment. However, someone will sign him. Mark my words.

Secondly, the first amendment right that is supposed to be enjoyed by all Americans really only applies to those who are adored by the media. Meaning if you are someone the mainstream media doesn’t give a shit about for any reason, they have the power to vilify you. Have you forgot about the Malcolm X quote:


Chances are you either don’t know that quote or you were conditioned to forget about it because, you have always been conditioned to forget about people who have tried to wake up the people.

So while you’re on your $1300 laptop, sipping your, $10 coffee, while cyber stalking people that have a fake better life than yours remember this: Flint still doesn’t have clean water, the president still doesn’t know what he’s doing, that celebrity you are told to worship, probably hates their life, and the people who’s land really belongs to, may be extinct before your grandkids are grown.✌🏿

Tareau’s Three Tunes Tuesdays

Ok, I figure I share with you good folks some music from my library every Tuesday. I will be selecting 3 songs. Seeing that I listen to a wide variety of music. Meet me in the comments to discuss.

Marsha Ambrosius “Stronger”

The beautifully gifted singer had T-Money’s blessing to redo Sade’s “Love Is Stronger Than Pride” off of Sade’s Stronger Than Pride album, which was released in 1988. You can find Marsha’s version off her 2014 album Friends & Lovers. 


Ann Peebles “Trouble Heartaches and Sadness” 

I remember always listening to this song every time my Uncle Renaldo would take me out for one of our crazy adventures. It was always playing in the speakers outside where he hung out at. This song is off of Ann’s Straight from the heart album. I love the pain on her voice. 


Link “I really wanna sex your body” 

Man y’all remember Link? The 69 song called “Whatcha gonna do”? This song right here though? Man oh man. Hahahaha don’t hurt em Young Tareau. I had to bring it out of retirement. A lot of people do not remember, so it’s my pleasure to take it back. Link also wrote “My Body” by L.S.G. You can find this song on Link’s debut album called Sex Down. 


Well I hope You enjoyed my 3 songs. Check back eveey Tuesday for 

Tareau’s Three Tunes Tuesdays

The Couch Sports Podcast/Vlog EP.64

Pleasantries/Feel Good session (:58 – 3:12) What Happened to Your Career? (3:13 – 6:00) NBA Talk [Andre Iguodala, NBA Player First World Problems, Softness] ( 6:01 – 20:06) Lavar Ball & Living Vicariously through your kids (20:07 –  24:35)Nerd Opinions, and New Generation NBA (24:36 – 35:14) End