Shameless Self Promotion II

I just wanted to let any sports fans, but especially any Detroit Sports fans know Live From Woodward is crackin’ right now.


I’m just getting the word out.  And for those of you who know anyone who love Detroit or Detroit sports, them them to tune in.





Support #8: Thriftelementblog 

Hello all. I was slipping for the longest time. I bought this shirt, during the election in November, but failed to post it. is a black owned t-shirt business who has all these cool phrases and designs. I purposely chose this t-shirt because Dick Gregory is an underrated person in Black History. Little do we know, he ran for president back in the mid 60s even securing around 35,000 votes. Plus he doesn’t hold his tongue for no one. You gotta love it. You can check them out here

Know of any other small black businesses in needing of Support? Drop us a line and we will check em out.

Book I’m reading #5: The Handbook of Yoruba Religious Concepts by Baba Ifa Karade

Hello all. I’ve finally finished reading this amazing book. It is a beginners handbook to the Yoruba Religion of West Africa. Yoruba is one of the oldest and largest religions of Africa. I first got into Yoruba when I was a teenager. My godmother studied it and would have these ceremonies at her house. The Baba  (father/priest) would chant these ancestral phrases, using a stick and drum, dancing and sacrificing certain animals. This was 15 year old Tareau thinking, “Wow this is cool.” I’ll give you my feelings as 33 year old Tareau towards the end of this post.

You see folks, unfortunately for us African Americans, we don’t have a  country. Africa is not a country. It is a continent with 54 countries and a lot of our own history was either stolen, burnt, forgotten or lost. It is also unfortunate that Christianity was beaten into our ancestors. During the TransAtlantic Slave trade, many of our Ancestors were in the Yoruba Religion. It was easy for us to transition into the slaves masters religion due to the similarities between the 2.

Orunmila is the prophet of Yoruba. Orunmila named 16 heavenly disciples as the Epitome of Yoruba. There is also the Orisha which consists of 8 deities who a follower must pray to when seeking different things. There is also Eshu the connector or translator between the spiritual world and the earth world.

Through this book which is 127 pages, I’ve learned a great amount of wisdom about this fascinating religion. Some could argue that Yoruba predates all Judaism, Islam, Christianity as well, they all have a similar message. You must also not wish for any bad things or harm to one another in the Yoruba faith, due to there being evil spirits that can come off in forms of occultism.

Spiritual baths, prayers, chants, songs, meditations, sacrifices, and discipline are practiced heavily in the Yoruba faith. One of the reasons it took me so long to read this book, was due to me not having a clear head. I would read, highlight, check my phone and get sidetracked. In other words, I was half assing it and it was wrong of me to do so.

My thoughts of Yoruba today from when I was a young man hasn’t change. I know now that if I am to pursue this, I have to be disciplined I’m my mind. Sometimes would not read my book for days. Sometimes I felt like it was an obligation and I was rushing trying to make our ancestors proud. But after talking to a good friend who is a Baba and also revisiting my godmother, u feel sit better about this journey. There is a lot of great things from this book but this was just the summary of it.

I even have an app on my phone to help me speak Yoruba  called “Yoruba 101.” It comes with games and achievements to help you with your progress. Thank  you for checking out our blog here at Please leave feedback and comments below.

Ase ✌

Support #7 & Book I’m Reading #4

Well it’s been awhile folks. I’m still reading books, but I have been too lazy to post them. I’m actually working on that. Anyways, here we have an amazing book by Mrs. Shynna Key called “Wealth is a Mindset.” Mrs. Key is a Renaissance woman (Businesswoman, Entrepreneur, Property Owner, Life Coach, Mother, Wife)   This book was excellent because Mrs. Key breaks down her life and struggles to become a business owner. She started off by saying that her parents were hard workers and that her father loved the finer things in life, so he opened a nightclub with residential units above it. Thus teaching his family the value of ownership at a young age. Mrs. Key also gets major credit for acknowledging that everyone’s financial situation is different. To me that is excellent for an author to say, because in today’s day in age, self help books can come of pretentious or self righteous but not this one. Totally the opposite. As you read it, you feel that Mrs. Key is there with you formulating a financial plan.

This book to me is for those (like myself) who get financially irresponsible and lazy. There’s a step by step blueprint you can follow to guide to you to your goals. Whether it’s long term, short term, consolidation of assets, stocks, bonds, IRA, CD’S, 401k Mrs. Key Breaks it down and gets into the nitty gritty of being fiscally responsible. I also love that she stresses entrepreneurship, generating more than 1 income, and also passing the knowledge down to younger generation.

This book has a lot of visual aids, so it will be easy to follow along and even make your own budget or goals. I recommend that everyone check out this amazing book.

Support #7 

Yall know my greedy ass loves snacks. “All the fries you can give me”  type of greedy. (Bonus points if you know where that’s from). Today I am supporting the ladies @ for their delicious baked goods. I ordered online and they shipped it to me asap. Shout out to fellow blogger ms Kelley aka for introducing me to their product. All about supporting yall. I ordered some browned butter brown sugar cookies + praline brownies. 

Take a look 

Do you have a black owned business you would like me to check out? Please give mefeedvack. Also if you’re around you can have a brownie, I’m in a sharing mood. Hahahahhahaahahahha ✌

Support #6

Hey there peeps. Support #6 comes from a fellow blogger named Skatsz. She specializes in making knits, beanies and a wide array of accessories. Although I don’t have any hair anymore  (long sigh), I still got my big head in one of these warm woolies. Check her out at

If you know of any black businesses that need consumers or attention, please direct me to them. I’m on a mission. 

She even left a personalized note to thank me. 

Stay thirsty my friends

Support #5 and Book I’m reading #3

*SPOILER ALERT, LADY G, DO NOT READ, I repeat Lady G, DO Not Read. Don’t do it Gwinn*


Ok, the last book I read was called “The Unhappy Wife” by Dr. K.E. Garland. It was a very informative look into the mindsets of Women from the Midwest and the South, who have been abused, cheated on, and used. All of these women either had to overcome something or someone to leave their husbands or forgive their husbands. I would like to highlight a few things from this amazing book.

Miss Sharlene’s story started in 1977. She Married 5 times in her lifetime and she explains in depth what happened with each marriage. The most powerful quote I’ve heard in a long time was this.

“There’s no perfect person. We as women are not perfect. We have imperfections. But the thing is, we’recommend looking for perfections in a man. And that’s where we go wrong.”

Wow. That is truth. And this isn’t a book about male bashing or anything like that. It simply explains what a lot of Women of color in the South are conditioned to believe. Whether it’s Christianity, families, status, a lot of these women (my point of view) seemed as if they were marrying for other things and not themselves. Maybe because marriage is a big deal in the bible belt and maybe I could be slightly misinformed due to me being raised in San Francisco Ca, but I felt at times that there was a fight within these women to not be unmarried no matter the case. I do know if being single or by yourself is taboo in those areas, but I noticed that common pattern. I felt like it was an unforeseen, mental competition to not be alone without a Man. This was a great read and I commend Dr. Garland for helping these women and being there to jot their journey down.


The next book I will be reading, also comes from a fellow blogger and y’all know, I’m all about supporting our businesses. This book is called “Wealth is a Mind$et” by Shynna Key. She has her own YouTube channel where she talks about wealth and money management. I will definitely let you know what I think once I’m done. Thank you for your support.



T-Money out 😎

Support # 4 & also Book I’m reading #2

Hey there everyone.

Like my stupid face??

SPOILER ALERT  finished the Mansa Musa book. It was fascinating. Mansa Musa was one of the greatest rulers in African History. His reign was only for 4 years, but he instilled a fair environment for everyone to become prosperous. Whether it was politics, military, gold distribution, trading etc, he wanted all of the world to love and respect Mali for its prominence. Mansa Musa traveled to Cairo, then to Mecca on a long and strenuous pilgrimage to further his faith in Allah. During his pilgrimage, his army had captured a city in West Africa called Gao and took their Kings son’s as wards. Without giving away the ended, I’ll stop here.

The 2nd book of my “Books I’m reading” series comes from fellow blogger Dr. Katherin Garland. It is called “The Unhappy Wife.” I can’t wait to read it. As you know, I’m all about reading and supporting Black Businesses, so I killed to rats with one brick with this one. (Yes I know the saying but I’m a bird man hahaha)


Thank you Mrs. Garland for the book. Y’all can find her on under K E Garland if interested. And notice this book is called “The unhappy Wife” and I took a picture with my AL Bundy “NO MA’AM” Shirt. Hahahaha. I’m asking for it, right?




Support #3

Good morning folks. Keeping the Black Business support train steam-rolling, I recently purchased True Liquid Laundry Detergent. I provided a link to their website beneath. *copy &paste*  Hopefully my stanking ass clothes will smell like roses. The 2nd picture is taken by my Autistic son, Rayquan. Have a great weekend.

Stay thirsty my friends

Support #2

Shout out to fellow blogger Zwanjay for making this dope ass Wolverine hat for me. As a hat man and a die hard Marvel comics fan, I really appreciate it. Y’all see that poster in the background? That poster is older than my kids. I’ve had that poster for almost 20 years now. As I mentioned on Support #1 I love supporting Black Businesses and if you want to check out Zwanjay’s work, you can check him out at 

Instagram: @canvascustoms