Late Night Grand Marnier Rants

So Im sitting here sipping on my Grand Marnier, and it hits me: I moved all the way to Detroit,MI for opportunity. The opportunity to escape the California tax oppression, and cost of living to live how it was meant for all of us to live.

As a people we are programmed to want more. Dare say hard wired. Why not follow your instinct, and go where happiness takes you. I’ve had a few battles with home sickness, as recently as last week. But at the end of the day, I’m somewhere carving out my own destiny, and dammit I plan to win!

This is me just ranting so bear with me.

It just occurred to me — and by occurred I mean it really dawned on me, that a young man from the bottom, made a website, and taught himself how to: edit, write, record, create content (audio and video) design merchandise and everything in-between — got dammit I’m a full blown businessman. Now tell me what you can’t do, so I can look you in the face and call you a liar.

I’m talking motivation. Huh?

I’m saying, fuck talking about racism all day because that’s broke shit. Let’s put our money together or let me teach you what I taught myself.

It’s enough money out here for all of us, but we’re too busy being distracted, and taking the simplistic bait. One thing I’ve learned is, when you get to a certain level, folks only want to talk green. As in, how to make more of it. What doesn’t make more money is complaining. Plans, and solutions. Do I have your attention?

It’s late, I’m sipping my potion and I’m in the mood to hustle. I’m in here making flow charts, and figuring out my next move? What are you up to? Not being arrogant, but I’m asking a question. Time stops for no man, and no woman, so make time work for you.

I said all that to say this: You can’t listen with your mouth open.

Let’s get this money. It’s instrumental to gaining power.



The Great Black out of San Francisco part #2: What about us?? 


 UPDATE*3/6/17 click link 

I’ve addressed this in the past and I have some new information to provide to you guys. I just read in the San Francisco Chronicle a disturbing fact about how black defendants are being misrepresented in not only the courtroom but in the jury selection process.(click the link above) In a consolidated city-state and sanctuary city such as San Francisco, I find it very disturbing that the city will fight tooth and nail for crimes that illegal immigrants do, but not for African Americans. We wonder why the city’s black populous is declining. City leaders such as Mayor Ed Lee has played dumb too many times when focusing on African American issues.Saying things like “We need to address these issues!” Hmmmmmm. Doesn’t take a genius to figure this one out, Ed. I flat out said that gentrification is too blame but in a city that is dominated by Whites and Asians, one black man’s voice will not do the job unless you have celebrity status. Especially since the same people who are now new to the city, works at places that have less than a 5% black employment.
This is why I am stubborn when it comes to black celebrities who say that they are down for things. *cough Colin Kaepernick cough* We as black people in San Francisco are being pushed out, and we are not being hired nor promoted in white collar careers. The only jobs you see us at here in San Francisco are skilled labor jobs such, as Driving a bus, working at the port, or working for the city in the DPW (Department of Public Works), Uber/Lyft, Retail, or being a delivery driver. Our children who attend the SFUSD (San Francisco Unified School District) make up just 8% of the public school populous and are recused certain programs such as a second language (click link)

Out of the 5% Blacks that are in this city, (estimated 30,000-32,000) more than 42% live below San Francisco’s standards of the poverty rate. More than a 12% unemployment within the black community, in a city whose unemployment rate is under 3.2%. Blacks are 8 times more likely to be arrested than any other race in San Francisco and out of the 32,000 black folks that live here, about 6,000 have a police record in the San Francisco database. Now I ask you, the reader, you still want to come here? Do you want to give your money to a city that does not want the same people who helped built this city? When Dave Chappelle, Beyonce, Drake, Lil Wayne, Rihanna, etc come to town, how many black fans do you think is in attendance? Please meet me in the comment section, I would love to hear your thoughts, comments, concerns about this matter.

*Stats complied from the 2010 US Census Bureau, San Francisco Police Department, SF.GOV,,

Tareau’s Petty List of arguments 

We worry so much in life, right? Bills, health insurance, car notes, rent, mortgage, children, etc. Well it’s time for some dam comedy. Yes yours truly, the  MOST STRAIGHT, PETTIEST MAN aka PETTYKANG is here to help. So check this out. 

Who doesn’t love a good argument? Especially when you are either on the winning side, or watching from afar. I miss on TV AND movies in my day, seeing people get TOLD DA F#$% OFF. Here are some of my favorite arguments or people getting told off or checked.
Honorable Mention: Set it off. Luther tells off poor Kimberly Elise and is the worst boss to work for. It’s all good, he gets what’s coming to him, but this part had me in tears!
10. A Thin Line Between Love and Hate. Yes and yes. Lynn Whitfield was a different kind of crazy. Man she is scary. I love this scene. Lmfao how she was provoking mama though.
9. Bebe’s Kids. I really could put the whole movie, but when she told he about her ashyiness, it was over with. And she Hella caught the lotion bottle too.
8. House Party 1. Man I miss Robin Harris. This was my favorite scene because he Hella checked dude who thought he was gonna get a free pass for saying that he was a Muslim. Hahahaha.
7. Lean on Me. So Mr. Clark thinks he’s the HNIC, HUH?
6. Lean on Me. The origin of HNIC
5. Lean on Me. So what we not gonna have is a militant Black man as an incumbent principal tryna check a sistah. No sir.

4. Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. Now this is a lighter side of an argument but man RIP James Avery. I would have loved to see James Avery and James Earl Jones in a shouting match.
3. Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. Will’s  face as he was instigating though. Little tiny onions swimming in a sea of gravy.
2. Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. When The Real Aunt Viv, took her earrings off though. 


The Temptations Movie. You tell em David Ruffin. Ain’t nobody checking for Otis’ punk ass.
1. Poetic Justice. I would never argue Regina King. I’m petty but not dumb. Man she is so fine and good with these roles, right?

Well this was just a random list. What would yours be? Please comment below. I will add more in the near future, until then remember Pettiness is hereditary 😁😁😁😁😁😁😊

Movie Review #16: The Lego Batman Movie

Lmfao, I’m still in tears because of this movie. Wait but hold on! Y’all don’t believe me about sneaking food in, huh?

Yea, with the sauce too! What? Yea I said it. Them Egg Rolls didn’t make it past the pre-previews. You know what I’m talking about? How you go watch a movie, and the are showing games and TV shows and the movie lights are still on? No one out pettys the “PETTYKANG” 
Anyways, this movie had me in tears. How the hell is Batman, gonna talk ish the first 57 seconds of the movie? Please go see this in 3d too. It is awesome. Ok so the story is Batman (voiced by Will Arnett) is obviously lonely and needs to get a sense of familial ties. Due to him being an orphan, he never let anyone close to him. Alfred (voiced by Ralph Fiennes) suggests that Batman needs to develop a relationship with a lady and start having kids. Batman talks shit the whole movie about not needing anyone. Anyways, while protecting Gotham from the Joker (voiced by Zach Galifianakis), Joker is hell bent on not only destroying the city but, getting Batman’s approval that Batman and the Joker can not coexist without each other. In other words, Joker is saying that Batman needs him. Quickly, Batman shuts that down and tells Joker that he is “Fighting multiple people at once and that he can’t commit to just having one nemesis” I was in tears with all the innuendo going on. 

Meanwhile Commissioner Gordon (voiced by Hector Elizondo) is having a retiring party and the new Police Commissioner will be his daughter, Barbara Gordon aka Batgirl (voiced by Rosario Dawson). While at the ball, Batman befriends a young orphan boy named Dick Grayson aka Robin (voiced by Michael Cera) and agrees to adopt him due to Batman being overly attracted to Barbara Gordon. 

Now the plot thickens when Barbara, suggests to Gotham City that they don’t need Batman because she has a degree and she knows crime statistics. She also points out that all of Batman’s enemies are still on the loose and that Gotham City is the most crime riddled city in the world, with Batman. The Joker has a diabolical plan to get arrested and for to jail, knowing Batman will send him to the Phantom Zone, Joker can hire, “Dependable Bad Guys.” 

This movie talks multiple shots at Superman, Iron Man, and other Superheroes. Btw the cheesy music and little side jokes are hilarious. Did you know Batman doesn’t pay his taxes? Shhhhhhhh. This movie is an A and the reason why it doesn’t get an A+, is because Batman is just an asshole with too much money and unlimited resources and he doesn’t pay taxes. If you shot Batman in the head, he would die. He’s no (let’s see, just off the top of my head) Wolverine. Take that Dave.

Saving money with T-Money (Click link)
So you want to know how I do it huh? Ancient Chinese secrets my dude. Haha, naw. Here in San Francisco, it is the most expensive city to live in. The average median income is about $105k and the average 2 Bedroom Apartment is about $4,200 a month. Minimum wage within the city is $13.50 an hour and this is due to San Francisco being a city/state. The economy is great here in San Francisco and I have to thank my moms for raising me to be a survivor. Forcing me to grocery shopping at the age of 5, I knew about balancing and budgeting at a young age. Now factor in with the cost of living being high, goods and services are high too. You just gotta know how to maneuver in the City. For instance, if any of you guys ever visit, 1st thing you do is call or email me. I used to be a tour guide and I’m a native of this city for 34 years now I’ll tell you what hotel to stay in and what to expect etc. Where to go, where not to go. 2nd thing is you never buy fuel in San Francisco. Or get a rental car. I go outside of the city limits to do a lot of the shopping. Sales tax within the city is 8.5%. 

So one way of survival is couponing. Yes being thrifty and frugal is how you can breathe easily especially when you are living paycheck to paycheck. Like, Share, leave comments, please!✌

Tareau’s top 20 TV theme songs of all time.

Petty king has arrived and is fresh off of beating his coworkers in bowling. Ok truth time I won the 1st game and lost the 2nd game. Enough with that, time to be petty. Dave drops jewels on Funky Fresh Fridays, so I’m feeling left out. With regards to Married With Children, Fresh Prince, Family Matters, Amen, 227, Different World, The Cosby Show, What’s Happening, Good Times, I Living Color, Martin, Living Single, and a slew of others, I wanted to include these. So I present to you my favorite TV theme songs of all time. Let’s get it. (Click link)
20. Doug So don’t act like you didn’t like this great theme song. Doug with his cast of friends. Skeeter, Patty Mayonnaise, Mr. Dink, Roger and let’s remember hanging out at the Honker Burger.

19. Captain Planet. Earth, Fire, Wind, Water, Heart, Go planet. (Nobody wanted to be Mati because heart was lame) hahahaha. Whoopi Goldberg was Gaia. Remember Captain Planet’s evil doppelganger Captain Pollution. I loved how Kwame was the leader and he was from Africa.
18. Cops. Ok yes I know, subliminally advertising and seeing them arrest a lot of Black people. Sigh* but that theme song though.
17. Sister Sister Yes and yes. Wasn’t this show Hella good. Wholesome but edgy, funny but deep. Shout out to Jackeé with her big red carpet. Hahahaha. Roger was Marques Houston. Man they use to dog him.
16. Hanging With Mr. Cooper. Oakland very own Mark Curry was Dave’s hero. Oakland Pride was on full display on this. Great cast too. My favorite episode was the “Love match episode”
15. Three’s Company. Man Jack Tripper had it made, right. Hella escapades and hijinks hahahahaha. What about how Mr. Furley was always shocked or upset. Hahahahhahaha.
14. Cheers, is filmed on front of a live studio audience. Nobody ever got a DUI huh? “Woody give me a beer!”
13. Perfect Strangers. Man I miss this show.
12. Punky Brewster. Remember the doll though??
11. The Wonder Years. I love the narrative of Old Kevin narrating throughout the show. Remember his whiny ass girlfriend, Winnie? And his nerdy pal, Paul?
10. Ghostwriter. I had a crush on Gaby. This was the first time, I learned what a Bodega was. I always had a composite notebook. RALLY TO
9. That’s So Raven. “You can gaze into the future” Man Raven Symone had so much potential to be wifey. Sigh. This was my favorite Disney show.
8. Muppet Babies. So tell me, why they never showed Nanny’s face? My favorite was animal, he reminds me of my oldest son Naszir now. Hahaha
7. Magnum P.I. I mean just look at Tom Selleck’s prestigious mustache tho!
6. The People’s Court. Hahahahahahahahahaha. That beat tho?

5. The Golden Girls. So we gonna act like Blanche and Dorothy wasn’t doing every man they saw? Hahahahahahahaha.
4. Step by Step. Man Cody was the homie, right? Didn’t you want to live with this family?
3. Knight Rider. Man looking dreamy in the 80s was the business, right? Hahahahaaha. I still want this car though.
2. Out of this World. Man who wouldn’t want to freeze time? This show came on right before Mama’s Family.
1. Tie: Ducks Tales and Inspector Gadget. Enough explaining, just listen to these amazing theme songs. 

Autism/Special Needs Events.

One thing I love about the special needs community, is there is no white supremacy. There is no racism. There is no politics. There is no sexism. There is no police brutality. There is no xenophobia. There is no homophobia. There’s just life. How can such an unknown and imperfect disease create such a perfect world for said individuals? MAKES YOU THINK.

When you have kids on the spectrum, you can not take them to “normal places.” Society deems our children as an inconvenience. So you make lemonade out of these proverbial lemons. I only take the kids to sensory friendly places and it makes sense. I’ve already accepted that most people are douche bags so why am I gonna expose my children to that? 

This adventure was at the San Jose Children’s Museum, where 3 times a year they have a Sensory Friendly Night and it was awesome. Please follow us for more updates on us, watch the video below, and please leave feedback. Special thanks to Diana M. for the tickets 😉

The boys revenge. Daddy’s pettiness falters. Must watch video 

Once again, these little guys out witted their old man. Ok here’s what happened. Yesterday I went grocery shopping. I notice the Doritos were on sale. Unfortunately we had the Safeway select knock off Doritos. Now seeing that I hate wasting food, I tried to switch the chips hoping to trick the boys. Please watch the video below. Thank you for watching and storing by. And remember one of our famous quotes “Autistic or not (Click link)

Greatest Athletes Ever? Hell Yes. Hands down! Imagine. 

I would have to say Hell F!@#$% Yea. Serena Williams just beat her sister Venus in the 2017 Austrailian open. In the 29 overall title matches that they have faced each other, Serena is 18-29 over her sister Venus. Wow that is impressive. It is a great rivalry that we have 2 young Black Women, competing against each other, and still remain closers than ever. Their father did an excellent job giving these Queens morals.

We will talk more about these amazing ladies, but first lets be real y’all. (I hate to take away from this amazing moment by talking about race, but we have too) We will come back to the lovely Williams sister’s, honestly. When people think of the greatest Athletes ever, these 2 Queens are never mentioned. Sure people mention Michael Jordan, Wayne Gretzky, Usain Bolt, Michael Phelps etc, but why does the Williams sisters always get the short end of the stick? Well we know why. The world will never accept a Black woman as being dominate, unless she looks like this….

It’s the truth. Let’s break this down a lil:

Michael Jordan is a world wide entity. He’s experienced heavy racism growing up in North Carolina. In one of my favorite books of all time called “Young, Black, Rich, and Famous.” By Dr. Todd Boyd, Dr. Boyd illustrates a great point about Michael Jordan’s success in White America.

(Paraphrasing here) “Once Michael Jordan traded in his gold chains for wing tips, he transcended a color line that even Magic Johnson couldn’t break.. Unfortunately for Black America, White America transformed Jordan into a world wide phenomenon, thus creating an illusion that Black problems disappeared. When his infamous quote “Republicans buy shoes, too” hit the airwaves, Black America knew they lost their guy.” So why did I reference all that? Well Venus and Serena Williams has been the forefront for not only the inequalities in sports but in culture as well.

How many times has these ladies been called a gorilla?

Example: isn’t Venus, Serena, and Michael Jordan all the same skin color? So why does people only say that the Williams sisters look like apes or monkeys and not Jordan? Is it because the racists people who make these remarks, sees Jordan as their “own” and don’t see him as a black man, due to his years of being silent on socio-economic issues regarding his own people? How can some people be so envious of Black athletic prowess, but only acknowledge Black men’s ability as of Black women are not equal?

Here we are in 2017 and people just can’t accept a strong black woman, kicking ass. I will write about this more in the future but let’s get back to the ladies of the hour. Serena and Venus Williams y’all, cue the music. 🎶🎶🎶!

I gotcha back, sis

Imagine being these brave ladies. Imagine playing a sport that’s not portrayed for Black people to play. Imagine traveling all over the world to get called the same racial epithets everywhere you go. Imagine losing your sister Yetunde Price to senseless gang violence in 2003. Imagine your own people clocking your “miles” on who you are dating and who you are with. Imagine facing racist reporters demanding that you are not a woman and that you need to be drug tested before and ever match. Imagine having a “Eurocentric Beauty” Who can not play tennis to save her life, and gets caught cheating, make almost the same amount of money that you are making, due to her looks not her ability. (Talking about you Maria Sharapova). Imagine Black America turn their back on you because you got engaged to someone who makes you happy who happens to be white. Nigger. Coon. Monkey. Gorilla. Bitch. Yes imagine that folks. Imagine seeing your male counterparts not going through this because White Men accept LeBron James but not you. Can you imagine? And you wonder why Black people just keep persevering. That’s resilience folks.

Now imagine being an inspiration to young ladies around the world. Imagine making millions upon millions of dollars. Imagine winning countless of Olympic gold medals. Countless Austrailian open titles. Countless Wimbledon titles. Countless magazine covers. Countless tv appearances. Countless speeches. Countless of praise. Countless of respect. Can you imagine it people? These Queens deserve your attention. Now imagine me not having to do this amazing article because the Williams sisters are light skint. Now imagine millions of others bloggers doing this article because the Williams sisters are white and look like Maria Sharapova or Anna Kournikova.

Imagine that!

Thank you for reading.