Pro Sports Entrepreneurs

Professional athletes who have successfully made the transition to life after sports through business are extraordinary and more rare than you think. But players doing so while still playing — and doing it well, are rarer than one may suspect, and should provide inspiration to upcoming entrepreneurs, like you and I.

I want to highlight 3 incredible individuals who have navigated the murky waters of business, to maybe open your mind, to never settle upon one thing. Never get to comfortable, and always expand.

Yes the athletes may have been blessed with athletic gifts, and yes they are rich, but they jumped into an unfamiliar — and often cutthroat world they had to learn. Business is a skill no one is born with. It’s filled with twist, turns, and plenty of risk. And before you say, “but they have the resources to do what we can’t” remember, 70% of pro athletes go broke within 3 years of retiring from their respective sports. Mostly from business ventures.



LeBron James

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One thing we can all agree on about LeBron is, he never settles. He has the hunger for more. When one becomes content, you are destined to get mediocre results from life. LeBron had all eyes on him for the better part of 15 years, in the basketball world. But it’s the business world where he should be applauded. To go from a young kid trying to live up to the hype and pressure of nation wide expectation, to transforming yourself into a business mogul, virtually under the radar. That’s the part kids should be looking up to.

Business Highlights include:

Lifetime contract with Nike that could pay him more than $1 billion. SpringHill Entertainment is LeBron dipping into the entertainment industry with a plenty of options on tv. It’s unique because many athletes don’t think of the executive producer side of revenue. Then there is a deal with Beats headphones, and the fact that James owns a piece of Englands most prized soccer team.


Magic Jonson

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Easily the king of all ex athletic entrepreneurs, Magic Johnson inspires me to become the best businessman I can possibly morph into. Part owner of the Los Angeles Dodgers, the owner and founder of Magic Johnson Enterprises, which has an estimated worth of more than $700 million with involvement in franchises such as Burger King, Starbucks, T.G.I. Friday’s and 24 Hour Fitness, and probably everything else in Los Angeles. And now he some how found some time to become the President of Basketball Operations for the Lakers.



Venus Williams

Willie J. Allen Jr. (Washington Post)

The Williams sister that is often left out of the topic of conversation when it comes to women athletes or even black athletes is winning. On and off the Tennis court. Flying under the radar can be a good thing. She quietly put together quite the resume. Ms. Williams not only has a a singles record of 742-208 (78%), and 49 titles, but she is the CEO of V Starr Interiors, a partial owner of the Miami Dolphins, a franchise owner of Jamba Juice and managing an athletic clothing line called EleVen. I bet you knew none of that. It pays to keep a low profile, and to literally be about your business.


I only highlighted three, but there are many more making moves. I just wanted to give you a quick motivation, with some familiar faces this great Monday. Remember, they started off at the bottom too. Twice. In sports, as well as business.

Now go prosper.✌🏿


Emotional Debt/ Emotional Down Paymemt

Welcome everybody. What is the meaning of the title? Well let’s break it down.

An Emotional Debt is when, you as a person unintentionally use another person for emotional support without reciprocating the favor. You vent, complain, talk with, irritate, and yes even sometimes you emotional bully them into things. You are constantly talking about your problems but as soon as that same person either chimes in or disagree with whatever you have going on, you get upset. Also when that person is looking to you for emotional support, you don’t give that person your undivided attention. You then become in debt to this person emotionally.

Example: I have a friend who I call Good Brotha. I’ve known him for over 13 years know. And when we talk on the phone, I dominate the conversations mostly 90% to 10%. So if I am seeking something from him emotionally, I am not allowing him to give me a chance due to my selfishness.

Now, an emotional down payment is different. When you are in any type of relationship in life, you are putting a down payment emotionally with said person. But here’s the kicker. You give so much in the beginning of this relationship, hoping that one day the same love and support will return. Unfortunately by you over doing everything, you don’t give the other person a chance to do anything. You then become frustrated because you would want somebody to do the things that you would do in this relationship, but they might not possess the same type of giving abilities that you have. Or you just havent given them the opportunity.

Example: I once dated this beautiful sistah from Tanzania named Lilly. She loved talking about how women in the States are so independent and she admired that. Lilly and I went everywhere and I was hella attracted to her. Like to a point where I was doing everything. It’s one thing to be a gentleman, but by me being blinded by her beauty, she felt as if I didn’t respect her as a woman. I mean c’mon , she was a registered nurse (which means she made way more money than me, which I didn’t care about), she drove a 2014 Range Rover, She was going to Cal Berkeley and she volunteered at the blood bank. Now when we would have deep talks she would tell me that because she I am spoiling her, she is losing her independence and she couldn’t give me what I wanted in return due to the position I put her in. So we dated for 4 months and towards the end I was very frustrated with her and I couldn’t see it from her point of view. I see it now.

You have to give people a chance to either prove themselves or you have to check yourself and ask “Am I doing too much too early?” Also you have to ask yourself when forming any kind of new relationship (whether it’s a friendship, a partnership, a business deal, a new friend or a new acquaintance) if it’s an equal playing field for all parties. If you hold the door open one day, on day 2, see if that person will do it. If you pay for the check for dinner one date, see if that person will do it on the 2nd date.  We cant be like “well if I was this person, this is what I would do.” People operate differently. Are we trying to impress the other person or ourself?

Equality is the longevity to anything. Sometimes we as humans do use people but it’s important to pay back those people. If that person needs help, help them. But also ask “did they help me when I was in this position?” We can’t be so one-sided because your kindness will be taking as a weakness. It’s ok to say no, it doesn’t change the amount of hours you spent forging said relationship.

Example: When I smoked weed, I always had a friend who never had any money and would want to smoke. Let’s say if we smoked 10 times in a span of 2 weeks, I would say yes 9 times. But that one time I say no, that shouldn’t negate the other 9 times. In his eyes, I was being selfish or petty. So was I being petty those other 9 times?

So you see what I am saying. Saying no or even refusing an apology does not make you a bad person. Do not let society trick you into feeling guilty or shame for people who can’t reciprocate. Even if its yourself.

Thank you for reading. If You have any questions meet me in the comments. ✌

Saving money with T-Money Part #2

It’s funny because, when you Google couponing and people saving money, you don’t see a big, HANDSOME black dude, right??? Hahahhaha. What you don’t believe me? Here’s the link of Google images.

Just think, there’s a coupon for almost everything. I’ve used coupons on dates 😉😉, I’ve used coupons on health care, on fuel, on tires, oil changes, etc. You name it, I’ve used a coupon for. But I must shout this statement from the highest peaks:


Well now that I’m done being petty, below is a video of me exiting Safeway and showing off my savings. Please Enjoy. And as always, leave feedback. I appreciate everyone’s views, likes, concerns, qualms, comments, and suggestions. click link 

Saving money with T-Money (Click link)
So you want to know how I do it huh? Ancient Chinese secrets my dude. Haha, naw. Here in San Francisco, it is the most expensive city to live in. The average median income is about $105k and the average 2 Bedroom Apartment is about $4,200 a month. Minimum wage within the city is $13.50 an hour and this is due to San Francisco being a city/state. The economy is great here in San Francisco and I have to thank my moms for raising me to be a survivor. Forcing me to grocery shopping at the age of 5, I knew about balancing and budgeting at a young age. Now factor in with the cost of living being high, goods and services are high too. You just gotta know how to maneuver in the City. For instance, if any of you guys ever visit, 1st thing you do is call or email me. I used to be a tour guide and I’m a native of this city for 34 years now I’ll tell you what hotel to stay in and what to expect etc. Where to go, where not to go. 2nd thing is you never buy fuel in San Francisco. Or get a rental car. I go outside of the city limits to do a lot of the shopping. Sales tax within the city is 8.5%. 

So one way of survival is couponing. Yes being thrifty and frugal is how you can breathe easily especially when you are living paycheck to paycheck. Like, Share, leave comments, please!✌

The Power of being Broke

The lack of economic power can make one feel less than.

It can make or break a persons self esteem. It can drive you to great heights, or leave you in a funk, not able to put your finger on why. You just know you are upset, about something.

Past bad decisions lead you to the very path you are currently traveling. Until you recognize and acknowledge that, the depression cloud will continue to linger.

The old saying of, “We all have to do things we don’t want” still annoys me ’til this day. One of the things I do like about millennials, is they challenge that notion. One can do what they want and be happy despite anyones else’s opinion.

That’s right opinion. Much like advice, most things, including rules (written & unwritten) are an opinion. So if anyone feels they can make a million dollars from the internet, they’re probably right. The opposite is true as well. If you feel like nothing is possible because of the “powers that be” than you’re probably right…in your mind. It’s all mental. That’s what I want you to focus on.

Being broke is a mind state, similar to depression. Being broke too long, and feeling helpless is more so a gateway mentality though.


We have to start somewhere. And that somewhere is on a piece of paper. Write down your 1 month goals, your 6 month goals, your one year goals, than the big dreamer style goals you plan to hit by the end of your life! Look at them 3-4 times a day to help change your mind state. Yes it does work! You have to change how you look and feel about you before everyone else outlook changes about you.


I’ll give you a few more minutes to hang your head, than you have to pick it up, and march forward. You know my philosophy on time. We don’t have it to waste. Even when you’re off the work plantation clock, your still — on the clock. ✌🏿



Stunting on them click link please 
How many of us have did something 1,000 times? Can you even count to 1,000 consistently without losing track? If someone was to give you 1,000 $1 bills, would you be able to count them without losing track? Well what if all the bills aren’t crisp? (Whatever do you mean, Tareau?) Imagine equating 1,000 career NCAA women’s basketball wins into $1 bills. All of the bills might not be pretty, nor accepted but a win is a win, correct? If someone owed you a dollar and they give you 4 quarters, would you be mad? (Now even though I’m petty, I love change so I would definitely accept any debts in change). Well that’s how Ms. Tara VanDerveer got her wins. Most were blowouts. Some was loose change. Some were tattered beat up singles. But like I said, a win is a win. Now imagine winning your 1,000 career NCAA game the Friday before sports biggest game, the Super Bowl. Imagine only getting  (thus far) a ticker alert on Comcast saying that she accomplished this feat. Well we got ya covered here at Ms. VanDerveer. Here’s to you. And many more.  

(Stats are from


These are words that have helped me during my entrepreneurial journey. Including some hand written notes in my sketch book, from speakers.

“In order to do something you’ve never done, you have to become someone you’ve never been! You have to be willing to give up who you’ve been, in order to give birth to who you will become.”





Autism/Special Needs Events.

One thing I love about the special needs community, is there is no white supremacy. There is no racism. There is no politics. There is no sexism. There is no police brutality. There is no xenophobia. There is no homophobia. There’s just life. How can such an unknown and imperfect disease create such a perfect world for said individuals? MAKES YOU THINK.

When you have kids on the spectrum, you can not take them to “normal places.” Society deems our children as an inconvenience. So you make lemonade out of these proverbial lemons. I only take the kids to sensory friendly places and it makes sense. I’ve already accepted that most people are douche bags so why am I gonna expose my children to that? 

This adventure was at the San Jose Children’s Museum, where 3 times a year they have a Sensory Friendly Night and it was awesome. Please follow us for more updates on us, watch the video below, and please leave feedback. Special thanks to Diana M. for the tickets 😉

The boys revenge. Daddy’s pettiness falters. Must watch video 

Once again, these little guys out witted their old man. Ok here’s what happened. Yesterday I went grocery shopping. I notice the Doritos were on sale. Unfortunately we had the Safeway select knock off Doritos. Now seeing that I hate wasting food, I tried to switch the chips hoping to trick the boys. Please watch the video below. Thank you for watching and storing by. And remember one of our famous quotes “Autistic or not (Click link)