Pistons vs Cavs Game recap

Live From Woodward

Last night I took a L, but today I bounced back.

-Big Sean

That was the theme for last nights game vs the Cleveland Cavaliers. The Detroit Pistons showed grit, when they could have easily laid down and been an emotional no show — after the blow out loss to the Indiana Pacers, the night before.

Andre Drummond (20 points & 16 rebounds), came out aggressive early. He set the tone for the team, when they were struggling to score early on. He was crashing the boards — harder than usual. He was clearly on a mission.

The first quarter and a half, it looked as though it was going to be a blow out. It was the Kyrie Irving show, starring LeBron James, and the Cavs pushed the lead to 15. It seemed to be a Cleveland win on the horizon, when the Pistons did their best He-Man impression:

Yes, folks…

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Cleveland Cavaliers break the 3pt record.

​https://youtu.be/RtTWJgMqVYA (press link) 

Wow. As you know, I am no way a Cavs fan. However, I am a NBA fan and I must give credit where credit is due. Last night, March 3rd 2017, the Cleveland Cavaliers faced off against the Atlanta Hawks in Atlanta. On a night where the ATL retired the great Pistol Pete‘s 

jersey, and also Kyle Korver making his return, the Cavs stole the show. I’m not writing this lil post to dick ride the Cavs. I am writing because an important, underrated part of this record is not being talked about. 

The Cavs shot 46 3 pointers last night, and made 25 of them. 25 people. That’s 54% from downtown. To me, that is more impressive than anything because it was well within the flow of the game. It wasn’t like *cough HOUSTON ROCKETS. cough* just jacking up 3 pointers. And you know, I am not a big stats guy. But check this out: LeBron went 6 for 10, Kyrie went 5 for 8, Channing Frye  went 3 for 6, Iman Shumpert went 2 for 6, Kyle Korver went 3 for 7, Derrick Williams went 3 for 4, and Richard Jefferson went 3 for 5. All this without J.R. Smith and Kevin Love

Do you guys think the defending champions can pull it off again? Let me know in the comments section. ✌

In Defense of Boogie

While the smoke is still clearing in Sacramento, Vlade Divac and the rest of the Kings brass have gone on the offensive to make themselves look good, after one of the most lopsided trades in NBA History.

The effort is failing, mainly because if you have to go out of your way to make yourself look good, well, we see your true colors.

The fact that the Kings are 24-33 this year, and haven’t gone to the playoffs with Boogie is all true, but no one is looking at the real problem: The Kings never surrounded Cousins with any talent to get over any roadblocks nor hurdles!


Thats the Kings picks for the last 11 years. How many cornerstone players did they pick? How many impact players did they draft? Right. Funny thing is it gets even worse when you go back another 1o years.

No it doesn’t give them the best chance. And that first round pick you got won’t be a lottery pick. Bet on it. Even if it were, Vlade wouldn’t do anything with it.

Yes there were technical foul, yes DeMarcus should keep calm more often, but I’d probably be mad too if I knew I would never win, and I was loyal to a fault.


DeMarcus bid an emotional farewell to Sacramento:

All in all the Kings definitely lost that trade hands down, and as a franchise they seem to look even worse than they already did. Possibly the most poorly run organization in sports.

Rest In Peace Buddy Heilds career✌🏿

Feature image by Jonathan Bachman/USA Today




The NBA’s Deadly 9 (Marksmen)

Ok, after watching the NBA Rising Stars & the 3-Point Shootout, I think I’ve finally arrived at Acceptance Avenue. The NBA is a shooters league now, and it’s Not my era anymore. Everyone (shit, feels like everyone) fires three’s like there is no tomorrow, and that’s what it’s going to be for the foreseeable future.

I still care about shot selection, and percentages, so good luck trying to make me waver on that.

I put together a list of NBA Marksmen, who not only knocks them down, but are among the most accurate:

Qualifications: 250 three attempts or better + accuracy (over 40%)

Otto Porter 


Attempts: 254

Makes: 118

Percentage: 46.5%


Kyle Korver


Attempts: 260

Makes: 117

Percentage: 45%


J.J. Redick


Attempts: 330

Makes: 139

Percentage: 42.1%


Klay Thompson

(Photo: Juan Medina, Reuters)

Attempts: 431

Makes: 182

Percentage: 42.2%


C.J. Miles



 Attempts: 266

Makes: 111

Percentage: 41.7% 


Kyle Lowery

Photo: Tom Szczerbowski/USA Today Sports

Attempts: 444

Makes: 185

Percentage: 41.7%


Nick Young



Attempts: 356

Makes: 147

Percentage: 41.3%


C.J. McCollum



Attempts: 336

Makes: 138

Percentage:  41.1%


Steph Curry

Stephen Curry

Attempts: 537

Makes: 220

Percentage: 41% 





Idling In Inconsistency

Live From Woodward

Truth time: I’m killing on NBA 2k with the Pistons right now, to make myself feel better. KCP is shooting primarily mid range shots, there’s a ton of pick & roll with Andre, and Reggie is racking up assist. If only this were real life.

On to the real game.

The Detroit Pistons, dug themselves another massive hole, this time against the Milwaukee Bucks. At one point the Pistons were down as much as 22. They started off extremely slow. Sluggish even. Scoring just 19 points in the first quarter, and 15 in the second. Not exactly a recipe for victory.

Out of 9 back to backs the Pistons have played so far this season, they have only successfully won both games once. Which is a big reason for the reason 26-30 record.

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Stunting on them

https://youtu.be/IZwDihXMaFY click link please 
How many of us have did something 1,000 times? Can you even count to 1,000 consistently without losing track? If someone was to give you 1,000 $1 bills, would you be able to count them without losing track? Well what if all the bills aren’t crisp? (Whatever do you mean, Tareau?) Imagine equating 1,000 career NCAA women’s basketball wins into $1 bills. All of the bills might not be pretty, nor accepted but a win is a win, correct? If someone owed you a dollar and they give you 4 quarters, would you be mad? (Now even though I’m petty, I love change so I would definitely accept any debts in change). Well that’s how Ms. Tara VanDerveer got her wins. Most were blowouts. Some was loose change. Some were tattered beat up singles. But like I said, a win is a win. Now imagine winning your 1,000 career NCAA game the Friday before sports biggest game, the Super Bowl. Imagine only getting  (thus far) a ticker alert on Comcast saying that she accomplished this feat. Well we got ya covered here at thecouchsports.com Ms. VanDerveer. Here’s to you. And many more.  

(Stats are from wikipedia.com)

Pistons Sneak Past Young Wolves

Live From Woodward

What should have been a big win, turned into work last night, in Auburn Hills.

The game was a back and fourth affair in the first half, with both teams struggling to gain an advantaged on one another. Detroit didn’t gain significant momentum until the fourth quarter.

Kentavious Caldwell-Pope who had a career high in Points against the Pelicans February 1st, finished the game with just 2 points, 5 assist and 5 rebounds. According to Twitter, he had himself a game on the other end of the floor though:

Both Marcus Morris and Jon Leuer had career highs in points, with 36 and 24 respectively. Andre Drummond had 12 points 18 rebounds, Tobias contributed 14 points off the bench, and Reggie Jackson had 10 points and 8 assist before…

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