Tareau’s top 20 TV theme songs of all time.

Petty king has arrived and is fresh off of beating his coworkers in bowling. Ok truth time I won the 1st game and lost the 2nd game. Enough with that, time to be petty. Dave drops jewels on Funky Fresh Fridays, so I’m feeling left out. With regards to Married With Children, Fresh Prince, Family Matters, Amen, 227, Different World, The Cosby Show, What’s Happening, Good Times, I Living Color, Martin, Living Single, and a slew of others, I wanted to include these. So I present to you my favorite TV theme songs of all time. Let’s get it.

https://youtu.be/JR5zFiIxqSs (Click link)
20. Doug So don’t act like you didn’t like this great theme song. Doug with his cast of friends. Skeeter, Patty Mayonnaise, Mr. Dink, Roger and let’s remember hanging out at the Honker Burger.


19. Captain Planet. Earth, Fire, Wind, Water, Heart, Go planet. (Nobody wanted to be Mati because heart was lame) hahahaha. Whoopi Goldberg was Gaia. Remember Captain Planet’s evil doppelganger Captain Pollution. I loved how Kwame was the leader and he was from Africa.

18. Cops. Ok yes I know, subliminally advertising and seeing them arrest a lot of Black people. Sigh* but that theme song though.

17. Sister Sister Yes and yes. Wasn’t this show Hella good. Wholesome but edgy, funny but deep. Shout out to Jackeé with her big red carpet. Hahahaha. Roger was Marques Houston. Man they use to dog him. 

16. Hanging With Mr. Cooper. Oakland very own Mark Curry was Dave’s hero. Oakland Pride was on full display on this. Great cast too. My favorite episode was the “Love match episode” 

15. Three’s Company. Man Jack Tripper had it made, right. Hella escapades and hijinks hahahahaha. What about how Mr. Furley was always shocked or upset. Hahahahhahaha. 

14. Cheers, is filmed on front of a live studio audience. Nobody ever got a DUI huh? “Woody give me a beer!” 

13. Perfect Strangers. Man I miss this show. 

12. Punky Brewster. Remember the doll though??

11. The Wonder Years. I love the narrative of Old Kevin narrating throughout the show. Remember his whiny ass girlfriend, Winnie? And his nerdy pal, Paul? 

10. Ghostwriter. I had a crush on Gaby. This was the first time, I learned what a Bodega was. I always had a composite notebook. RALLY TO

9. That’s So Raven. “You can gaze into the future” Man Raven Symone had so much potential to be wifey. Sigh. This was my favorite Disney show. 

8. Muppet Babies. So tell me, why they never showed Nanny’s face? My favorite was animal, he reminds me of my oldest son Naszir now. Hahaha

7. Magnum P.I. I mean just look at Tom Selleck’s prestigious mustache tho! 

6. The People’s Court. Hahahahahahahahahaha. That beat tho?


5. The Golden Girls. So we gonna act like Blanche and Dorothy wasn’t doing every man they saw? Hahahahahahahaha. 

4. Step by Step. Man Cody was the homie, right? Didn’t you want to live with this family? 

3. Knight Rider. Man looking dreamy in the 80s was the business, right? Hahahahaaha. I still want this car though.

2. Out of this World. Man who wouldn’t want to freeze time? This show came on right before Mama’s Family. 


1. Tie: Ducks Tales and Inspector Gadget. Enough explaining, just listen to these amazing theme songs. 


Top 10+1 Movies of the 90’s

Hello Ladies and Gents. I was on youtube watching all things 90’s this week. To be honest, I grew horribly tired of these first “100 days” coverage and need a break. What I did realize, was how great those times were.

“Remember those mu%^a F&%kin dances?” That movie didn’t make the list, but I will give you the movie I’m referencing at the end of this post.

Anyway, I have compiled a list of my favorite movies of the 90’s. Here it is……


#11 Soul Food



 Remember Ahmad, Teri, Kenny, Max, Miles, Bird,Lem and ummm…Faith? This movie reminded me of my family before the elder women started passing away. Man, where are the matriarch?!? To be clear, you have to be at least fifty AND act as such. I miss them and god willing, I will one day be a great elder.

Enough with that…

Two lessons learned from this movie were…. 1)sometimes, family members are going to be the first to teach you what being trifling is all about, but no matter what you stick together. 2) NEVER, I repeat…NEVER ask an old boyfriend to help your new boyfriend with anything!!! Leave that All of us ish to the sitcoms.


#10 Love Jones



Who was your favorite character in this movie? Well, I loved both Darius and Nina. The best part of that movie was when he recited his poem, “A Blues For Nina”. Who wouldn’t fall for that sexy ish. I don’t know about giving it to him on the first date, but his rap was nice. What I did appreciate was her honesty with herself in figuring out if she was truly done with her ex. As I write this, I can’t help but chuckle because anyone who knows me, knows that I don’t give credit for anything that a person is suppose to do. Yet, I just did. Oh well, I’m sticking with it. Does the Petty King have an issue?

#9 Shawshank Redemption



This movie showed me that sometimes good people go to prison. Meanwhile, the officials governed with making the prison an institution, sometimes belong behind the bars they have control of. This movie was my introduction to the criminal justice system and how it really works.

#8 Bad Boys



Marcus and Mike Lowrey.  “You ever make love to a man… Do you want too?” I think that line was from a sequel, but who cares.. This is my list, with my rules…lol…

#7 The Mummy



When those big ass roaches (aka scarabs) started crawling under the the servant’s skin, I damn near died.

#6 Boys in the Hood

boyz-n-the-hood I don’t care how sophisticated you may be…Deep down inside, you can conjure up the attitude and the voice to rival, Regina King’s,”But do he got a girlfriend” and”He fine anyway… You better watch his ass, somebody might steal ’em.” This was the funniest ish ever. That facial expression though!!!!!

#5 A Thin Line



Was this really the look of players back in the 90’s? All I can say is, Please come and get your 40-year old uncle who thinks he is still 26 and his even older “patnah”.

#4 Face Off



This movie made me want to be a plastic surgeon. To take someone’s face off and trade it with whomever… That is as good as printing your own money. In short, an FBI Agent trades places with his son’s killer in an attempt to get the location of a bomb that is suppose to go off in three days. Let’s just say that you don’t really know a person until you have, literally, lived their life…and they have lived yours.

#3 New Jack City


“Rock-a-bye- baby” and “Am I my brothers’ keeper?” Stereotypical business at its finest…

#2 Goodfellas


This is when we had rules. Where are the rules? “My wife and her damn asthma!!”

#1 The Five Heartbeats


If you’ve seen it, you already know why it’s number one. “Just in case” you haven’t .. no worries, “I got nothin’ but love for you baby.” Type those into youtube. Guaranteed, you’ll want to watch it tonight.

Answer to the movie quote in the intro: The Wood….Ya’ll wouldn’t know nothin’ about that, though:)



Greatest theme songs from the 90’s

Theme songs at one point were must watch. They were appointment tv, before your actual appointment with the tv. These are some of my favorite themes, that much like you — couldn’t wait to sing along to. Or all wasn’t right in the world



10. X-Men


8 & 9. Full House/Family Matters

For years I thought they shared the same song, turns out it’s just the same guy singing them. So some guy on Youtube switched out the themes, and it fits!theme-swap


7. Fresh Prince

I know what you’re thinking. I put it at 7 on purpose because you wanted it higher. LOL! Honestly it got played out so quickly because of everyone singing it so much back in the day. Welp.


6. DarkWing Duck

Don’t act like you wasn’t singing this with the lisp, when it came on! Let’s get dangerous!


5. Living Single

I know grown men who sing this when it comes on!


4. Duck Tales

The catchiest theme cartoon theme song ever! Duck Tales, Ooh Wo!


3.The Wonder Years

No caption needed, just sing along! 🎶What would you do…🎶


2. Oprah 

I don’t know what you think about when you hear this song, but my memory banks go to Carlton dancing to this on Fresh Prince! That clap tho!


The Results are in…


You are NOT the….


Shit, wrong list….




1. Golden Girls

I don’t know when this first aired, and I don’t care! This is hands down the greatest theme song in any era! And the fact the lady singing wanted her credit for having the biggest gift hahahaha

Because We ❤️ the 90’s

You smell it?


It must be Friday!

Which means it’s time to flash back to the greatest decade in the history of mankind!

This era was the golden era! What wasn’t the shit back then?  I mean there was great everything. There was,



What you know about TLC?

Not many Groups broke onto the scene, with the impact these three made! Hat 2 Da Back, Ain’t 2 Proud 2 Beg, Baby-Bay-Baby and so many others. You know you singing along.

Really the 90’s was the era for groups. This piece is dedicated to my homies!!

I see you leaning. Now straighten up for

Boyz II Men,


groups like En Vogueen-vogue

there was SWV,


there was Xscape


and Jodeci


just to name a few.

But it didn’t stop there, I told you, this was the Golden Era!

Solo acts were abundant!

We had Mary J. Blige



Peep the pediphi….uhh…dude in the background



And what do you know about this??


Of Course there was more to music than just R&B.

Now we getting down to the nitty, with the Hip-Hop and Rap scene. It was essentially a wide range of choices. From groups guaranteed to get the party started, to cats that may get a crime spree crackin’.

But if I could describe the Hip-Hop scene in a word: Range.

Kris Kross had everybody unzipping their asses,




had ugly cats, and fat dudes thinking they were the smoothes gangstas in they area!

Then you had BIG ASS groups like Wu-Tang,Print

who had a cult following like never before seen. Skaters, D-boys, introverts, everybody was singing C.R.E.A.M.

Story telling from a hood perspective, was unquestionably the job of Nasir Jones.


He was appreciated well outside of Queens.

But I grew up in the all mighty Bay Area (when it was still mighty). Oakland,Ca to be exact. Bay Area underground rap was huge.

If you weren’t listening to rappers from the Bay, you weren’t from there. It was part of the culture to know lyrics from cats like,



If you needed game, if you needed some slang, he was — and still is, your man.

Speaking of game… Too $hort


had you feeling like, you had no business being broke, and maybe you should start rapping, cop a drop caddy, and start pimping all in the same week.


Richie Rich


ssshhhh! Don’t tell nobody.

You wasn’t from Oakland if you weren’t slappin’ 3x,



R.I.P. to the Cuddi Mac Dre. Over a decade after his death, he’s still the king of the Bay.


And yes 2pac,


was repping the Bay hard before the above album.



First of all what were you wearing?

Cross Colours?


Karl Kani?


First of all, What you know about Word Up! magazine? Peep the tri-fecta. 2pac, Word Up! Karl Kani  Man, y’all not ready!

Because of a certain player these👇🏿 Bulls Starter jackets were a nation wide phenomenon



Did you have a Starter? If so which one?



The satin Starters were the dopest though!





Maybe it’s because I was in the moment, or maybe it’s because it was a great era, either way the movies from my childhood seemed timeless. Ranging from wholesome to edgy

There was Home Alone (1, 2, 3, to about 17)


Space Jam



Wholesome kid movies with adult jokes snuck in in movies like Aladdin 








What?? You don’t like my list?!


What do you know about these guys:




Then there was



Ahhh, the days before the shooting point guard, the days when,


big men had to be men, and battle!

When feats like this was accomplished,


Without a single three taken.

Baseball and Card Collecting were big back in the day



These are just examples of greatness. I have whole Top 10 list to showcase how awesome things were then.

Make sure you tune in to next week’s Funky Fresh Friday when  we count down the top theme songs from the 90’s! Including this gem:

See where this landed✌🏿

Favorite shows of the 90’s

If you have been following thecouchsports.com for a while, then you know by we love the 90’s. Thee single greatest decade in the history of man… Ok this man.

None the less, great era. From here on out, every Friday is dedicated to our affinity for that decade. And yes we are taking suggestions for topics.

Without further ado, in no particular order, my favorite shows from the 90’s:



I watched this off and on. This was more of my older cousins show. But if it was on, I’d watch for a hot second.


Fresh Prince


“Sitting down in a basement sittin’ on a tricycle, girl getting on my nerves”… I know you remember that!  This was a transcendent show. Most black shows (I later found out) were only known to black people. The Fresh Prince on the other hand, was a hit for every race in America. Obviously Will Smith became a huge success after the show was done, but in the mean time held his own in the TV world without a background in comedy nor acting.




Mo-to-the…E-to-the… This was an underrated show. No I didn’t care about the spin off ‘The Parkers’ but Moesha always seemed to be a positive show, that I felt didn’t get talked about enough.





The best thing about this show was the theme song

That hand clap though!

I’ll admit, I would watch the theme song, then change the channel. I learned to like the actual show really late in life lol.






This was the black version of Friends…. I guess. So I hear. This show was the shit to me, and this was what I was watching. Not Friends. Quick name me your favorite Pam insult:




Another show I gained appreciation for really late in life. I was an extra grown man when I figured out this show was comedy gold. Yes, you’re allowed to be mad at me. For a while I felt like the black George Costanza.  Let’s just say we relate.




Full House


America’s family. Look at them. Hahaha.

Now….cut…it… out!



Step by Step


All I got to say is, go to Youtube, and listen to the theme song. Now tell me the lady singing wasn’t trying to get her a record deal!


Hangin’ with Mr Cooper

Had to break out the theme song! A picture would not due when your theme song is the shit.


Steve Harvy Show


Before Steve Harvey was reading the wrong name of a contestant winner, before he was the host of…everything, he dropped this short lived jewel.

Jamie Foxx Show


Countless celebrity appearances, countless jokes I can recite, Braxton vs Jamie, Jamie chasing Fancy —Uncle Jr. This show was classic. But what you know about the dance off between Jamie & Braxton? I’ll just leave this right here:


Wayans Bros


Ok can we agree on this, Marlon Wayans was the best dresser of the (early) 90’s. In those days he had a cold wardrobe. The characters had great chemistry. Authenticity/relatability even: T.C. White Mike, Dee. This show was awesome!

Family Matters


The epitome of positive black shows. They had a great theme song (that sounded just like full house), and covered every aspect of life. Very relatable. Even for those of us in the ghetto, you could relate to something.

In Living Color


It almost feels like who didn’t get their start from here? Even now, thinking back on this show makes me realize how genius Keenen Ivory Wayans was. Actually I’m feeling inspired. We need more comedy variety shows back on the air. There hasn’t been anything close to this since, it went off air.



Living Single


Even grown men was singing the theme song to this! Damn, I miss these days…

Sister Sister


Every young boy watch this show for two reasons! I’ll give you each two guesses







© 2010 Mill Creek Entertainment; All Rights Reserved.

Feeling nostalgic yet? I just dropped a Blossom reference on that ass! Whoa!



Power Rangers


This was my Voltron fix in this era of TV. The powers that be hooked me, I’ll admit it. I was young enough to be swayed, but old enough to recognize the many changes they made every year, that eventually made me bow out. Good while it lasted though.


Home Improvement


Yes, when I was a kid I wanted to be Tim “The Tool-man” Taylor. Than I grew up, and cared nothing about tools, nor fixing things. Go figure. Great show none the less.



Married With Children


As a grown man, I still feel like Al was trippin’ not wanting go upstairs with Peg whenever she wanted. This is one of many shows that was ahead of it’s time, yet I’m not fully sure if this show could survive in this era of (soft) American society. Too many crude jokes, and sexual innuendos, maybe. The No Ma’am shirt alone would send the p.c. asshats in a tissy.

Thank you for reading my list. Like, share, tell a friend. Check us out every Friday for flash backs to the 90’s ✌🏿