Exactly Why You Aren’t Happy

For the last 20 years or so, advertisements for big name companies have gone on aggressive ad campaigns.

Nike told you to Just do it

Pepsi told you to Live for the moment

Burger King told you to Have it your way

And so many other companies have told you, your life wasn’t good enough, while planting seeds of consumerism. Essentially you can Only improve your life with their particular product.

Fast forward to the modern era, where “reality” shows, ladened with talent deficient people you hadn’t heard of before, seeming to be living glamorously, are on television living it up, and you just got home — from work.

Now lets take it over to social media, where people you know, have built successful fake lives on the internet. Yes, we have reached the pinnacle of your senses being under attack for decades now, with messages telling you how unhappy you are. Think about it.

When I was in fourth grade, I got teased for not having the latest brand name shoes on. I was unaware I was supposed to. I was told my family was broke, on welfare among many other things. This kind of teasing went on around America at every age, I’m sure. Today I realize, that this was learned behavior. It all starts at home. These aren’t things you innately have in you.

As a kid, you’re oblivious to a lot of adult themed topics, until someone makes you aware of it.

So it begins. A life of feeling you aren’t worthy. Feeling as though everything you have, and everything you own, isn’t good enough. A burden most people carry with them, deep into adulthood. However once you are aware of it, you can begin the process of gratitude. Being happy about the little things.

Good health, vision, hearing, and so many other things we need to be thankful for if we are lucky enough to have. Why? Because not everybody in the world woke up this morning. Appreciate life. When it’s over, or you’re at the end, you’ll wish you had.

These companies want your money. These reality shows and social media want your attention. For money. Most of the messages you receive have something to do with money.

So every time you feel unhappy, or you feel like your life hasn’t panned out the way you imagined, let this little article be a reminder, that you have live according to you. Your happiness depends on you, not them.✌🏿


How to Fix the Lakers in 4 Easy Steps

With a record of  20-47 the Los Angeles Lakers are under official reconstruction. There is transition afoot. With the much publicized hiring of Lakers great Magic Johnson to become President of Basketball Operations, and the hiring of new General Manager Rob Pelinka, the Lakers look poised to climb closer toward the familiar — winning. The Lakers have a surplus of young talent, and a bright basketball mind in first year coach Luke Walton. Los Angeles could get back to their winning ways with  a hand full of moves. Simple ones that won’t break the bank, yet catapult them at least to the playoffs next season.

1. Get a real point guard D’Angelo isn’t and never was the answer. The old adage of wait on a player to fully develop  only applies to players with star potential.

d russ

His underwhelming 15 points, 4.8 assist a game is just as bad as his 13 shots per game. 13! That’s the most on the team. So D’Angelo couldn’t wait for Kobe to leave so he could be the one to jack up shots. Got it. Russell also takes the second most threes on the team (6 per), right behind Nick Young (7 per), and only makes 35% of his attempts.

If we are being honest, the Lakers are terrible enough to get a high draft pick, and they don’t have to go far to find their point guard of the future; that’s right I’m talking Lonzo Ball! Magic Johnson knows point guards, and he most likely sees the ball doesn’t move. If we see it, he sees it. Lakers fans, get ready for the draft.


2. Sign solid veterans not named Paul George There are a plethora of good players that’ll be free this summer, and the Lakers have to capitalize on finding not only good locker room guys, but solid veterans that these young players can learn from on the court as well. If you can’t get Lonzo Ball in the draft, you can always aim to pick up George Hill, or Jeff Teague. To help the fanbase get over the signing of Timofey Mozgov, You could go after Greg Monroe, or a definite cheaper option in Nene.

Paul George is a great option, but it will stunt the growth of Julius Randle, Jordan Clarkson and Brandon Ingram. Paul is in win now mode, and a certified superstar, he’s going to need the ball, and I’m not sure how that meshes with youngsters who know nothing about winning yet. This is a growth stage in their careers.


3. Patience in Young Core Oklahoma City once had Russell Westbrook, Kevin Durant, James Harden, and Serge Ibaka on the same team. And before you say these players aren’t those players, YOU DIDN’T EVEN KNOW THOSE PLAYERS WOULD TURN OUT THE WAY THEY DID. 

I said it.jpg

You never know how some good some players will turn out, given the right circumstances, i.e. surrounding players, coaches, upper management, work ethic etc. Given my scenario of getting rid of D’Angelo,and Mozgov, the Lakers also need to trade away Nick young, and Luol Deng as well. These young cats need positive influences that can bring out the best in them. I actually like Deng, but that contract has to go so the Lakers can sign solid veterans who can contribute to wins.



4. Trust the Process This isn’t the 76ers, or the New York Knicks, we are talking about the Los Angeles fucking Lakers. The fanbase is used to winning. So is the organization. Hell we all grew up being used to seeing the Lakers win more often than not. Lakers fans can be impatient, and so can everyone else involved.

Young Luke.jpg

The Los Angeles Lakers have a young bright coach in Luke Walton, who already has an unofficial Coach of The Year award. He learned from the best in his career, knows how to win, knows what it looks like, and just needs time.

Magic and Pelinka just need to keep adding positive pieces to the puzzle, and don’t make desperate moves do to pressure. They have to remember, they are the ones in charge, and as long as they do better after each and every move, everyone invested in Los Angeles, and the Lakers can sleep better at night.

Leave your comments below if you agree or disagree, and if you want me to fix your team, leave me a comment as well.✌🏿


Detroit Is Beautiful

Live From Woodward

Over the last couple of months of exploring my new host city, I’ve heard the negative comments, from those in the suburbs, as well as those back home. From people who have never been to Detroit, and those who hate it for one reason or the other. What I’ve found is, people just want to have something to say. And I’m glad I don’t listen. We have traveled around and I have taken many flicks of all the beauty Detroit has to offer. This is me, celebrating the positive of beautiful Detroit, MI. [95 % of the pics I took myself, can you guess which ones aren’t mine?]

Lets get on the 94 and explore…


Woodward avenue (M-1) is a main thoroughfare with a lot of historical buildings to look at. Excuse the construction. They are building a light rail. And this is where your Detroit teams play. [Pistons coming…

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Bird Watching with T-Money 

One of my hobbies in life is bird watching. Yes you rarely see any brothas bird watching or hiking, right? Sucks because it’s awesome. Oh well, I was on my 4 mile walk on the San Francisco Bay trail, which is a trail that circles over 500 miles of the perimeter of the San Francisco Bay. These 2 videos, we see Mallards and Canadian Geese, and Western Gull harassing a Red Tailed Hawk. One of my goals on my bucket list is to spot a California Condor near Big Sur and also go to Falconry school. I would be so petty with my raptor and train it to do my bidding. His name shall be “Marcus Garvey” if it’s a male Hawks or “Pam Grier” if it’s a female hawk. Hahahahahah. Enjoy


Son of Malcolm

52 years ago today, one of the greatest men to ever grace the planet, was assassinated. 

America teaches you, if you are going to love a black man, it has to be one who’s message is that of inclusivity. He has to be all smiles, and preach patriotic, wholesomeness. Play it safe. Don’t rock the boat.


Anyone who conveys a message of self preservation, self sufficiency, or thinking for ones self, is vilified — and bound for historical exile.

Brotha Malcolm doesn’t have a day.

Not a single Panther has a day.

Angela Davis doesn’t have a day.

We have to tell people who Marcus Garvey is.

I could go on and on.

To put it plainly, anyone who can make the negro think, must be hidden deep in history, like a mystery an individual must unearth, themselves.

Like Malcolm I was once asleep. I was meandering around, hanging around the wrong crowd, believing that the “keeping it real” lifestyle, was what being black was.

When you live in the hood, and you come outside, there are no doctors, lawyers, or any other  prestigious titles hanging on the corner.

Guess who your sources of influences are?

In 2010, I was at a crossroads in life. I knew no one of influence,  and everyone around me was doing the same things they were in high school —  Getting high, being unemployed, and running around aimlessly in the streets. No plans for advancement. I had an ever growing feeling of wanting change.

I bought a plethora of self help, and how-to books, but nothing resonated.

I’m sure you can guess what happened next…


Yes, that is the book that changed my life 7 years ago. The book of transformation.

I stumbled across this book, and it awoke something in me. It was as if a seed was planted, and every word watered the seedling, and the very core of my being was blossoming with each page I turned.

Not many things can help shape a persons thinking like the words from someone who relates to you in such a manner, you’re practically begging for the blueprint for the fix. Hanging on every word, like the secrets of life were in one of these sentences.

Instead Brotha X became the father figure I always needed. He became my hero.


I’m looking at the jig. That shit is up. That’s right, the damn jig is up!


In my travels through life, I realize the need to wake up sleeping Brothas & Sistas who are preoccupied by the wrong messages. It’s a battle that has to be fought strategically, because the ingraining of bullshit is so deeply rooted, the truth sounds like blasphemy.

Have we learned nothing from history?  MLK is celebrated ’til this day, with his all-inclusive speeches. Yet Malcolm tried to make your parents and grandparents self sufficient.

Now think about what was passed down to you.  And the message being fed to you today.

These popular coons are here to pacify you. Keep you entertained, distracted.

While real messengers are silenced and marketed as hoteps. Boring.  Uncle Toms.


Much like Malcolm, I just want you to think. I try to motivate the people, but the people have to be receptive of the message. It’s easy to scream white supremacy and talk about what They won’t let you do. But if you know me by now, I’ve been consistent with one answer: Ok, so now what?

No disrespect, but I’m not cut from the MLK cloth. I don’t want to march in the streets, and beg the majority for equality.


Tie up your damn shoes, and roll up your sleeves.

It’s difficult for me to sit back and listen to whining about what somebody won’t give or do.

If you don’t like Facebook, create your own. If you don’t think someone will give you a job, go create one. With the ever growing tech field, you can invent your own job, from a single idea.

I don’t care who didn’t teach you something, adapt! In addition to that, there are 37 million black people in America. And an estimated 1.3 Billion in the African Dispora around the world. It’s time we start supporting each other, and barter amongst each other again.

If you want something bad enough you will figure out how to attain it. Before I studied Brotha X, I found every excuse why something couldn’t be done. Why, because my circle of influence taught me, that’s what you did. Blame others.


In other words, so now what?✌🏿

The Independent Podcast Hustle

The Podcast game is very similar to the rap game. Standing out and letting people know you exist is the key to the game.

Growing up in Oakland,Ca. or anywhere that was similar to the Bay Area — in terms of pure hustle — exposed me and a host of others to the life of grinding. I always heard about rappers like, Too $hort, E-40 and Mac Dre selling tapes (later C.D’s) independently. Literally slangin’ albums out the back of their trunks!

Why pay for distribution when they were getting off units on their own? Not only are you saving money, but you’re hands on with growing your fanbase. The downside was all the money they had to spend on pressing up albums,money they had to invest, loss of valuable time, and ground work they had to do.

Today’s rappers have it much easier with the advent of Youtube, and every other digital media medium out there. But this piece isn’t about the rap game, no. It’s about the similarities I find with trying to get a Podcast off the ground and becoming household names.

Much like the E-40’s and Too $horts of the world, the people who care for us know what we do. We’ve built a small dedicated few, who know we have something to say. Who give a dedicated listen every episode.

The next step in the journey is letting people outside of our small circle know we have something for their ear canal. Letting word of mouth take it’s course, is definitely slow motion.

We’re on many different Podcast mediums, sure,  but how can we expect people to listen, if they have no clue they should be?


I’ve made flyers, we’ve printed up shirts, coffee mugs, and everything else to let people know about this fire they’re missing in their lives.

Before Episode #1 my enthusiasm was sky high, knowing all we needed was the right person to hear us, and it was crackin!!

I’m still waiting on that person lol.

In a nutshell, we need better ways to promote. Somedays I be on my Kanye West shit, feeling like we the best in the game. Whoever not up on us, well it’s their fault for not knowing.

Other times, I feel like


I got these Podcast, man.


I do love the grind though. And I will say this, more people know us this year then they did any other year I been alive. So, there’s that.

To everyone out there in the game, waiting on people to know your name, keep pushing that product we call content!! 

Whether you’re  blogging, Podcasting, selling merch, rapping, slanging recipes. Never quit until you that fat lady starts singing!

And she can’t sing if she don’t got the mic!✌🏿

Saving money with T-Money Part #2

It’s funny because, when you Google couponing and people saving money, you don’t see a big, HANDSOME black dude, right??? Hahahhaha. What you don’t believe me? Here’s the link of Google images. 


Just think, there’s a coupon for almost everything. I’ve used coupons on dates 😉😉, I’ve used coupons on health care, on fuel, on tires, oil changes, etc. You name it, I’ve used a coupon for. But I must shout this statement from the highest peaks:


Well now that I’m done being petty, below is a video of me exiting Safeway and showing off my savings. Please Enjoy. And as always, leave feedback. I appreciate everyone’s views, likes, concerns, qualms, comments, and suggestions.
https://youtu.be/XL0poGeVkVw click link 

Autism/Special Needs Events.

One thing I love about the special needs community, is there is no white supremacy. There is no racism. There is no politics. There is no sexism. There is no police brutality. There is no xenophobia. There is no homophobia. There’s just life. How can such an unknown and imperfect disease create such a perfect world for said individuals? MAKES YOU THINK.

When you have kids on the spectrum, you can not take them to “normal places.” Society deems our children as an inconvenience. So you make lemonade out of these proverbial lemons. I only take the kids to sensory friendly places and it makes sense. I’ve already accepted that most people are douche bags so why am I gonna expose my children to that? 

This adventure was at the San Jose Children’s Museum, where 3 times a year they have a Sensory Friendly Night and it was awesome. Please follow us for more updates on us, watch the video below, and please leave feedback. Special thanks to Diana M. for the tickets 😉


King of Average No More


[Courtesy of the NBA]

That cross over sheds light on Harrison Barnes new frame of mind. Confident. Decisive.

Every time I’ve seen Barnes score this season, there is no hesitation in his movements. Soon as he touches the rock, he’s gone. His first step is supremely underrated. I don’t know where this was at Golden State, but he looks the part of all that hype he was receiving Coming out of Ames High School.

If you think about it, if you had to play 4th fiddle, I can see where you just play your role. Clock in-work-clock out, and go home.

Now that he’s the cornerstone of a franchise that’s desperate to have one, he’s trying his best to live up to his max deal. This may in fact be Dirks last year, and the passing of the torch has long begun. In fact, it’s three months in.

There’s just one problem, well there’s several:

  1. The Dallas Mavericks are notorious for not acquiring talent to consistently be a contending franchise
  2. Harrison needs to add on some muscle this offseason for the long haul
  3. Harrison needs to expand his game beyond blow by’s, pull ups and the occasional fade away to the left
  4. Finally the Mavs need to get Barnes help. Surround him with talent so he can flourish. Namely go get the man a point guard



The Dallas Mavericks are notorious for not acquiring talent to consistently be a contending franchise

For many years it was Dirk Nowitzki, surrounded by average talent — at best. Years of trying to go deeper into the playoffs, but not having the roster on par — to that of the   competition. Thus coming up short for 17 of his 18 years.

Harrison needs to add on some muscle this offseason for the long haul

Harrison still looks somewhat slight. 6’8 and listed at 210 lbs. Barnes needs to boost up at least 20-30 more lbs, so he can feast down on the block [see more below] and he can be interchangeable and also play at the 4 spot. Beating players who aren’t as quick as he off the dribble with his first step.

Harrison needs to expand his game beyond blow by’s, pull ups and the occasional fade away to the left

Quick contradiction. The first step is elite (yes I said it), but you need to mix it up. Plus, you need something to rely on when the athleticism fades down the road. If Harrison were to put on some lean muscle, and develop a post up game, he could presumably be unstoppable, because of his versatility.

Harrison Barnes all around game needs further developing. While 31 points in a game is great, you can not have 2 rebounds in your stat line. or just an assist.

[courtesy of Free Dawkins of Youtube]

The 1:14 mark is a flash of greatness. That should happen more often.

Harrison is a new man. Finally living up to his potential. I hate that I doubted him. Or maybe I had my Golden Blinders on… see what I did there? Golden Blinders. Golden Sta… Ahhh never mind…

The small forward position is turning out to be the most exciting position to watch. Some may argue point guard, but with the emergence of the scoring point guard, or dare say saturation, of the position, the purity is now at the 3 spot.


Last time the Mavs had a losing record was the 99-00 season. This season isn’t on Barnes whatsoever tho. Look at this roster:

Screen Shot 2017-01-27 at 2.58.52 AM.png

LeBron couldn’t win with that!

Finally the Mavs need to get Barnes help. Surround him with talent so he can flourish. Namely go get the man a point guard

I’m not going to waste time pumping up the fans in Dallas by telling them how Mark Cuban should go after Blake Griffin. Even i’m not sure if that’s realistic, even considering how he feels about all the trade rumors.

But, someone like Serge Ibaka could be an excellent pick up for the Mavs. Maybe you can talk George Hill out of Utah and pair him with Harrison.  Jeff Teague would be a great fit. Maybe trade for Jahlil Okafor (thanks Tareau). To get a free agent here, first Harrison has to audition for the role of partner of a great duo. In other words, make your case for being Batman… or someone’s *sigh* Robin.

I’ve been right about Gordon Hayward, Kemba Walker, Paul George and James Harden. Don’t act like people weren’t saying he would be a great 6th man his whole career. Everyone has selective memory now though. No, I’m not tooting my own horn, but what I am saying is I’m a great early development talent evaluator. I believe in the eye test. I’m putting my reputation on the line. I believe in Harrison, and when he makes a couple All-Star games I’ll feel justified.

The rest of this season should be used to figure out what does and doesn’t work as the focal part of a team. Maybe he and Seth can become the All Underrated Duo. I guess we’ll all find out together.

In conclusion,  I’m not only on the Harrison bandwagon, I’m driving this bitch.✌🏿



The Reggie Jackson Conundrum

The Detroit Pistons traded for point guard Reginald Shon Jackson February 19,2015  in a three-way deal that included big man Enes Kanter from the Utah Jazz.

OKC had to move Jackson because a) his agent had demanded it, b) the two sides were far apart in terms of what they’d be willing to accept in a new contract.

Four short months later the Pistons and Jackson came to an agreement on a five year contract extension worth $80 million.

It’s been close to two calendar years since Reggie has been running the show, and the Pistons lead guard is averaging 18 points & 6.7 assist — in what is technically his third season playing in Detroit. Well according to the chart below.

Screen Shot 2017-01-26 at 10.11.28 PM.png
per basketballreference.com

As you can see, Jackson is behind last years career highs in the categories that matter. Granted, Jackson did miss 21 games after receiving  Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) injections. So to put it plainly, the jury is still out on the Reggie leading a team.

This season has been a stark contrast, as  Jackson sometimes looks as though he’s forcing the issue. Since coming back, Jackson has sort of thrust himself into the forefront of the Pistons offense, instead of letting the chemistry naturally gel over time.

Though Jackson has only played half of Detroit’s games, he already averages the most shots per game with 14


Screen Shot 2017-01-26 at 10.45.56 PM.png
per basketballreference.com

Although no one is exactly thrilled with Reggies’ low assist numbers, his field goal percentage and shot selection are the true problem.

[Reggie Jackson’s 5.6 apg is unofficially 27th in the league. To qualify, a player must play 70% of his team’s games.]

Warning: I’m going to use stats to illustrate a point. Well two points. The second being how anyone can manipulate numbers to make someone look good or bad.

When Reggie Jackson shoots 50% or better the the Pistons are 5-4

When Reggie shoots below 50% the Pistons are 5-11.

Here’s the part where numbers don’t tell the whole story: 

When Reggie shoots over 50% and scores more than 20 points or more Detroit is 4-0

Problem with that last stat is the human brain seeks out things that make it feel better about a particular situation. Scoring over 20 points and shooting over 50% has literally happened 4 times, and Jackson overall is shooting 43% this season.

The Pistons lack team chemistry, the ball doesn’t move enough on offense, and players aren’t crisp on rotations on defense. They need a leader. And Jackson could be that leader.  At times he’s fiery, but at times he seems lost. At times he forces the issue, and at times when he’s (cliche’ alert) firing on all cylinders, the Pistons look like they can play with anybody.

Reggie Jackson is human, he’s going to have good days and bad days like the rest of us. The befuddlement for the fans come in when the wins and great play they desire, is too inconsistent.

Lately Jackson has been in trade rumors, which typically happen when a team is underachieving at the level the Pistons are.  Their record is 21-25. They’re in 10th place in the dreadful Eastern Conference, and last in the central division. Yet, 1.5 games back of the 8th playoff spot.


From hoops hype.com:

To quell the concerns of Jackson’s agent, Aaron Mintz, Van Gundy even sent his starting point guard, in the second of season of a five-year, $80 million contract, a text message reassuring him that no deal was imminent. “That’s what I’m saying – this stuff is crazy,” Van Gundy said of media reports. “And I’m not going to be the guy to step up and say, ‘No, no, no. None of these guys are available.’ Because I’m not lying to anybody. via Booth Newspapers

And here we are, 11 games before the All-Star break, still trying to figure out the riddle that is the Pistons season, and a large part of that riddle is the roster. Who fits well together? Chemistry is an underrated ingredient in winning.

With the recent report stating the Pistons only have two untouchable players (Kentavious Caldwell-Pope & Andre Drummond), Reggie looks to be running out of time proving he’s worth his salt.

With the Pistons looking to make the playoffs for the second year in a row, and the trade deadline less then a month away, there are decisions to be made, by both Reggie and upper management. For Jackson he has to figure out how to become more effective, and get the Pistons back on track.

Upper management also have to get the Pistons  back on track, but their way may involve sending some players packing. Is Reggie Jackson a building block?



(Feature Pic credit: Kathy Willens/AP)