Dear Oakland, and Everyone Else



Lets be completely honest right now. I mean gloves off, emotion out of it (at least for a couple of paragraphs), it’s mostly people that’s NOT from Oakland or who never even been to Oakland, hollering that “I’m a fan no matter what” shit. Lets be clear, Oakland needs a lot of help financially, and if the rich ass owners, and the multi-Billion dollar NFL, and every person who complains about The Town don’t want to help a city in need, but hold the citizens for ransom over a stadium, then bounce for the corporate dollar anyway, then FUCK YOU!

Raiders turned their back on Oakland twice! Twice! At the end of the day they made a business move, and I’m making one too. I don’t have to support shit. At the end of the day, I rep Oakland, and we don’t have to hang our heads over RICH FUCKS WHO DONT CARE ABOUT THE CITIZENS. 


Let’s keep it a stack, since we are being honest. All the money the NFL and each owner has, why does every host city have to pay for a stadium, and everything to go with it, and don’t get not a nare discount? The owner gets the profits from ticket sales, concessions, parking, jersey sales, and what does the fan get? That’s an honest question. What does the fan get? 

What about the citizens who are stuck paying for a stadium via taxes, who don’t like sports? Am I being too real right now? I really could care less, because all I’m seeing is people who didn’t mind seeing the great citizens of Oakland, Ca. get screwed for the sake of, 3 hours, for 8 Sundays, in a calendar year worth of entertainment.

If anything, I just hope Mayor Libby Schaaf makes great decisions, for the future of what is — the pulse of the Bay Area.

In conclusion, Mark Davis never wanted to be there, the Las Vegas citizens will get screwed on this deal everyone thinks is so sweet (on the surface), and Oakland, Ca deserves better than the treatment it’s received from sports owners, and people who complained, but never helped.

I’m a proud man from The Town until the day they bury me. I love you Oakland!

-Ex Raiders Fan


The Winning team

As we all know by now, anyone who attains fame is adored. Worshipped even. People will hang onto your every word, with that goofy look on their face, as if you’re really touching their heart.

In my armchair-psychologist opinion, it has everything to do with the insignificance one feels about their own life or accomplishments — or lack thereof. Something can be said about someone who works harder than everyone else to become good enough to “make it,” and vice versa.

For those who haven’t thought much of themselves since childhood and never went for any of their dreams because of it, are usually the ones who buy up every tabloid, watch TMZ, or consume all this television, that makes up this celebrity obsessed country. While the rest of us wonder, “who the hell are these people?!”

For example, President Trump can say whatever pops into his head, and his supporters will run with it, like God himself came down and delivered the message. Famous people are treated as if they are saviors all because they have wealth, and TV makes heroes out of people usually because of their money.

Yesterday, Donald Trump had this to say about Colin Kapernick,

“There was an article today … that NFL owners don’t want to pick him up because they don’t want to get a nasty tweet from Donald Trump,” the president said. “Do you believe that?”

Then the crowd went nuts, as if they were under a spell. As if it were the greatest thing ever said.

Let’s be clear about a couple of things: For starters, the combination of Kapernicks lack of quarterbacking ability, i.e. his lack of accuracy, lack of touch, and his inconsistency is the biggest reason for his current unemployment. However, someone will sign him. Mark my words.

Secondly, the first amendment right that is supposed to be enjoyed by all Americans really only applies to those who are adored by the media. Meaning if you are someone the mainstream media doesn’t give a shit about for any reason, they have the power to vilify you. Have you forgot about the Malcolm X quote:


Chances are you either don’t know that quote or you were conditioned to forget about it because, you have always been conditioned to forget about people who have tried to wake up the people.

So while you’re on your $1300 laptop, sipping your, $10 coffee, while cyber stalking people that have a fake better life than yours remember this: Flint still doesn’t have clean water, the president still doesn’t know what he’s doing, that celebrity you are told to worship, probably hates their life, and the people who’s land really belongs to, may be extinct before your grandkids are grown.✌🏿

One Time For the Culture


I thought about NOT posting this piece, but I believe you should celebrate your culture and history everyday, and not a designated damn month. A month in which, others are forced to acknowledge your existence. And yes it’s in the same family tree as Valentines day. You don’t need a got damn day to show someone you care! You SHOULD be doing that anyway!

In this current era of blatant culture appropriation, main stream media publications (who’s staff members probably know exactly how many black friends they have) as well as people doing shit for ReTweets and eValidation, are abundant.

I’m growing ever frustrated (by the day), of watching not only so-called media personalities, but those desperate to get noticed — steal from hip-hop culture and things they associate with blackness. They try want to be cool, and rise to the top of the heap in what is a crowded — reality show style free for all, in the battle for real estate in your mind.


I’m actually upset I just found this article. Here’s the actual link if you’re curious

In todays All Inclusive American Society, it’s funny that people can take — if it benefits them, yet act offended, and hurt when you want answers. I see the game. So maybe, just maybe I should’t hate the player. The Rules are simple

  • Say plenty of cool sounding, hollow/uneducated/unfounded rhetoric 
  • Get said rhetoric co-signed
  • Act cool and obnoxious 
  • Repeat


What I’m most upset about is, what has been conditioned in people as “acting black” is  synonymous with the above. In other words, people try to imitate rappers, ball players, and whoever is rich and has peoples attention.

Mix that in with the new American phenomenon of: Become famous at all cost and…

sports apps backed by the machine can make fun of the Charles Oakley situation:

You see, I realized something when it comes to social media, and todays society. If you gain enough popularity, people will cosign based off of popularity alone. In other words, the more “followers” the more credibility you suddenly attain. It’s a seemingly endless cycle of bullshit. 


This is less about white supremacy, and more about the power the cunning have over sheep. And right now the sheep, are eating out of the cunnings hands.

This piece was actually supposed to be all about the celebration of black culture, but in a way it kind of is. You see, this is my way of opening the eyes of those still sleep.

No, this isn’t me being “Brotha Too Deep” but I want those melanin enrich individuals on the fence to realize your being used for riches. It’s the proverbial — not laughing with you, that I want you to see. And when you see it, those who get rich from laughing at you/us no longer have an audience.

Most so-called cool pop culture references involve someone/something black. Slang, music, fashion, and everything else that’s supposed to be cool.

What I’m saying is: The go-to move is go find something black to entertain the masses. That is the thinking.

Are we not done with being the entertainment? We are and have been so much more!


List of Black Owned Banks I had to search for, but glad I found.

Thanks to Michelle Singletary the financial guru, I’m inspired to teach the people about how to manage their finances. I keep telling you the fight is economic.


Here’s where you can find Black C.P.A.’s since we are force fed all the different ways to detach from our money. Not have a savings account, yet reminded a few times a year about our “Trillion dollar spending power” is more than frustrating.

That’s all for now. I decided to make this a series. So there will definitely be more to come. I just needed to get that off my chess. As you can see, I’m growing more comfortable with my role as a motivator of the people, on my mini — yet growing platform. Until next week… ✌🏿


Stunting on them click link please 
How many of us have did something 1,000 times? Can you even count to 1,000 consistently without losing track? If someone was to give you 1,000 $1 bills, would you be able to count them without losing track? Well what if all the bills aren’t crisp? (Whatever do you mean, Tareau?) Imagine equating 1,000 career NCAA women’s basketball wins into $1 bills. All of the bills might not be pretty, nor accepted but a win is a win, correct? If someone owed you a dollar and they give you 4 quarters, would you be mad? (Now even though I’m petty, I love change so I would definitely accept any debts in change). Well that’s how Ms. Tara VanDerveer got her wins. Most were blowouts. Some was loose change. Some were tattered beat up singles. But like I said, a win is a win. Now imagine winning your 1,000 career NCAA game the Friday before sports biggest game, the Super Bowl. Imagine only getting  (thus far) a ticker alert on Comcast saying that she accomplished this feat. Well we got ya covered here at Ms. VanDerveer. Here’s to you. And many more.  

(Stats are from

Sports Capitalism

Fantasy sports, and advanced stats are drowning out the voice of real fans world wide, over a dollar.

We are being conditioned to use PER as a barometer, when the eye test clearly tells us, what an advanced stat can’t show: Effort, Boxing out, Loose rebounds vs getting your nose dirty. Cherry picking vs a player actually playing defense. A contested shot vs being open.

My eyeballs don’t lie, I know what I see.


Advanced stats are for the non-athletic. The ones who didn’t, or couldn’t make it. It’s for the the folk who end up in corporate America.

Barkley said it best: “They’re just some crap that some people who are really smart made up to try to get in the game, cause they had no talent.”


If you’re in love with advanced analytics chances are, you don’t follow the game like a real fan and you never have. Fantasy sports & Sabermetrics is a convenient way for you to fit in and feel cool.

That is until it went from,  feeling cool, to “Hey we can make money.” And Wah-Lah being a fan has become a free-for-all capitalist haven. Yeah I said it. Fantasy is just gambling disguised as fun that sucks the soul out of games.




Look at that shit. Because  the machine got behind the movement, respected websites now have to keep up with things like “win shares”, to keep the bottom line fed.

What happened to the real fans? Oh us? We were made to look like cavemen. An aging out of touch group, who don’t understand times have changed.

But is that the truth?



That cop out of a statement is the sign of a losing argument. Similar to the phrase “Let’s agree to disagree.”

Look, some American schools have banned games like dodge ball, and tag, in the name of cultural advancement and those same kids got trophies and hugs for participating. They have spawned into the very people who have taken over the internet, my TV and Oracle Arena. Venture fucking capitalist.

Wait, I’m getting the feeling I’m being a big ‘ol meanie…


The claim that Fantasy Football is valued at $70 Billion, explains a lot.


Always, always follow the money. It’ll lead you to the reason sports have lost there way. The reason sports are now more business, than fun. ✌🏿

Autism/Special Needs Events.

One thing I love about the special needs community, is there is no white supremacy. There is no racism. There is no politics. There is no sexism. There is no police brutality. There is no xenophobia. There is no homophobia. There’s just life. How can such an unknown and imperfect disease create such a perfect world for said individuals? MAKES YOU THINK.

When you have kids on the spectrum, you can not take them to “normal places.” Society deems our children as an inconvenience. So you make lemonade out of these proverbial lemons. I only take the kids to sensory friendly places and it makes sense. I’ve already accepted that most people are douche bags so why am I gonna expose my children to that? 

This adventure was at the San Jose Children’s Museum, where 3 times a year they have a Sensory Friendly Night and it was awesome. Please follow us for more updates on us, watch the video below, and please leave feedback. Special thanks to Diana M. for the tickets 😉

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Everything is Business

Wake Up!

The Couch Sports

Look around. Seriously look around. Look at everything you own, and… own.

Think about how much it cost. Was it worth it? How much is it used? Everything around or near you cost money. Everything! You’re conditioned to believe you need to spend your money, on things you don’t need. Modern day society can’t go within five feet without seeing advertisement. Even without an ad, some things you see and realize you need it. Food, a haircut, a lawn mower, a jacket, make-up. Everything is business.

The phone you’re probably reading this article on was bought because of what it can do. Namely get on the internet. Are you old enough to remember not needing the internet, and having to figure things out? Remember when everyone didn’t look like this:


That phone was marketed to you, and you get an advertisement in your face every time you…

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Dopest Lefties of All Time

Michael Redd


Career Avg: 19 ppg 44%  3.8 reb 2.1  ast

Best Season: W/ Milwaukee 2006-07 26 ppg 46% FG  3.7 reb  2.3 ast


Jalen Rose

2000 Eastern Conference Finals, Game 2:  New York Knicks vs. Indiana Pacers

Career avg: 14 ppg 3 reb 3 ast  44%  3.5 reb  3.8 ast

Best Season: 2000-01 W/ Indiana  20 ppgrebast 45% FG


Nick Van Exel


Career avg: 14 ppg 3 reb 6.6 ast

Best Season: 1999-00 W/ Denver 16 ppg   4 reb 9 ast 


Damon Stoudamire

Damon Stoudamire Raptors

Career avg: 13 ppg 3 reb 6 ast

Best Season: W/ Toronto 20 ppg  4 reb  8.8 ast


Derrick Coleman



San Antonio Spurs vs. San Antonio Spurs


Career avg: 16 ppg 9.3 reb 2.5 ast 1 blk

Best Season: 1993-94 W/ New Jersey 20 ppg 46%  11 reb 3.6 ast 1 stl  1.8 blk


Manu Ginobili


Career avg: 14 ppg 3.7 reb 3.9 ast

Best Season: 2007-08 W/ San Antonio 19 ppg 4.8 reb 4.5 ast 4x champion


Zach Randolph


Career avg: 17 ppg  9.3 reb

Best Season: 2010-11 W/ Memphis 20 ppg 12 reb 



Chris Mullin


Career Avg: 18 ppg  4 reb 3 ast

Best Season: 1990-91 W/ Golden State 25.7 5 reb 4 ast 


James Harden




Career Avg: 21 ppg  4.8 reb  5.3 ast

Best Season: 2016- 17 W/Houston   28 ppg 8 reb 12 ast


Barack Obama


Since President Barack Obama first took office:

  • The economy has added nearly 10.7 million jobs.
  • Median household income has gone up $1,140, or 2 percent.
  • The buying power of the average worker’s weekly paycheck is up 4.2 percent.
  • Median sales prices of existing single-family homes are up 23 percent.
  • The unemployment rate has dropped well below the historical norm; job openings are at a 15-year high.
  • Corporate profits and stock prices have both soared to record highs.
  • The number of people lacking health insurance has gone down by 16.5 million.
  • The murder rate is down nearly 5 percent, despite an increase in 2015.
  • The number of unauthorized immigrants estimated to be living in the U.S. is down, according to demographers.
  • Wind and solar power have quadrupled; coal production has dropped 36 percent; carbon emissions have gone down 12 percent.




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Rayquan not sharing


Press Play on the video above

What’s up people. Tareau here live from As a lot of you know I have 3 children. My twin sons are autistic. Yes it’s a challenge for a variety of reasons but the reward is worth the struggle. I will talk more about autism in the near future but I wanted to share this with you. Here Rayquan is in his room, and he doesn’t want to share. Please watch till the end, what he says is priceless. I’m Hella petty though hahahaha.

If you know anybody or anyone who has autism or that is affected by autism, please understand what they go through in a day to day basis. The world is a dangerous place for the special needs and disabled. There is the general populous who don’t want to help, or see you as an inconvenience or just plain ol inconsiderate. There’s also lack of funding, lack of education for the staff, and autistic people are easily sexually abused, bullied, and molested. They are easy targets for sexual predators and pedophiles. My biggest fear in life is not being there to help my sons and knowing that some stranger is doing harm to them. Also they are COLORED boys and they don’t even realize this racist society that we live in. In a perfect world, their imperfect world is perfect. No color, no judgement, no racism, no sexism, no war, no famine. So please as you watch this video, know that I am alleviating a certain pain that only few can understand.

Take Care



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