Tareau’s 20 favorite video games (no sports games)

You ready? You are not ready for another list! Wait! Are you?? Ok let's get right into it. As usual you may be dissapointed because I don't follow the status quo. (In other words, I'm the worst type of person) hahahahaha. Contra, Kid Chameleon, Bonks Adventure, Kirby, Dizzy, Bugsy, Tiny Toons, Zombies Ate My Neighbors,... Continue Reading →


Tareau’s top 15 Chappelle Show skits of all time

Awww yes. It is finally here. What will come in #1? Will Tareau go with the most popular skit? Or will Tareau throw a monkey wrench in your and prevent you to receive your "fix" in your Chappelle Show quest. Tune in now to find out. Please bear with the bad quality on the videos.... Continue Reading →

Son of Chappelle

Son of Chappelle was an alter ego I gave myself when I was younger. You see Dave Chappelle is my favorite comedian of all time. I would mimic his jokes in the mirror and try to talk like him. The first time I saw anything Dave Chappelle related was in the mid 90s. I was... Continue Reading →

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