They won’t let me.

They won’t give us any money.

They won’t accept us.

They have it out for me.

You know They not gonna let us do that

They, They, They

Who the fuck is They?


A lot of movement toward freedom has a lot to do with self. Self confidence, self reliance, and how one sees themselves. If you hate what you see in the mirror, or don’t believe that you can, chances are you never will — until you gain respect for you.

Until you learn how to love you.

Chances are you grew up around others who have the same issues, but you never knew it. And you know what they say: Birds of a feather…

Essentially you are who you hang around.

In a nutshell, if you believe you can’t you’re right. But, if you believe you can, you’re right. I truly do believe in the power of the mind.I’m living proof.

You need to get out of you’re own way

Because you won’t let you

You won’t put in the work.

You can generate your own money and create your own path, by doing the above

Because you don’t need them







  1. True story. I was working as a literacy coach at an all-black elementary school. Obama had just been elected. The librarian was like, “I heard he’s gonna move his mother-in-law in the White House. He can’t do that. Can he?” To which I replied, “Of course he can. He can do whatever he wants.” I hope you see my point here. This is something so small that shows how limited her mindset was. I think a lot of us have this limited belief about EVERYTHING, so I’m glad to see you post this message here! Hope people see it and take heed!

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    • That’s a perfect scenario. People want what’s going to fit in with their narrative especially if they have narrow thinking. People want simple fluff. It’s wild. Sometimes you just want to look inside their brains and analyze if they truly believe this stuff lol

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  2. o0o0o0o you better bring it sir! I felt a little check in my spirit like I was sitting in the front pew at Sunday service! There has to be more accountability – at some point you have to assess your own role in the outcomes that you are getting. Love it!

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  3. […] have to be receptive of the message. It’s easy to scream white supremacy and talk about what They won’t let you do. But if you know me by now, I’ve been consistent with one answer: Ok, […]


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