Book I’m reading #5: The Handbook of Yoruba Religious Concepts by Baba Ifa Karade

Hello all. I’ve finally finished reading this amazing book. It is a beginners handbook to the Yoruba Religion of West Africa. Yoruba is one of the oldest and largest religions of Africa. I first got into Yoruba when I was a teenager. My godmother studied it and would have these ceremonies at her house. The Baba  (father/priest) would chant these ancestral phrases, using a stick and drum, dancing and sacrificing certain animals. This was 15 year old Tareau thinking, “Wow this is cool.” I’ll give you my feelings as 33 year old Tareau towards the end of this post.

You see folks, unfortunately for us African Americans, we don’t have a  country. Africa is not a country. It is a continent with 54 countries and a lot of our own history was either stolen, burnt, forgotten or lost. It is also unfortunate that Christianity was beaten into our ancestors. During the TransAtlantic Slave trade, many of our Ancestors were in the Yoruba Religion. It was easy for us to transition into the slaves masters religion due to the similarities between the 2.

Orunmila is the prophet of Yoruba. Orunmila named 16 heavenly disciples as the Epitome of Yoruba. There is also the Orisha which consists of 8 deities who a follower must pray to when seeking different things. There is also Eshu the connector or translator between the spiritual world and the earth world.

Through this book which is 127 pages, I’ve learned a great amount of wisdom about this fascinating religion. Some could argue that Yoruba predates all Judaism, Islam, Christianity as well, they all have a similar message. You must also not wish for any bad things or harm to one another in the Yoruba faith, due to there being evil spirits that can come off in forms of occultism.

Spiritual baths, prayers, chants, songs, meditations, sacrifices, and discipline are practiced heavily in the Yoruba faith. One of the reasons it took me so long to read this book, was due to me not having a clear head. I would read, highlight, check my phone and get sidetracked. In other words, I was half assing it and it was wrong of me to do so.

My thoughts of Yoruba today from when I was a young man hasn’t change. I know now that if I am to pursue this, I have to be disciplined I’m my mind. Sometimes would not read my book for days. Sometimes I felt like it was an obligation and I was rushing trying to make our ancestors proud. But after talking to a good friend who is a Baba and also revisiting my godmother, u feel sit better about this journey. There is a lot of great things from this book but this was just the summary of it.

I even have an app on my phone to help me speak Yoruba  called “Yoruba 101.” It comes with games and achievements to help you with your progress. Thank  you for checking out our blog here at Please leave feedback and comments below.

Ase ✌


Movie Review #18: Get Out 

About time right? I didn’t have time to sneak anything in but I had a coupon for a free medium beverage with the purchase of a medium popcorn.

This movie was a trip. So much to discuss but how do we do that, without giving away what happens? Ok I’ll try.

Daniel Kaluuya sizzles in this film as Chris Washington. A young black photographer who lives a normal life. He lives with his dog, and White girlfriend Rose Armitage (Allison Williams). Chris’s cousin Rod Williams (Lil Rel Howery) is a TSA Agent who checks in with Chris from time to time. You see Chris is nervous to meet his girlfriend’s parents for the first time. Her parents live far away from their city in an isolated lakeside area. One reason Chris is reluctant to meet Rose’s family, is due him being a black man. Rose proclaims throughout the beginning of the film that her parents are not “like that” or “they’re not racists”

En Route to Rose’s parents house it is revealed that Chris smokes cigarettes. They also hit a deer. Typical black guy scenario happens next when the police is summoned to investigate the accident. (Brothas we all been here at this scene). Finally they arrived at the families house only for Chris to be put in several awkward moments as a black man. Chris also notice that the servants at the Armitage’s house are black and very “Weird” 

Dean Armitage (Bradley Whitford) and Missy Armitage (Catherine Kenner) are Rose’s parents. Dean is a neurosurgeon and Missy is a psycho (whoops psychiatrist) 😁 reassure Chris that he is safe with their family and that they are not racists. Later at dinner, Rose’s brother Jeremy Armitage  (Caleb Landry Jones) joins them and he seems extremely drunk and odd. To unwind after dinner, Chris sneaks outside to smoke a cigarette, but thats when he notices, the black male servant named Walter (Marcus Henderson) running at him at full speed only to go right pass Chris. Chris tries to sneak back into the house but Missy convinces him to sit down and talk with him about his past to help him quit smoking. As she stirs the spoon in the tea cup, Chris becomes hypnotized and the prompt for him is to sink in to the floor.

Morning comes and Chris tries to explain to Rose the horrors he is facing at her parents house as a black male, but she keeps downplaying everything or being oblivious. Later in the day, it is revealed that the family will be inviting friends over to celebrate the Armitage’s Grandfather anniversary of his passing. Again, Chris notices the female black servant named Georgina (Betty Gabriel) acting strange. She intentionally unplugs his phone charger while cleaning. Anyways during the day, Chris is paraded around like a black piece of meat on the auction block to the obvious oblivion of Rose’s ignorance. Chris sees another black man named  Logan (Keith Stanfield) at the gathering and tries to exchange pleasantries. Logan too, comes off weird and disconnected. When Chris takes a flash photo of Logan, It sends Logan into a phase where his nose starts to bleed and he starts attacking Chris telling him to Get out! Get out! The Armitage family downplays this out burst as a seizure causes by the flash. Immediately, Chris calls his cousin Rod and tells him the horrifying stories of his stay this far, and sends him a photo of Logan. 

Ok imma stop it there because I will be giving away everything else that happens after that. This was a great thriller and it does address many covert racism hiding within the white populous. Voting for Barack Obama does not make you down or gives you street cred or a hood pass. This movie is filled with many of those scenarios. I give this movie an A. Only reason why I didn’t give it an A+ is because they could have used a prettier white girl for Chris. Hahahahahhahahaha petty alert✌.

The Couch Sports Podcast EP. 61

Part III W/ Eddie Star from

Music Artist Want to be Tough & the Fight for Relevancy (:55 – 7:20) Faux Messengers & Real Solutions (7:21-  22:25) Hard Work & Attention Spans (22:30 – 35:42) The Fellas Talk Housing (35:44 – 42:38) New Age Laziness (42:39 – 47:16) Double Standards (47:20 – 50:35) The End


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The Couch Sports Podcast EP. 60

Part II W/Special guest, Eddie Star from

Culture appropriation (:55 – 5:40) The trials & (Trifling) Tribulations of dating (5:43 – 17:10) The Class War & Colorism (17:13 – 29:15) The Fellas talk Los Angeles Lakers & NBA [Warriors, Cavs, Kevin Durant, and Soap Opera Style reporting] (29:20 – End)


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Detroit Is Beautiful

Live From Woodward

Over the last couple of months of exploring my new host city, I’ve heard the negative comments, from those in the suburbs, as well as those back home. From people who have never been to Detroit, and those who hate it for one reason or the other. What I’ve found is, people just want to have something to say. And I’m glad I don’t listen. We have traveled around and I have taken many flicks of all the beauty Detroit has to offer. This is me, celebrating the positive of beautiful Detroit, MI. [95 % of the pics I took myself, can you guess which ones aren’t mine?]

Lets get on the 94 and explore…


Woodward avenue (M-1) is a main thoroughfare with a lot of historical buildings to look at. Excuse the construction. They are building a light rail. And this is where your Detroit teams play. [Pistons coming…

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The Couch Sports Podcast EP.59

Featuring Brotha Eddie Star from

Pleasantries (:55 – 2:10) Eddie reviews the new movie ‘Get Out’ & the fellas discuss (2:12 -13:25), Gentrification of the mind — Acceptance vs Solutions  (13:28 – 37:12) The Black Family  (37:13 – 46:28) Imagery of the Black Man [Sidebar W/Becky Barron @49:45] (46:30 – 53:28) Why Black People Can’t Find Mates ( 53:30 – End) Tune in Tomorrow for Part II of this 3 Part series with Brotha Eddie Star!


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The Great Black out Of San Francisco. Part 1

The Couch Sports


And no! I am no means talking about power outages. This next upcoming series will be talking exclusively about the Black Americans in San Francisco. We will go back to the Gold Rush era, talk about all the wars (From the Civil War to present), Economics, Sports, Culture, Climate, Politics, Unemployment, Crime, Entertainment, Drugs, and even Housing. We will bring you this series little by little to help you as the reader understand what it is like to be a Black American in San Francisco today.  When you read the title, what do you think I am talking about? Do you think it’s  power? Wealth? Opulence? Success? History? Unity? Etc? We are going to talk about all…

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Bird Watching with T-Money 

One of my hobbies in life is bird watching. Yes you rarely see any brothas bird watching or hiking, right? Sucks because it’s awesome. Oh well, I was on my 4 mile walk on the San Francisco Bay trail, which is a trail that circles over 500 miles of the perimeter of the San Francisco Bay. These 2 videos, we see Mallards and Canadian Geese, and Western Gull harassing a Red Tailed Hawk. One of my goals on my bucket list is to spot a California Condor near Big Sur and also go to Falconry school. I would be so petty with my raptor and train it to do my bidding. His name shall be “Marcus Garvey” if it’s a male Hawks or “Pam Grier” if it’s a female hawk. Hahahahahah. Enjoy