The Couch Sports Podcast EP. 41

The most socially Conscious show yet! With special guest, Darryl Walker from







  1. Great show guys. Ya’ll covered a lot of ground; all of it revelant, probative and informative. It’s great to here intelligent, enlightened brothers discuss important issues.

    My two cents: I’ve often asked myself if this country could survive without some form of slavery as its primary labor force.

    I believe America’s economy was built on, and therefore, perpetually reliant upon “free labor” for it’s survival.

    I say this because, since its inception, it has maintained slavery, in one form or another, as labor. Consider:

    1. 400 yrs of slavery, followed by:

    2. “Jim Crow” laws which imprisoned Black men for minor infractions and then saddled them with ridiculously long sentences at hard labor (i.e. “chain gangs”, in the South); sometimes leasing them to plantation owners, basically, continuing slavery.

    3. Currently, we have a skewed justice system with “mandatory sentencing” laws which sentences Black men to impropotionately long sentences for minor amounts of drugs.

    4. They are then put to work in private prisons like Corrections Corporation of America (CCA), where they are used to produce capital for the owners and others.

    Also, in regard to your discussion about the VR helmet, long before such tech, a White dude did it for real. Check out “Black Like Me” (if you haven’t already), first published in 1961, a nonfiction book by White journalist John Howard Griffin recounting his journey in the Deep South (masquerading as a Black man) of the United States, at a time when African-Americans lived under apartheid-like conditions.

    Dude took pills that darkened his skin and shaved his head, thus “passing” for Black. Also a movie by the same name.

    Great Discussion, wish I’d been there🤔😊


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  2. Aw man! This really was a great podcast! First of all HAPPY BELATED BDAY to Darryl (and David, right?). Next, I feel like I have so much to say, but I’m not going to try and tackle everything, just one of the last things you discussed about “Being Black: The Virtual Experience” lol I’m glad that Darryl kept pushing Tareau to think about why he would want white people to even go through this, and I was even happier to hear him reference MLK. One thing that changed my approach about how I discuss racism and issues related to race was prompted by the movie Selma. In that movie, MLK asked the question that Darryl mentioned, “You have to ask yourself. Are you trying to raise white consciousness or black consciousness.” I’ve decided that I’m not trying to raise white consciousness…at all. But now I notice that a lot of what we’ve tried to do is just that. Even the so-called Black Lives Matter Movement seems to me to be just another cry for empathy from white people in power. Along those same lines, when I worked at Georgia College, I had white colleague tell me this, “You should tell us whenever we’re doing or saying something offensive.” I told her, nope. I would be talking all day and never get any work done. It’s not my job to raise your awareness. It’s your job to be aware of who you are in the society that we’ve all created.

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