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Dopest Lefties of All Time

Michael Redd


Career Avg: 19 ppg 44%  3.8 reb 2.1  ast

Best Season: W/ Milwaukee 2006-07 26 ppg 46% FG  3.7 reb  2.3 ast


Jalen Rose

2000 Eastern Conference Finals, Game 2:  New York Knicks vs. Indiana Pacers

Career avg: 14 ppg 3 reb 3 ast  44%  3.5 reb  3.8 ast

Best Season: 2000-01 W/ Indiana  20 ppgrebast 45% FG


Nick Van Exel


Career avg: 14 ppg 3 reb 6.6 ast

Best Season: 1999-00 W/ Denver 16 ppg   4 reb 9 ast 


Damon Stoudamire

Damon Stoudamire Raptors

Career avg: 13 ppg 3 reb 6 ast

Best Season: W/ Toronto 20 ppg  4 reb  8.8 ast


Derrick Coleman



San Antonio Spurs vs. San Antonio Spurs


Career avg: 16 ppg 9.3 reb 2.5 ast 1 blk

Best Season: 1993-94 W/ New Jersey 20 ppg 46%  11 reb 3.6 ast 1 stl  1.8 blk


Manu Ginobili


Career avg: 14 ppg 3.7 reb 3.9 ast

Best Season: 2007-08 W/ San Antonio 19 ppg 4.8 reb 4.5 ast 4x champion


Zach Randolph


Career avg: 17 ppg  9.3 reb

Best Season: 2010-11 W/ Memphis 20 ppg 12 reb 



Chris Mullin


Career Avg: 18 ppg  4 reb 3 ast

Best Season: 1990-91 W/ Golden State 25.7 5 reb 4 ast 


James Harden




Career Avg: 21 ppg  4.8 reb  5.3 ast

Best Season: 2016- 17 W/Houston   28 ppg 8 reb 12 ast


Barack Obama


Since President Barack Obama first took office:

  • The economy has added nearly 10.7 million jobs.
  • Median household income has gone up $1,140, or 2 percent.
  • The buying power of the average worker’s weekly paycheck is up 4.2 percent.
  • Median sales prices of existing single-family homes are up 23 percent.
  • The unemployment rate has dropped well below the historical norm; job openings are at a 15-year high.
  • Corporate profits and stock prices have both soared to record highs.
  • The number of people lacking health insurance has gone down by 16.5 million.
  • The murder rate is down nearly 5 percent, despite an increase in 2015.
  • The number of unauthorized immigrants estimated to be living in the U.S. is down, according to demographers.
  • Wind and solar power have quadrupled; coal production has dropped 36 percent; carbon emissions have gone down 12 percent.




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