It’s Called Karma

Well, well, well. Look he has to come crawling back.


So the sky is falling for Mark Davis after he tried to do a backdoor deal behind the back of the most powerful man in Las Vegas, Sheldon Adelson, on January 30.

And now word comes down that long time business associates of Adelson, Goldman Sachs is pulling out today.

Adelson had this to say about the deal, “It was certainly shocking to the Adelson family,” the statement said. “We were not only excluded from the proposed agreement; we weren’t even aware of its existence.”

Earlier this month, Raiders representatives told the Stadium Authority board that construction would be financed by Goldman Sachs — with or without the Adelsons as partners.

Now the deal is on the verge of falling apart, and Mark Davis and the Raiders may have to come crawling back to Oakland. Ronnie Lott and his financial group released a statement earlier today stating:


From what I’ve been reading, the Raiders and San Diego may have mutual interest in each other. At the end of the day, we all know Mark Davis is getting his spin filled speech ready for the city of Oakland.



These are words that have helped me during my entrepreneurial journey. Including some hand written notes in my sketch book, from speakers.

“In order to do something you’ve never done, you have to become someone you’ve never been! You have to be willing to give up who you’ve been, in order to give birth to who you will become.”





Baseball I think I love you, again


Oh how I missed thee. If Basketball is my first love, Baseball is definitely a close second. Almost like my long time mistress. I spent days and nights watching the A’s, but I had so many favorite players around the Majors. I can remember playing in little league, wanting to steal bases like Rickey Henderson


I sucked at stealing bases, despite my deceptive chubby kid speed. I did however have have 8, count’em — 8, inside the park homers.

When I was coming up, batting stances were important.

I modeled mine after Ken Griffey, Jr. (I was a righty though)


I can remember wanting to play shortstop. Seemed like that’s where the athletes were. Even when I was a kid, I thought I was an athlete.

I wanted to play shortstop like Ozzie Smith,


He was like an infield wizard or something.

And does anyone remember a young skinny kid named Barry Bonds?


Wonder what ever happened to that guy?

Yes, my childhood was flooded with stars, and from the looks of things — the future of the game looks like it’s in good hands. I did some part time Baseball watching last season..


I’m announcing my recommitment to baseball this year!!


Uh hello, Is this thing on?!



I’m actually excited.

If you were wondering who my favorite player is these days, it’s definitely this guy:

Khris Davis had 42 Homeruns, 102 RBI’s 137 hits, and 85 runs. Solid season to say the least.  Considering the A’s finished last in the AL West (69-93), He and Marcus Semien were bright spots in Oakland.

Other young cats around the MLB that made me love baseball again were:

Mike Trout (Am I wrong?)

 Bryce Harper (He’s dope)

Carlos Correa (Oakland Headache)

Jose Altuve (The Oakland Problem)

Robinson Cano (Still Dope!)

That’s a just a few of many that made me make baseball, must watch in 2016.

I’m looking forward to covering baseball in 2017, and I’ll most likely exclusively be covering the A’s. It’s only January 31st, and I’m ready!

Thanks for reading✌🏿


Sports Capitalism

Fantasy sports, and advanced stats are drowning out the voice of real fans world wide, over a dollar.

We are being conditioned to use PER as a barometer, when the eye test clearly tells us, what an advanced stat can’t show: Effort, Boxing out, Loose rebounds vs getting your nose dirty. Cherry picking vs a player actually playing defense. A contested shot vs being open.

My eyeballs don’t lie, I know what I see.


Advanced stats are for the non-athletic. The ones who didn’t, or couldn’t make it. It’s for the the folk who end up in corporate America.

Barkley said it best: “They’re just some crap that some people who are really smart made up to try to get in the game, cause they had no talent.”


If you’re in love with advanced analytics chances are, you don’t follow the game like a real fan and you never have. Fantasy sports & Sabermetrics is a convenient way for you to fit in and feel cool.

That is until it went from,  feeling cool, to “Hey we can make money.” And Wah-Lah being a fan has become a free-for-all capitalist haven. Yeah I said it. Fantasy is just gambling disguised as fun that sucks the soul out of games.




Look at that shit. Because  the machine got behind the movement, respected websites now have to keep up with things like “win shares”, to keep the bottom line fed.

What happened to the real fans? Oh us? We were made to look like cavemen. An aging out of touch group, who don’t understand times have changed.

But is that the truth?



That cop out of a statement is the sign of a losing argument. Similar to the phrase “Let’s agree to disagree.”

Look, some American schools have banned games like dodge ball, and tag, in the name of cultural advancement and those same kids got trophies and hugs for participating. They have spawned into the very people who have taken over the internet, my TV and Oracle Arena. Venture fucking capitalist.

Wait, I’m getting the feeling I’m being a big ‘ol meanie…


The claim that Fantasy Football is valued at $70 Billion, explains a lot.


Always, always follow the money. It’ll lead you to the reason sports have lost there way. The reason sports are now more business, than fun. ✌🏿

The Couch Sports Podcast EP. 48

Another great episode of social awareness with Brotha Darryl Walker, from



or listen this way:


Everyone loves a Winner

This was the first Royal Rumble I watched in years, and it didn’t disappoint. Physical theater has me hooked again. Yes, thats how I choose to look at the WWE. Once you make that distinction it becomes so much more entertaining. Here are the highlights in my opinion, you should care about.

Charlotte Flair vs Bayley


The Pay Per View event kicked off with Ric Flairs daughter, Charlotte. Showman — or should I say, show-womanship runs in her genes. Whether it’s on the mic or the ring, Charlotte Flair gets it in.

Flair battled up and Comer Bayley, who I personally feel is getting a push because of lack of competition. Her character is built on current America. Everyone gets a CapriSun and a hug. Charlotte is more of an asshole. A charming asshole like her pops. And like most charming assholes (The Rock, Stone Cold, Joe Budden) they are really good entertainers.

Anyhow, the Rumble kicks off with this match, and it had some back and forth, with Flair showing some great power. Bayley is an athletic acrobatic performer, but in the end even her Macho Man-esq flying elbow (that legit busted Flairs mouth) wasn’t enough to put the champ away. Flair retains the title after hitting her finisher (Natural Selection) on the outside of the ring apron.


Roman Reigns vs Kevin Owens


If you followed this storyline, then you know that Chris Jericho was supposed to be suspended in a cage, above the ring during the length of this match, so he wouldn’t interfere on Kevin Owens behalf. Well as you may have guessed, he and Kevin Owens jumped Roman before that ever happened. Then the predictable happens (Roman Reigns fights back and throws Jericho in the shark cage and locks him up).

S0 the match begins, a lot of back and forth for the fans, but the real fun began when the chairs and tables came into play. Owens set up some odd chair on top of chair, on top of more chairs contraption, and Roman sets up a table in the corner of the ring. Highlights: Kevin Owens landed a super dope frog splash on the outside of the ring — sending he and Reigns through a  table

Later after Reigns finally throws Owens threw the chair contraption, Reigns the decides to put KO through the announcers table. After the destruction of the table, Roman Reigns rolls Kevin Owens under the ropes, and sets up for what looks like will be the end with a spear, possibly through the table


Then my new favorite wrestle Braun Strowman appears, powerbombing Reigns through a table and and Owens rolls over and gets the victory.



The Match before the main event was John Cena vs Aj Styles. With the possibility of Cena tying Ric Flairs’ record for the most times winning the WWE championship, you can guess  who won.

The Rumble No Jungle

The moment we all been waiting for. The 30 man Rumble! Big C was the first entrant. Followed by Chris Jericho.

This years Royal Rumble had a lot more action, and a couple of more brutal exits then I expected.

Highlights: The New Day triple teaming everyone, the Wyatt Family implosion, Strowman and Big Show showdown, Brock Lesnar cleaning house (until Goldberg showed up), Then Undertaker commits senior on senior crime, eliminating Goldberg. Roman Reigns entered at 30 ( to the dismay of the fans), and eliminated Undertaker — in a passing of the torch kind of way. But the best part of the 30 man battle in my eyes, was what I suspect the WWE  may be breaking away from the horrible Randy Orton in the Wyatt family angle. Making Orton’s return to singles competition.

With the WWE able to bring someone like me back in as a viewer, this is as good as time as any to make the single competition as competitive as possible with someone like Orton. I’ll be watching.✌🏿

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Autism/Special Needs Events.

One thing I love about the special needs community, is there is no white supremacy. There is no racism. There is no politics. There is no sexism. There is no police brutality. There is no xenophobia. There is no homophobia. There’s just life. How can such an unknown and imperfect disease create such a perfect world for said individuals? MAKES YOU THINK.

When you have kids on the spectrum, you can not take them to “normal places.” Society deems our children as an inconvenience. So you make lemonade out of these proverbial lemons. I only take the kids to sensory friendly places and it makes sense. I’ve already accepted that most people are douche bags so why am I gonna expose my children to that? 

This adventure was at the San Jose Children’s Museum, where 3 times a year they have a Sensory Friendly Night and it was awesome. Please follow us for more updates on us, watch the video below, and please leave feedback. Special thanks to Diana M. for the tickets 😉

Five Teams Who Need to Get There Shit Together!

Personally, I feel like there should be an official NBA rule, that states: If a team is bad for more than 5 years there should be a fine. Yes, I’m serious. You’re just collecting NBA revenue, while getting over on fans. In no particular order, here’s a list of teams who have been either shitty organizations, or kept a horrible rosters for far too long.:


Screen Shot 2017-01-28 at 7.38.06 PM.png

I don’t even know where to begin, and I don’t have all night. If this organization doesn’t care enough then I don’t either. But this Franchise is the hottest of messes right now.


Screen Shot 2017-01-28 at 7.39.53 PM.png


Just like your mascot, this organization make no sense. The magic got rid of Stan Van Gundy, after making him the scapegoat of Dwight Howard’s defection. As a result, are going on their 5th straight year of losing. They rarely get draft picks right, and the rarely have a competitive roster. They literally have a roster that features 5 of the same types of player on it. And don’t get me started on the guy with the hat


Screen Shot 2017-01-28 at 7.26.32 PM.png

How Ironic, the kings got instant karma…. errr… became a crappy team after they got rid of Rick Adleman. 7 years of winning under his leadership, followed by 10 years of losing — without him. I’m the current President & CEO of the “Free Boogie” movement. Before he got there the Kings were inept. Since he got there, the have failed him year after year.Just look at these draft picks:

Screen Shot 2017-01-28 at 11.10.28 PM.png


Screen Shot 2017-01-28 at 10.03.48 PM.png

I debated whether to put New Orleans on this list. They did make the playoffs once in the last 6 years. But the operative word is, ONCE. Guess it was an anomaly. Outside of that one year, the Pelicans front office has failed to surround Anthony Davis with any talent since he joined the team in 2012. The organization seems to be continuing it’s downward trend. I’m ready to start the “Free Anthony Davis” Movement.



Screen Shot 2017-01-28 at 10.06.33 PM.png

We all know what’s wrong with the Knicks. Two men are standing in the way of that franchises’ success. The key to fixing them is here.



Screen Shot 2017-01-28 at 7.36.47 PM.png

12 season of losing. 12 freaking years. How many fines does this organization deserve. From horrible draft choices, to not developing an identity in over a decade. The Timberwolves are a dumpster fire.


The same organization who drafted Ricky Rubio and Johnny Flynn over Step Curry, currently has a young talented nucleus and can’t figure out how to win — or surround them with any talented veterans to teach them!