Andre Drummond Versus the New NBA

Palace of Pistons

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To be a big man in today’s NBA is likely frustrating. Gone are the days of playing alongside playmakers such as a Jason Kidd, an Isiah Thomas, or John Stockton. Gone are the days of half court offense, running set plays where you touch the ball every possession. Maybe you get double-team in the post and kick it out to the open shooter. Maybe you go one one one against your peer with your best move. Pick & roll even.

In the decade of the shooter, today’s game is centered around athletic players who can shoot from anywhere on the court even if it isn’t a great shot.

Steph Curry is a world class deep threat. He stands alone in that respect, although much of the rest of the NBA believes they can shoot the way he does.

For big men who are legitimately skilled, you’re…

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The Couch Sports Podcast EP. 32

Today we talk Warriors vs Cavs, NBA Centers think they're Steph Curry, NBA Christmas games, young teams in the NBA, Pistons, NFL, Derek Carr, and more! Please forgive my mic sounding far.

Draymond Tough

FLEX ON EM!!! In my 33 years of living, I've watched my fair share amount of basketball. Generationally speaking, Draymond Green is one of only a handful of NBA players today, who could of thugged it out back in the day. As a Warriors fan for 23 years, I can appreciate the championship he won... Continue Reading →

It’s Gut Check Time for the Pistons

Palace of Pistons

The Detroit Pistons have now lost five straight games. I’m sure I don’t have to remind anyone that the world champs are coming in to town on Monday — albeit off of a back to back, but as you can see it’s not getting easier.

The Pistons fell to the Golden State Warriors 119-113. There are NO moral victories in the NBA, but can the Pistons hang our hats on the fact that it wasn’t a blow out?

We know about the players only meeting last week.

We’ve been scratching our heads at a certain player coming back off of injury, firing—but not on all cylinders.

And, if you’re like me, you expected the 10 games leading up to last nights Warriors game to be indicators of the Piston maturation, and progress as a team.

The enigma that is the 2016-17 season.

About Last Night

Stan Van Gundy shook up the…

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Movie Reviews #5: Moana

Shout out to my Hawaiian sister from another mister, Geri. I'm sorry I saw this without you. Ok for snacks I didn't sneak anything in the theater because I went to Dennys and had their Cinnamon spice egg nog pancakes. Fat ass right? Who really eats that heavy meal before going to the movies? Well... Continue Reading →

The Couch Sports Merch!

Shout out to co-founder Tareau Barron for getting us some merchandise for our — and your life uses. Check it out, and let us know if you want anything. Also remember more will be on the way.  


Players that are more concerned with getting theirs than winning….or team. These shots don't equate to wins. I'm talking about players who have never seen a shot they didn't like. Oh, you were open? I didn't notice kind of players. I'm talking Deebo telling Red he didn't know he wanted his beach cruiser back ass... Continue Reading →

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