Movie Reviews #2: Doctor Strange 

First of all, lets talk about what snacks I snuck into the movie Doctor Strange. I went to Jack N The Box to get those mini churros. (Yes im not suppose to be eating those but whatever) I honestly did not want to see Dr. Strange. Why? As a die hard Marvel Comics fan, I hated Dr. Strange growing up. I thought he was a punk. Lmfao. Stubbornness right. Benedict Cumberbatch stars as a egotistical Neurosurgeon names Stephen Strange. He gets into a violent car accident (while texting and driving nonetheless) and he ended up with severe nerve damage in his hands. Obviously his fine gross motor skills are null and void after countless surgeries, so he seeks a higher power. While doing some research, he found a patient who had healed himself somehow through some unknown power. (It was Benjamin Bratt) Hell tells Dr. Strange to go to Nepal and seek a place known as Kamara Taj. Once he finds it, he meets Karl Mordo (who is played by Chiwetel Ejiofor)  a student of the Ancient One (played by Tilda Swinton). 

Of course Dr. Strange is stubborn and does not want to give in to the Ancient One’s teachings, but he soon becomes a master sorcerer. The bad guy in the film is Kaecilius  ( played by Mads Mikkelsen, and if you don’t remember him, he played Let’s Chiefe in 007 Casino Royale) 

Kaecilius is a former student who wants to summon dark magic to bring a dark deity to earth known as Dormammu. 

You have to watch this movie if your a marvel head. Thor makes an appearance as the credits are going off, and another infinity stone has been revealed. 

I give this movie an A-.


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  1. Black folks know they can’t follow rules.
    I had a friend bring in some homemade fried chicken to the theater.
    No lie!
    And it was NOT me, I promise
    Lady G tries to keep it classy!
    Not that I’m not into your review, I just don’t care about superhero movies.
    I’ll holler back when you do another good rom/com!

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    1. Lady G, we know you ain’t classy, you prolly cussed the usher out for not holding the door open. And we all know when you and brotha ron was younger, Ron would try and bring his dates to the movies and you would be hating. Scaring off poor Lil ladies, talking about “You ain’t good enough for my cousin Ron with you Lil dress on!” We on to you Lady G.

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    1. Well if it isn’t the Good Doctor, hey Dr. Garland, how ya been? Lady G got 16 more days to read your book. Remember we gave her until new years hahahahhaha

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  2. Lol @ sneaking food into the theatre. Them prices be outrageous. They want like 5 bucks for a bag of Skittles near me – and then they got the nerve to search women’s purses to make sure they ain’t sneaking none in!

    I never thought you’d be into a movie like this! Good review! Will I watch it? Probbbbbably not, lol. I could never get into hero films with all the action.

    Isn’t there a movie with Denzel coming out? You have to review that!

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    1. Hahahahaha. Yes im going to be dropping movie reviews left and right. There’s a few movies I’m waiting for. The Denzel movie, The movie with Octavia Spencer Tariji Henson and Janelle Monae, Logan, Office Christmas Party (which is out), Assassin’s Creed. I won’t watch Star Wars because I’ve only saw the first films. Yes im all about sneaking food in. F them movie prices. Now they want you to select your seat when you go. WTF.

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      1. So if you look at my movie stubs on the review pics, it says SEAT. So at Century Movie theaters, you gave to select the your seat. It’s supposed to prevent people from movie hopping, I guess. I feel violated. What if I selected to a seat and it’s broke, or I wanna change seats? Lmfao. That’s why I go to the movies on a weekday morning, when it’s just me and this old white couple. It’s funny because that old white couple and I prolly seen 7 movies this year. They mad cool. Hahahahahahahahaha.

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      1. I’m watching every movie that comes out. Lmfao. Except for Star Wars because I’ve only seen episodes 4,5,6. I don’t watch movies out of order.

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      2. I’ve been on a movie binge myself. I’ve seen the following this month:

        Hacksaw Ridge, Why Him (the best movie of the year in my opinion), Fences, The Autopsy of Jane Doe, and some other stuff I can’t remember.

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      1. Lmao! Alcohol AND cups to mix!!?! Dang, you sneaking in maddddd stuff!!!! I heard you had that ill duffle bag at the movies with half your kitchen pantry in it lol. You’re a legend around here … all the ladies look up to your hard work lol! Yo but for real they are soo wack for checking bags. Luckily, they ain’t frisking folks so I be wearing a Missy Elliott bubble jacket in the middle of July to conceal my Gummy Bears #NotSuspicious lol

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      2. Lol good idea! But for real, I’m trynna see that new Denzel movie … and if I don’t succeed in smuggling these Doritos in … I’m gonna be extra salty and I’m snitching on you lol. Yup, I’m calling all the theatres in your city and faxing them your picture.

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      3. Ha! You have my permission to do exactly that. As long as they are spicy nacho Doritos. I’m not going down for anything basic :X – I saw Fences! It was very deep and emotional for a lot of people. I just didn’t care for the amount of camera time Denzel received in comparison to the other actors. Although, I understand completely why he did. I can’t wait to hear your thoughts on it.

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      4. Lol! Spicy Nacho are the best! Honorable mention to the Sweet Chili ones, too!

        Hmm – now I have to see it! Will probably peep it tomorrow. I read the play in high school and saw a small time local version of it a few years ago. It is beautifully written; I love the analogy between life and baseball. Do you think it was good overall? I hope they did the book justice, you know?

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      5. Ok I didn’t see the play nor read the book but it was kinda weird to see Denzel play that rile. It was a “good uncomfortable” with me.


      6. Lol! You know my type … if I can’t play in the game, I’m grabbing my basketball and taking it home lol.

        Almost definitely has to be Spicy Nacho or Sweet Chili. Those Cooler Ranch joints are yet to prove themselves.

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      7. I dont like the Taco ones. Ewwwww. It’s funny on a random note, I couldn’t stop thinking about your poem you wrote a few months ago about people going to the bathroom when the house is quiet. It’s Hella funny now in my head, anytime someone is in the bathroom I try to tune out any noise I hear. Like I’ll turn the TV up. Hahahahahahaha dam u Daryl.

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      8. Lmaooo! Its madddd awkward, right!? Turning the TV up is exactly what I’ll do, or I’ll try to busy myself with some pointless task. Lol sorry to bring that to your attention. On a slightly related note, have you seen that commercial on TV for V.I. Poo – the deodorizing spray that you put into the toilet so your shit don’t stink. Stuff like this makes me want to throw my TV out the window lol

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      9. I’m serious I have not. Because most of my shows are own hiatus till January hahahahaha. I’ve been reading, going to the movies, and blogging on the press. Oh and throwing water balloons at these punk ass kids out here

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      10. Lmfao if y’all think that’s crazy, when there is a Madea movie on premire nighy, they hire private security and check purses and bags. Smh.

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  3. I care nothing about Marvel (except for Deadpool). I hate comics – yuck – although I love video games. So why am I here? Because I just had to tell you how hard I laughed at your first sentence lmao. YES my dude, YES! I rocks with you!

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  4. Hahahahaha It’s ok NosyJ. If you don’t like the topic you can always chime in. No judgement. Hahahahaga. Deadpool is the man. Oh and you would get ran in video games too.


  5. The special effects look really great! I used to read the comic book as a kid. So I know the whole back story on Dr Strange. I never got a chance to see the film when it was out. I will have to wait for the dvd. But I already knew this film would be good.

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