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NBA All star predictions, NBA Talk, will Dave & Tareau except the new NBA way?



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The Steph Curry Effect

What’s the best way to score a basket?

When I was growing up, the answer to that question was, you needed to get as close to the rim as possible. Get the highest percentage shot you could. Boy has that changed.

Screen Shot 2016-12-30 at 7.08.14 AM.png
courtesy of Basketball Reference

We have 12 Players who have already taken over 200 three point attempts — and 3 more on the cusp.

Screen Shot 2016-12-30 at 7.12.57 AM.png
Courtesy of Basketball ReferenceScreen Shot 2016-12-30 at 7.20.43 AM.png

As you can see no one shooting that many is all that accurate. It’s a good thing the NBA brass is so good at individual player marketing. Something they mastered in the mid-eighties when they made Michael Jordan their cash cow.

Am I being old man Dave? Am I being slow to adapt to this new wave of hoop?

Hell yes to both questions!

But Dave the NBA has never been so popular than it is now. They have a Billion dollar tv deal.


Kim Kardashian is famous because the media told you so, Donald Trump is is president because of shock value, TMZ made a lane because of Americans failure to mind their own business. My point? Most people will consume whatever is on a glowing screen. Hell, we have 7 foot tall players who no longer play tough inside basketball, because it’s easier to get noticed for — occasionally — knocking down a long distance shot.

Screen Shot 2016-12-30 at 7.25.17 AM.png
courtesy of espn

All 7 foot tall players! Disgusting ain’t it?! If you’re wondering Brook Lopez averages just 5.3 Rebounds per game! That’s it. What happened to our beloved game?



This guy happened. Wardell Stephen Curry. This is not by his design no. Technically he did nothing wrong. But the NBA is a copycat league. It’s human nature. Curry took the league — and the world by storm.

The 3-point shot was introduced to the NBA in the 1979-80 season. It was a concept borrowed from the ABA, whose commissioner at the time, the prophetic George Mikan, suggested that the new line would give smaller players “a chance to score and open up the defense to make the game more enjoyable for the fans.”

Well, I guess that worked. Much like the way we, as Americans are desensitized to violence because of movies, tv shows, and more recently the internet — we are also desensitized to bad basketball. Mostly because we see so much of the same. The same style of play, day in and day out. We are programmed to seek out the exhilarating, aesthetically pleasing plays. That’s why most people think the San Antonio Spurs are boring. LeBron James ( can’t believe I’m referencing him) may be the most effective player in the league, and most people would agree the most popular. He only attempts 4 three’s a game.  And at 6’8  has more rebounds then the above mentioned Brook Lopez, and averages more assist then the majority of these shot chucking point guards. Is it talent that puts him ahead in the two categories? No. It’s the willingness to do what it takes to win.

If you do what you love the money will follow

Not the other way around.

Screen Shot 2016-12-30 at 8.22.22 AM.png

Screen Shot 2016-12-30 at 8.23.54 AM.png

Screen Shot 2016-12-30 at 8.24.16 AM.png

Players are chasing deals like these by trying to take the easy road there. Taking threes so often, is in the same family tree as settling. As refusing to put in hard work on other aspects of your game. Not realizing you are becoming more one dimensional by the day.

By todays standards I’m considered a hater, but I’m stating my truth how I see it. And if you do think I’m hating, then you enjoy dumbed down entertainment.

The Problem.jpg

Do you see what’s wrong with this picture? If you don’t you’re part of the problem. ✌🏿




Movie Review #8: Office Christmas Party

Sooooooooooo. I bought something from the concession stand😲😲! Yep payed full price for a medium soda which was $5. Glad I don’t drink soda too often. But I’m not telling the whole truth. I had a coupon for a free candy bar and free Small popcorn with the purchase of a medium soda. Haha. My cheap ass. Anyways, Office Christmas Party is pretty self explanatory. Jason Bateman stars as Josh Parker, a manager at a tech company called Zenotek. Josh is recently divorced and trying to keep his employees from tearing each other apart during the holidays. With runors of layoffs and bonuses not getting handed out leading up to the holidays, tensions are real high in the office. His boss who is the CO-CEO of the company Clay Vanstone  (T.J. Miller) inherited the company from his ever loving father, but Clay is a party animal who doesn’t know the first thing about business and heavily relies on Josh to do everything. Clay’s sister (who has the brains and the business acumen to run the company) Carol Vanstone  (Jennifer Anniston) is the other CO-CEO. Carol is mean, vindictive, and jealous due to the fact that their father bonded with Clay more and left Clay in charge of Zenotek’s 200 employees.

Long story short, Zenotek’s profits are down in their last quarter and Carol gives her brother an ultimatum: Either they somehow close an important client  Walter Davis (Courtney B. Vance) in 2 days thus raising the quarterly profits from 7% to 12% or they have to lay off 40% of their staff with no bonuses for the remaining employees.

In Zenotek there is a wide array of personalities that make up the company. You have the sexy hacker named Tracey Hughes (Olivia Munn) who has a crush on her boss, you have the self righteous, over achieving HR lady Mary (Kate McKinnon), You also have the struggling single mother, who is looking for a good man all while being a motherly figure to the office in Allison (Vanessa Bayer), you have the quiet Asian nerdy guy who has a mom fetish in Fred (Randall Park), you also have the perverted employee who is down for anything in Jeremy (Rob Corddry). With these cast of characters, drugs, prostitutes, Booze, and adult humor, you would think that this brilliantly scripted movie would deliver gut busting hijinks. Unfortunately alot of the jokes were Ill timed and rushed. What I mean is a joke would happen, and right before you could laugh, another side joke would happen and then you, as the viewer would get confused. Some of the jokes were clichéd and recycled. And is it me or comedy movies today just try and do the most extreme antics to pass it off as humor? I didn’t really laugh too much in this movie but it had great potential to be an epic comedy. The plan was great but the execution was so so. The results? Office Christmas Party had a $45 million dollar budget and so far it’s made $83 million.

I give this movie a C+. 

Movie review #7: Assassin’s Creed

So I snuck in some gushers and some Capri suns. What? Ain’t my fault my daughter left them behind. I had like 7 bags of gushers too. Hahahaha.

Assassin’s Creed is based of the video game baring the same name. Unfortunately director Justin Kurzel could not replicate the authenticity in the game on the big screen. I went into this movie with low expectations and being unbiased. Playing all the Assassin’s Creed games is not a good way to get amped up to see this movie. The movie stars Michael Fassbender who plays the lead Assassin whose name in the film is Callem Lynch. Callem’s father Joseph Lynch (Brendan Gleeson) is one of the last descendant in the Assassin’s Creed society. You see folks, the Assassin’s were created as a world wide secret society to stop the Nights Templars and Freemasons from a conquest of power. Whether it’s securing artifacts, secrets, treasures, elixirs, orbs, or solving mysteries, the Assassin’s Creed main job is to protect humanity from evil beings and restoring the moral balance of good will. Even if they have to sacrifice themselves or their lives to achieves their mission.

Callem witnesses his dad kills his mother on a random day in 1986. His dad instructs Callem to run to protect the Creed. Callem runs away and the film immediately jumps to present day where Callem is set to be executed for murder. (Yea the skipped Callem’s life of crime). While on the injection table, a diversion of some sort happens and Callem ends up in a laboratory called Abstergo. Abstergo is a training facility/sanatorium/lab where they use their subjects (the Assassins). They want they Assassin’s memory because their memory contains the DNA of their ancestors who were formed Assassin’s. The lab is ranned by Sophia Rikkin (Marion Cotillard) and her father Alan Rikkin (Jeremy Irons). 

Baptiste (Michael K. Williams) is also help at Abstergo and automatically starts taunting Callem. Long story short the Assassin’s eventually band together and take over Abstergo and Assassinate Alan, who happens to be a Templar.

This movie is tanking at the box office and I see why. With a $125 million dollar budget, it’s only made $36.5 million dollars world wide. I give this movie a C- just because the action was awesome but waaaaaaayyyy too much dialogue.

Movie review #6: Fences

Riveting. Just Riveting. Man Viola Davis can cry her butt of, right? I could just end it right there. Man this movie had me going through the motions. I snuck in some Tropical Mike & Ikes, and kicked back and let the movie take me away. Denzel Washington plays Troy Maxson. Troy is a hard working, Shit talking, garbage man who resides in a middle class black suburb in the late 1950s early 1960s. Troy is married to his God-fearing wife Rose Maxson  (Viola Davis). They have a son named Corey (Jovan Adepo) who is 17 years old and has taken a keen interest in playing college football. (To his father’s dismay of course) Troy’s best friend is named Bono (Stephen McKinley Henderson) who has known Troy for well over 25 years. Troy also has a son from a previous relationship who is a 34 year old struggling musician named Lyons Maxson (Russell Hornsby). Troy is also the Guardian of his brother’s financial estate Gabe Maxson (Mykelti Williamson) a WW2 veteran who got shot in his head and who is deemed to many as slow or “ain’t right” due to having a metal plate in his head.

This movie starts off in your face, as Troy and Bono are on the back of their garbage truck talking shit. Man oh man Denzel was talking all kinds of smack and it was well within his character. Troy would often tell stories of how he played in Baseball in the Negro League before getting drafted and going to fight in WW2. By the time he gets back from the war, he is too old to play baseball. This part is relatable to a lot of men who has played sports and realizing that the sport the play is a young man’s game. Troy is also fighting his Union at work to hire a colored driver.

Home life at the Maxson’s household is pretty standard for Blacks in that time. Papa goes to work and gets paid every Friday, Mama is a devout Christian who is also a homemaker and dotting mother, and the Son who’s #1 priority is to respect his parents, followed by chores, then school, then work. Bono is a regular at the Maxson’s household and the men reminisce of tales from prison, baseball, childhood, and women.

The movie takes a real emotional twist when Bono notices that Troy becoming to flirty with a lady at the bar. Troy downplays his extra flirting until it is revealed that……….

I can’t tell you, you have to see this amazing movie. I give this movie an A+. Please go and watch this film.

Andre Drummond Versus the New NBA

Palace of Pistons

Image: Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports Image: Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

To be a big man in today’s NBA is likely frustrating. Gone are the days of playing alongside playmakers such as a Jason Kidd, an Isiah Thomas, or John Stockton. Gone are the days of half court offense, running set plays where you touch the ball every possession. Maybe you get double-team in the post and kick it out to the open shooter. Maybe you go one one one against your peer with your best move. Pick & roll even.

In the decade of the shooter, today’s game is centered around athletic players who can shoot from anywhere on the court even if it isn’t a great shot.

Steph Curry is a world class deep threat. He stands alone in that respect, although much of the rest of the NBA believes they can shoot the way he does.

For big men who are legitimately skilled, you’re…

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