The Couch Sports Podcast Ep. 25

Today we talk a little NBA, Derek Carr, black culture, black economics, and more!!





Apology to the Native American


Dear Native Americans,
Please forgive me for this sin
I missed the boat this morning
To see the sunrise gathering


We were condition to fight one another
From Blacks killing you in war
To you enslaving a few of our brothers


Your earth mother
We help destroyed by aiding the capitalism struggle
You cry for help but we ignored you by turning out backs on one another

Redskins, Indians, and Chiefs
Offensive or not we rock their gear
While you plea for help
We act oblivious call it ignorant sleep

The trail of tears still lives beyond its years
But it’s amazing the resilience you’ve displayed, while being feared

Today the Pilgrims honor you by having a feast then slaughtering you
While taking your land, raping your women and mocking you


I can not partake in such a tragedy
No parade
No turkey
No dessert
No EGG NOG and Brandy


I will further remove and denounce this holiday so forgive my family
Who looks blindly to these actions
Like a day of victory


Don’t need a day to tell me how thankful I am for you
From the Miwoks
the Wappos
And the Sisquocs

Funny all this food people prepare and will throw away a day later and act a fool on Friday while not being thankful for their neighbor

Reservations are made while your Reservations in North Dakota are gray
You fight for clean water while the rest if the country ignore your play

We’ve been a terrible guest in your country on the contrary
A lot of us was conditioned since the birth of slavery



In your culture the hawk can see wisdom from a higher perspective
Which is why I tattooed it, followed it, and sought it’s direction



But it’s 2016 and we have a image to be seen
So Tareau Barron will use his and forever skipping this atrocious cuisine.

Thank you ✌