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For The Love Of Her

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teen girlI’m going to be brutally honest. I only got into basketball when I was younger due to a girl I had a crush on. I was fascinated as an 8 year old boy, watching her move and break defenders down. She was 13 at the time. Call it pre pubescant hormones but it was amazing watching this young lady. The sad part is, I dont even remember her name. She was the one who gave me confidence to play the game. I would see her in the summers at the North Beach Playground here in the city. She would be on the court with grown men, Balling Out. I would rebound her shots for her hours on end. She told me that I’m great at finding the loose balls and looking for my teammates. I couldn’t shoot however. I shot like Josh Childress. Which sounds fine for an 8 year old kid…

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Born and raised in San Francisco, Ca, I've been a local sports fan for about 26 years now. Have a passion for the 49ers, Giants, Warriors. Have a respect and a disliking (hahaha) for the Raiders and A's. Following Cal and Stanford College hoops, College football, NFL, WNBA, and NBA. Will be giving you perspective from a young black male growing up here in the bay area. Holding no punches. Hope ya'll enjoy

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