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Haley and Daisy by Tareau Barron

*Warning, the following poem contains adult content*

It’s Deja Vu
With every woman I dated
“He’s a no good nigga!”
But you let him deeply penetrated

While I’m confused you
Constantly reiterated
Essence of him on your skin
Every time I see you naked

If he’s a dog, you’re a female which makes you feel complacent
Refuse to call that word but you put boss in front of it so adjacent

I try to plan for our future by saving for a vacation
You still love him, you compare us, very indirectly and blantent

A weak man, sexually frustrated, and impatient
She takes my kindness for weakness, now that’s a messy situation

While I keep coming back, no pun intended I stay flagrant,
With an exodus plan, that disappears when her clothes hit the pavement

Stuck in this Conundrum, I vaguely remember Haley
Who predicted my downfall would be this b@#%$ Daisy

Haley is sweet, empathetic,
curvy and lazy,
While Daisy is loud, rambunctious, promiscuous, and shady

Reminiscent on the last time I was at  peace with my ladies
A constant battle, arms pulled,
love vs lust, am I crazy?

Sleeping with 2 woman,
Menage Trois are daily
Bipolar she is, SPOILER ALERT

Support #3

Good morning folks. Keeping the Black Business support train steam-rolling, I recently purchased True Liquid Laundry Detergent. I provided a link to their website beneath. *copy &paste*  Hopefully my stanking ass clothes will smell like roses. The 2nd picture is taken by my Autistic son, Rayquan. Have a great weekend.

Stay thirsty my friends

Book I’m reading Pt. 1

I get inspired by reading on a daily basis. So what I am going to do is talk about the current books I’m reading. One by one you, as a reader will get to know me more. As of right now, I am reading: 

Mansa Musa and the Empire Of Mali     By P.James Oliver
It’s about Mansa (Emperor) Musa. The 14th century ruler of what is present day Mali. He inherited the empire after his Uncle became lost at sea, (allegedly reaching what is today North America way before that crook and murderer Christopher Columbus) I will let you know when I finish this book. 

Haha look at me being Lazy at work. What books are you currently reading?? Stay thirsty my friends

Shameless Self Promotion

We have been working pretty hard, I just wanted to provide you with all the places you can find us besides


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Thank you for your continued support. We’re moving on up!✌🏿

Support #2

Shout out to fellow blogger Zwanjay for making this dope ass Wolverine hat for me. As a hat man and a die hard Marvel comics fan, I really appreciate it. Y’all see that poster in the background? That poster is older than my kids. I’ve had that poster for almost 20 years now. As I mentioned on Support #1 I love supporting Black Businesses and if you want to check out Zwanjay’s work, you can check him out at 

Instagram: @canvascustoms