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Son of Chappelle

Screenshot_20160927-134321.jpgSon of Chappelle was an alter ego I gave myself when I was younger. You see Dave Chappelle is my favorite comedian of all time. I would mimic his jokes in the mirror and try to talk like him. The first time I saw anything Dave Chappelle related was in the mid 90s. I was watching this show called “Buddies” and Dave Chappelle was the costar of it. I don’t know why Chappelle resonated with me so much. In an era with Martin Lawrence, Jaime Foxx, Tommy Davidson, D.L. Hughley, Bernie Mac, Steve Harvey, Chris Rock, Cedric the Entertainer, Eddie Griffin,Chris Tucker, and Marlon Wayans, I chose Dave Chappelle. Could it be his easy delivery? Or maybe his excellent vocabulary? His cadence in his voice? Or maybe he was just different from his fellow Black comedians. I would watch every movie that featured Dave Chappelle and listen to his stand up routines on Napster or Limewire. (Hey I couldn’t afford the CD’s. Don’t judge.) In 2003 the world was gifted a precious gem known as the Chappelle Show.Pop culture history would change forever. I have this debate in my head on which show was better: The Chappelle show or In Living Color?


I personally choose The Chappelle show and the reasoning is the unity factor of it. In Living Color featured a predominantly Black cast with a predominantly Black audience while The Chappelle show was a household show viewed by everyone. While In Living Color launched Jim Carrey’s, Kelly Coffield’s, and Jennifer Lopez’s career, In Living Color was labeled a “Black Show.” The Chappelle show was watched by everybody. White, Black, Asian, Latino, Gay, Republican, Arab, Jews, etc. It didn’t matter who you were or what you represented. You watched The Chappelle Show. It was the talk of the town. Especially in Season 2, with the Lil Jon, Rick James, and Prince skits. Those 3 skits right there made Dave Chappelle crossover and with all his hardwork he was awarded with a $50 million dollar contract. Unfortunately we all know the demise of The Chappelle show. From Dave Chappelle being underrated for a decade, the stardom was overwhelming. Also the “Pixie” skit prompted Dave Chappelle to question the integrity of the show. Frustratingly enough, Dave Chappelle sought refuge in Africa in 2005 and 2006. Rumors of drug usage, steriods, drunkenness, and not delivering at some of his shows also were factors to the demise of Mr. Dave Chappelle. Keyword is rumors people.

Many people would tell you that the greatest days of their lives is when they get married. Or when they have children. Or when they achieve a personal milestone. For me, I am going to be selfish and say that 1 of MY greatest days of my life, was on March 25th 2015 in Oakland California. Dave Chappelle performed at Yoshi’s and as you know, Dave Chappelle shows sells out in a matter of seconds. My good friend Jose (Handy J, Broseph, Joser) and his sister Elizabeth  (Eli) who I’ve known both for 19 years now had tickets. When Jose asked me if I wanted to go, I replied hell yea. What’s funny (in typical Tareau like fashion) I had a date with a lady I was trying to talk to for a while that night. (Sorry Nicole baby) We get to the Venue and the bouncer is very stern about the “No cell phone policy.” No cameras, no recorders, no cell phones, nothing. I was actually happy because for 1, we are here to see artistry at its finest. Not to be on Instagram or Snapchat streaming someone else’s hard work. And 2 the fact that in the Bay Area, everyone hyperventilates and has crack like withdrawls when their cell phone is not in used. Yes, no distractions. As we head to our seats I count about 6 other black people. The venue holds about 300 people. 7 black people folks, in Jack London square, to see Dave Chappelle. I was honestly kind of mad. But whatever. The show starts and they have a comic from New York. I was also upset that most of the “crowd” didn’t know that Dave Chappelle is from Washington D.C. So when the Emcee says “Ladies and Gentlemen, hailing from Brooklyn NYC” the crowd went wild. I said to myself “but Dave Chappelle is from DC people.” The next guy comes on, a local comic from Berkeley. Pretty funny. Chappelle comes out and the place goes wild. He noticed the lack of Black People as well and I noticed the crowd didn’t know how smart and socially aware Dave Chappelle was. When Dave Chappelle talked about Racism and issues within the Black community, the only people to laugh were the 7 black people and a few of the Latinos sprinkled in. Chappelle roasted a drunken, busty lady in the front. She kept trying to chime in. He also brought out Paul Mooney and 75% of the people did not know who he was. I stood up and cheered very loud. There was alot of tension in the crowd. They wanted some Rick James or Lil Jon type of jokes. Too bad most people here in the Silicon Valley, are socially disconnected. Dave Chappelle said that he didnt feel like the crowd was engaged and that he feeds off of crowd reactions.  So with that being said, if this ever reaches Dave Chappelle, I wanna apologize on behalf of the colored folks here in the Bay Area.

Check out my next post. Tareau’s Top 15 Chappelle Show skits

The Utah Jazz 2016/17 Season Preview

screenshot_20160926-123511The Utah Jazz were literally 1 game away from making the 2015/16 NBA playoffs. If it wasn’t for the greatest shot checker in history putting 60 on them in their season finale, they would have been the 8th seed in the playoffs. Too bad they were in awe for Kobe’s last game. I wished they would of fought and demolished the Lakers, to really send a statement. That statement should of said “To honor Kobe in his last game, we are going to blow out the Lakers and make the playoffs!” Anyways, “The Dave” wrote about the Jazz briefly a few months ago. We will focus on the Utah’s present affairs for this upcoming season. They have a great looking roster and they have a chance to be the 8th seed this upcoming season. The Utah Jazz has a plethora of Guards and it looks like it will benefit them in the long run. Or will it ruin their chances??

C. Rudy Gabbert
PF. Derrick Favors
SF. Gordon Haywood
SG. Alec Burke
PG. Rodney Hood

6th. Dante Exum
7th. Joe Johnson
8th. George Hill
9th. Boris Diaw
10th. Jeff Withey
11th. Trey Lyles
12. Shelvin Mack

OK let me explain this. The front court needs no explanation at all. But the back court was very tricky. Injuries plagued the guard play last season, which explains Utah’s current overhaul.  Dante Exum is back from an ACL tear and Alec Burke came back last season, after missing 56 games due to ankle surgery. Look for heavy minutes logged with the front court this season, considering that their bench doesn’t have a solid back up big. Jeff Withey is too slow to command any attention or any pressure off of the young Gobert. Joe Johnson is a shell of himself but he can add a solid 15pts per game off the bench if motivated. (Keyword is IF) Boris Diaw will be the less ferocious version of Draymond Green as a Swiss army knife. But Diaw has been doing that for years. Maybe I should of said “Draymond Green’s play, is a more ferocious version of Veteran Boris Diaw’s style!” Too bad I’m not ESPN though hahahahah. Gordon Haywood is one of the most underrated players in the NBA and I think he will be a top 5 scorer this year. Why? Because imagine being constantly underlooked on a small market team. That type of motivation will propel any athlete stardom (or dare I say it, Superstardom.) Derrick Favors is an underrated all around 4, but he does have an inside game and can block shots as well. Rudy Gobert is a stud in the making and will be wrecking prodigy (whoops I mean Havoc) on the defensive end. Rodney Hood played his ass off last year and I think coach Snyder, will reward Hood for his hard work. Not easy having 4 Point Guards on the team, right?


The city of Utah, will have Rocky Mountain esq expectations this year, but the Jazz fans deserve a playoff berth. They will have to battle other up and coming young teams like the Minnesota Timberwolves and the Lakers of Los Angeles, I think the Jazz’ core guys, are alot more hungrier at this point than the teams I just mentioned. We will see. Until then, stay thirsty my friends.

Dave’s Top 10 NBA Jerseys of All-Time

The Couch Sports


10. Toronto Raptors (1996)

The duo of Marcus Camby and Damon Stoudamire gave Michael Jordan and your precious Bulls one of those 10 losses 20 years ago in these beauties!


9. Phoenix Suns black jerseys  (Mid-90’s)

Debated wheter to go purple or black for a while. The black definitely stands out more,     and make the Sun really pop. These made me want to buy Barkley’s signature shoe! 


8. NBA Allstar jerseys (1996)

If you were watching Allstar gamespot from the 90’season to the present these should be your favorite ones. If not fight me! 


7. Washington Bullets (1995)

The name alone gets them on the list.


6. Denver Nuggets  (Mid-90’s)

Do you know who that is?  Do you at least remember the jerseys? That’s  Mahmoud Abdul Rauf.  Top 3 most underrated players of all time  wearing one of those most underrated jerseys ever. You can see the skyline…

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Dave’s Top 10 shoes from the 90’s

The Couch Sports

Wheter you grew up in the 90’season or not, you have to admit the best athletic shoes came out of that decade. I put together a list of my 10 favorite pair of shoes to come out of that great era.


     10. Nike Air Penny

I had a tough time deciding between these and the  Nike Air Ups. I adored both, but I decided I’d give his official debut signature shoe the nod.


     9. Nike Air Max ’97 aka Dan O’briens’

My cousin Terrell had these, and I wanted to borrow them more than anything,       because I knew I couldn’t have them. These shoes were classic! This shoe in.                            particular rekindleday my love for running shoes

FILA-Varsity-96-18. Fila ’96 Varsity

Oh yes! I know you…

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California Dreamin’

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For my entire existence I’ve lived in California. Up North mostly—from Oakland, to San Francisco, Sacramento, and all the way down the coast to Los Angeles. The older I get, the more my mind wonders if California loves me as much as I—or it’s inhabitants have. It’s an interesting thought. Think about it, we rep this state to death with tattoos, shirts and hats. From social media, to in person bravado; we are damn near arrogant about a place that we can barely even afford to live in. It’s borderline comical. Despite the overpriced, ever shrinking square footage, people are dying to move here. Mostly, because they think they’ll become famous [LAUGH… OUT… LOUD], or they have dreams of lying on the beach and surfing. The irony of it all…Natives are moving out in record numbers, while people from other states are moving in. Those that are left are the ones stuck…

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The Golden State Warriors 2016/17 Season Preview

Forgive but don’t forget!! Clearing the Air!!

tareauBecause I know I WONT forget. That face illustrates my point, right? I can forgive them for that finals lost, but I cant forget them, right? Man imagine, We could be Back to Back Champions right now. Steph Curry, What happened man? Did all the hype and advertisement get to you? You literally choked in the finals. I will forgive you but I wont forget. The Finals is all that matter at this point. I don’t care about records. All I care about is another ring. Even if y’all lose, please go hard. Cleveland wanted it more and we were out coached. I need to see you make it up to me by getting a little more vocal. You are the face and this your team and KD is going to do KD. You need to become a man on the court and tell people when they are messing up (Ahem Klay) With that being said lets move on. Ha.

klay mad.jpg


The Klay Alexander Thompson Effect

  1. Ok, as we know there isn’t much of a story here. KD is with us and now bandwagon mania is at Adderall-esq proportions. Fans are literally pumped up for this season.Imagine seeing little 8 year old girls get hyped over Taylor Swift. That’s the mindset for the fandom here in the Bay Area. I wrote about MY personal feelings about this month’s ago, so I will just focus on the meat and potatoes of my Golden State Warriors. The biggest X-factor going into this season will be Klay Thompson’s will. Everyone knows what he can do when he’s on fire. But when he is not hot from downtown, his defense suffers. With the addition to KD, Klay’s shots and touches will go down. We don’t need a grown man sulking when his shots aren’t going in. What happens when he starts off 2 for 10 from the field?


  2. Will Coach Steve Kerr encourage him to keep shooting, being a liability in the offense or will coach sit him down and talk to him and encourage him to be a playmaker 2 guard? For the Warriors to win this championship it comes down to Klay. KD, Steph, Draymond, and Iggy, all knows their roles. Will Klay fall in line? Will teams pursue to pry away Klay from our super team? Will Klay be willing to come off the bench, if things are bad? To say that Steve Kerr has to make adjustments, is the understatement of the year. Let’s rake a look at our roster so You can see what I’m talking about..

C. Zaza Pachulia
PF. Draymond Green
SF. Kevin Durant
SG. Klay Thompson
PG. Steph Curry

6th. Andre Iguodola

7th. Shaun Livingston

8th. David West

9th. Ian Clark

10th. Patrick McCaw

11th. Anderson Varejo

12th. Kevin Looney


Damien Jones

Now as of right now, we have Javale McGee signed to our training camp roster, but I doubt he can make the team due to his me 1st attitude and his history dealing with injuries. McGee, when healthy is a solid defensive player and a rim protector, but he is too fragile. It’s a low risk high reward move on the Warriors behalf. If he pans out, We pay him a couple million dollars, if he doesn’t, oh well his contract isn’t guaranteed. Damien Jones injured his shoulder and should be ready for scrimmage by December/January. Which leaves young shooting guard Patrick McCaw. McCaw will score in this system but he will get ate up by Damian Lillard or even a lower tier PG like a Darren Collison. McCaw has great range, but we have too many shooters already. Our biggest surprise this off-season is signing a veteran tough guy who isn’t soft and wants to play for a contender in David West. An old school power forward who at his prime with CP3’s Hornets was an all around all-star. West brings a fighters mentality and bulk to a team full of softies. (it’s true) Draymond will no longer get into all the altercations now because West is here and not Kanye’s punk ass. So when Anderson Varejo is flopping his curls and Zaza Pachulia is avoiding fights, look for West and Green to be thugging it up in the paint. Speaking of Zaza, he is a slightly better, offensive version of Bogut. Though Zaza is a double-double machine, his softness (whoops), I mean non aggressive approach is the perfect complement to this team. Soft hands, big body, occasionally blocks a shot. He will be successful in this system. Iggy and Livingston will continue to thrive and make great plays when the superstars are burnt out. Keeping Ian Clark was a great move. Kid is fearless as an eagerness to learn.

“It’s my team, bruh! Go tell KD that!”


It will be fun to see this team. On paper their starting 5 is an NBA 2k lineup. But superteams take time to gel. ( A la Lebron’s first year in Miami.) Will this experiment with Easymoney works? Will Steph get cashed out next season when he becomes an unrestricted free  agent? Will Klay get traded? Will Draymond Greens production accel even more thus making him the 2016 NBA’s defensive player of the year? Will IGGY win 6th man of the year? Lots of fun questions but 2 main questions in all seriousness comes to my mind does this team has what it takes to win?

#1. Does this team have what it takes, to redeem themslves to win?

#2. How will Coach Kerr manage all those ego’s, especially since Luke Walton took his talents to Veniece Beach?

Like always folks, Stay thirsty my friends.

Scoring by Committee. They’ll take em’ how the can get em’

sf-vs-seaTomorrow, my 49ers are facing the Peregrine Falcons (whoops I mean the Seattle Seahawks. Hey the Peregrine Falcon is the fastest animal on this planet and it is a seahawk.)

Both teams are 1-1 and although the rivalry doesn’t appease the American households as it did in years past, it’s still an important game for both teams. Not because of the protest by the National Anthem but because the road to the NFC Championship Game, I feel, lies in the NFC West. Considering my early pick is the Arizona Cardinals winning the NFC, The Seahawks can not be counted out. I say this is an important game for the 49ers because our defense will be a measuring stick. Keep in mind I know suck for the next 3 to 5 years. 5-11 or 6-10 territory. We are not going to talk about Week 1’s great defense against the L.A. Rams, because well, they are the Rams. You’re supposed to beat up weaker teams. (weird conundrum that the Rams beat the Seahawks last week in week 2). I’m anxious to see if Chip Kelly will do a no-huddle offense and actually stick to it, like he did in week 1 against the Rams. Week 2, we played the Panthers and it was a shoot out. At one point, Chip shied away from the no huddle offense, and the Panthers stopped us multiple times on “3 and outs.” Will he do that against the Seahawks? Will he open up the playbook? How will the defense fair against Seattle’s defense? Will the predictable play calling on offense get us in trouble early? (You know what I mean, I formation handoff to Carlos Hyde on 1st down, Singleback handoff to Carlos Hyde on 2nd down, Screen pass to any receiver of 3rd down, Punt on 4th down!!) Blaine’s 3rd down conversion ratio in 2 games 12/31 and that’s terrible.


That is why I named this post “Scoring by Committee. They’ll take em’ how the can get em’.” Due to the this isn’t your grandpapa’s 49ers. This isn’t West Coast Offense. LMFAO Jerry Rice isnt walking through that door. (If he does it’ll be to watch the game, but you know what I mean). This is the bottom of the barrel, scrap it out and take what we can get football, which is an unfamiliar territory to 49er lore. (not me but the 49ers fans who bring up yesteryear). Our #1 n at receiver is supposed to be Torrey Smith, who had a solid game last week with 3 receptions @ 55yards with a touchdown. Problem is he is a deep threat who doesn’t have the QB with the arm strength to find him down field, which limits his ability to get open in the secondary. Last week against the Carolina Panthers, we also struggled running the ball with a total of 65 rushing yards from the offense. Terrible. Just terrible. It’s like what Steve Young was saying in week 1 against the Rams, “If you don’t have a deep threat, you can blitz all day and play man to man with the secondaries.” that’s exactly what Carolina did with us. Our defense is amazing and there is no need of being critical of them because the offense isn’t doing its job. This offense needs help fast. Don’t let that week one win be your fools gold now. We will see what we are made up tomorrow. Till then, stay thirsty my friends



Washington Wizards 2016/17 Season Preview


Basketball season starts soon and I couldn’t be happier. Last seasons, my Warriors got punked by the CAVS and lost in a historic 7 games series. That left a bitter taste in my mouth. I’m talking about eating Liver, with Brussel Sprouts, and Horseradish. (Yuuuccckkkk). Here at we are going to preview each of the 32 teams in the NBA. We are going to talk in-depth about the Rosters and Benches. As you can see, those are pivotal roles in a franchises success. We will start today with the Washington Wizards.


Playing arm-chair GM is always fun. The Washington Wizards I felt did a decent job in the off season (considering their circumstances) by staying competitive by signing Beal, begging Durant to come home, signing Ian Mahimi, and unveiling new alternate uniforms. That is not a bad way to tell your fan base (but not tell them), that “We’re trying!” To stay relevant in today’s sports culture requires a certain amount of PIZAZZ but unfortunately, the Wizards do not have that. The Washington Wizards finished 41-41 missing the playoffs in the 2015/16 season. They missed the playoffs after 2 years of making the playoffs consecutively. To me they are a slightly weaker, East Coast version of the L.A. Clippers. Both teams have the talent, the fan base, the allure, the makings to be a championship caliber team, but either injuries or bad roster moves have led them down the dreaded road of “playoff purgatory.” The Wizards biggest problem is that their best player (John Wall) does not have a reliable 2nd option (a ĺà CP3 in L.A. Blake is either injured in the playoffs or doesn’t show up in the clutch) So you can see the comparisons. Bradley Beal got paid this offseason, really paid this off season. Signing a 5 year $128 million dollar guaranteed contract. Not bad for a guy whose yet to play a full 82 games in a season, nor average 20pts a game in a full season (*note career averages of 16ppg, 0.3bpg, 1spg, 3,apg, 3.7rbg, .397% 3pt fg, and .426% fg) Not bad for an average fellow, right? Not only that, Beal has the potential to be a perennial all-star in this league, but has either been injured or bickering with his star Point Guard, John Wall on the court.wiz.jpg

There are a lot of questions that the Wizards are facing headed into this 2016/17 NBA season. We questioned Beal’s tenacity and health but there is also a new coach in Scott Brooks. Was this a move to try to lure Durant back home? Hmmmm trying to pair him with his former coach. Not a bad attempt, right? How will his system be different from Randy Whittman’s system?

The Wizards did not have a draft pick this past draft, but have a handful of undrafted/d-league players looking to compete for a spot. According to, the Wizards have invited Jarell Eddie, Danuel House, Sheldon McClellan, Johnny O’Bryant, Daniel Ochefu, and Casper Ware. Also the Wizards added veterans Ian Mahimi, Jason Smith, and Marcus Thornton. It would be interested to see if Scott Brooks starts a younger and more athletic Mahimi at Center, or will he Keep the Veteran and teams Co-Captain Marcin Gortat at Center. Looking for basketball redemption in a new uniform, 4th year Point Guard Trey Burke will be healthy after tearing his ACL at the beginning of last season with the Utah Jazz. He was traded due to Utah’s overcrowded back court. Production also slipped due to injuries and a lack of outside shooting. Prior to injury he was averaging a solid 12 pts and 4 ast per game. Kelly Oubre and Otto Porter will have the greenest of lights to improve and get better. With the Wizards looking frail at the 3 position at times, those young guys should be fine if they put in the work. Markieff Morris I thought would be that reliable 3rd scorer but in his 2016 season with both Phoenix and Washington, he only averaged 12 points a game. With his talent he could easily put up 20 a night, but he seems much like his twin in Detroit, Marcus, disinterested at times. I sympathized with them that Phoenix screwed them, but y’all got to move on. A lot of questions, right? Trey Burke’s and Bradley Beal’s health? Marcin Gortat’s production? Scott Brooks system? Otto Porter, Kelly Oubre & Markieff Morris’s play? Yawn, right?


As of today, the Washington Wizards starting line up (in my opinion) would look like this…

C. Marcin Gortat
PF. Markieff Morris
SF.  Otto Porter
SG. Bradley Beal
PG. John Wall

6th. Ian Mahimi
7th. Trey Burke
8th. Marcus Thornton
9th. Kelly Oubre Jr.
10th. Jason Smith
11th. Andrew Nicholson
12. Jarell Eddie

Keep in mind this is my prediction. The bench is really anemic and with the exception of veteran SG Marcus Thornton, scoring is really going to suffer. (Not to mention defense as well).  I don’t see the Wizards making the playoffs due to the Eastern Conference getting better. John Wall will make the All Star team and hopefully secure an All NBA team and All NBA Defensive team selection, but he can’t do everything with that roster. I think they should trade Bradley Beal and Kelly Oubre Jr. to Sacramento for Boogie. Boogie and John Wall, the Kentucky Brothers reunited will be good for the league. J.Wall needs a reliable player to play aside next to him, who is not going to argue with him over touches. (Yes I know, I know but Boogie wouldn’t argue with John Wall the same way Beal has). This bench is boring and does not complement the starting 5. Jason Smith and Andrew Nicholson will be posters for opposing high flyers, while Ian Mahimi tries to do his best Serge Ibaka impression to impress his new coach, Scott Brooks.

Wizards fans you will not make the playoffs in the next few years and you guys need a huge roster haul. Let’s see how this season pans out and let’s pray that y’all recover from getting spurned by your hometown hero, Kevin Durant.


Is the Future of the NBA in Good Hands?

Many NBA fans who come from past generations, have fond memories of greatness. Players we cling to from our childhood, ’til this day. Arguing the value of a players legacy that played decades ago. Which probably feels like centuries to younger fans. Kids of today (everyone under 21), only know of the Steph Curry’s, the LeBron’s, The Russell Westbrook’s of the world. Fans of yesteryear are clinging to ever fading memories of M.J., Magic, Shaq, Dr. J—and now Kobe.

Who are the recipients of the torch that is now in the hands of the future? LeBron is closing in on 32, so he doesn’t count as the future. I’m talking players under 25, destined for greatness. Players that’ll keep older fans and younger fans in front of their televisions and packed in seats around the country, for the next decade plus.

Here’s who I believe is next in line to be on your kids wall:




Karl Anthony-Towns


The Center position isn’t dead it’s being reinvented. After the emergence of the stretch 4, everyone thought the days of classic big men were dead. For the last couple of years, every big man had to have the skills and shooting touch of a guard, no more low post play. Well the man they call KAT has stretch 4 ability, and the throwback  90’s style game down low. He will be a defenders nightmare until he hangs’em up 15-20 years from now. Rookie of the year is just the first of many accolades this young man will receive.

Speaking of ROY, the next recipient of the first year player honor will be,

Denzel Valentine


A swiss army knife of a player. I had him ranked on my board much higher than Ben Simmons, and I’m not afraid to say it. This man is the only player on my list not to play a single NBA minute—I’m that high on the kid. Have you seen the Spartan play? No?  Here’s some clips of the future—of Chicago. With Derrick Rose gone, this squad was in need of a floor general. Although Denzel plays Small Forward and shooting guard, don’t sleep on his leadership. The ball stayed in his hands at Michigan State. By year 2 of being a Bull, I believe it to be the case again.

They will be young and talented, but not yet ready to take that leap like the Timberwolves led by third year swingman,

Andrew Wiggins


This is one player I’m high on just because of his potential. He is no where near his ceiling and I think he’s starting to realize that. I’m not saying he’s the next Kobe, but he reminds me of the young Kobe in terms of movement. The length, and athleticisim, mixed with the will to get better. Year three will be a big one, not only for Andrew, but the Timberwolves franchise. They have a young core that 90% of the NBA wish they could have—if you were looking to climb the ranks of respectability. Wiggins, KAT, Zach Lavine, and rookie Chris Dunn. The NBA is on notice and Minnesota will be serving up L’s for years to come.  Much like the Bucks better do.

Oakland Raiders coach Jack Del Rio, is a leading candidate for ballsy call of the year award, but most people forget the sure to be winner of the award: Jason Kidd. He converted a 6’11 freakish athlete into a point guard.

Giannis Antetokounmpo


This man will be a terror on defense alone. His wing span is over 7 feet long. Where can you go? The chart below explains the nightmare to be for apposing guards:


It’s going to be unfair. Like, little brother creating a tall ass player overall 99 on 2k unfair. Where’s the justice?? Last year was disappointing for everyone involved, this year there’s no excuses for Milwaukee. Everyone is healthy and your point guard is a great dane.

New Orleans is still in a horrible position. Yes, there is the phenom in,

Anthony Davis


but in all honesty, look at that roster! The next best player after the brow is Buddy Heild, and dude hasn’t even played a minute of official NBA basketball. Listen, as a life long fan of the Warriors I can sympathize, it was a rough couple of decades. There was nobody worth calling a once in a generation talent until about 3 years ago, but you see my point. Anthony Davis is what KAT hopes to be—a game changer of the highest magnitude. Shot blocker extraordinaire, runs like a gazelle, can shoot… I should ask, what can’t the man do? Only thing he can’t do is pick his teammates. Real NBA fans probably wish he could. I don’t want it to be a situation when I start the “Free Anthony Davis” movement. Much like my “Free Boogie”  movement I’m currently the president of.

One man that lucked up and got his free, was the man smiling below,

Kyrie Irving


Yeah, LeBron will get the majority of the accolades. Shit, he came through on a promise, for a city. He should. Besides it’s a bigger story than, “Kyrie finally wins a title.”  Trying to lead a squad to victory without a mentor to first show you—how to win.  That’s a tall order for a youngster. Giant expectations. Well after losing a for a few seasons help finally showed up. Not sure if patience payed off here, but Kyrie was thrown into the role of forming a duo  being Robin to LeBrons’ Batman, but it worked out for Irving’s resume. Now sitting at the top of the throne, if Uncle Drew could average double digit assist, or close to it—we’ll be talking about the league’s best point guard. Until then, he’s just in the conversation. With LeBron getting older, and Kyrie gearing up to be the leader of the Cavs squad in a couple of years, the have to deal with up and coming, hungry teams.

One such team is two hours away in Detroit. Led by a throwback talent, with a bright bright future. His name is,

Andre Drummond


if you don’t know who he is, you probably don’t watch much basketball. And if that’s the case I’m not mad. But if you claim to be a fan of the NBA and not appreciate the game of Andre Drummond, your bias is showing. And you need to tuck that shit back in! Rebounding skill of Dennis Rodman with the power and grace of young Shaq. Hence the throwback reference. If Drummond ever develops a mid range jumper, the Association is in trouble. Already equipped with exceptional talent individually, the big man has a well built team with him. I fully expect the Pistons to make it to the Eastern Conference finals, or at the very least,  game 7 of the conference semis. Why? They have a young talented, and deep roster. Have you seen that squad? People beyond the Motor City should have high expectations for this team, and for this man. Barring injury, Drummond will dominate the East for the next decade. With the right coaching, (I’m talking to you Stan), Andre should be the Tim Duncan of the West. See  where I’m going with this? Predictable segue? Moving on!

Kawhi Leonard



Yeah you see him. The only man with french braids I respect in 2016. When you’re as good as he, you can do what you want. Including being finals MVP, while playing with 3 hall of famers. Who else can say that? When’s the last time someone who wasn’t a center won defensive player of the year? Well over 10 years ago. And he did it twice in a row! The game seems so effortless to Kawhi. Greg Popivich called him the future of the Spurs, but I call him the future of the league. Leonard goes about the game quietly, methodically, far from flashy—yet highly effective. Sound familiar? Seems to be a San Antonio trademark. Kawhi is surely to go unappreciated for the next 15 years, much like Tim Duncan. But when it’s all said and done, he may have more success than everyone else in this piece.