After all the dust has settled on football Sunday, most NFL fans jump into their familiar routines. Some begin to mentally prepare for Monday morning work, some shower, or even eat a late dinner. Myself on the other hand, I carefully comb through the statistics of quarterbacks, black quarterbacks. The subject of African-American signal callers is one... Continue Reading →


Denver Nuggets: Road to the Top

This article will be about how I think my Denver Nuggets are going to improve in these next couple of years. We have some pretty good additions that, I think, will be perfect for our team.  FYI:This is my (J.P. Allen's) personal rankings.   ALL MY NUGGETS FANS MAKE SOME NOISE!!!!!!     PF Kenneth... Continue Reading →

The Art Of Subliminal Advertising

Let's break this down completely. The most feared being in America is a Black Man. The most disrespected being in America is a Black woman. We don't need statistics to show that. Why you might ask? Portrayal of us in the media, Subliminal advertising, Our history being lost and or forgotten, Half truths, unfair wages, unfair... Continue Reading →

Top 10 favorite football players

This top ten list will show you all ten of my favorite players that some of you will probably agree with.   10: Odell beckham Odell beckham is my 10th favorite because of the crazy plays he routinely makes. The above GIF is a perfect example.   9: Devin Hester Devin Hester is the best punt/kick... Continue Reading →

The Lighting Rod called Confidence

What is the first thing you think of when you see this man? Did feelings of anger wash over you? Jealousy? Or did you have the feeling one has when you vicariously live through someone who has made it? Call it subconscious triumph if you will. What feelings take over your mind when you see... Continue Reading →

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