Tareau’s 10 favorite movies

You already knew that this was coming. Back to some BS, right. So with a little bit of adieu………………. (see that was the adieu) here’s my crappy list.


Honorable Mention Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 1.

This was the very first movie, I’ve ever seen at a movie theater. It was at the New Mission theater on Mission and 22nd st. My sister took me here and I had nightmares because, The first movie they showed was Tremors. Those dam snakes scared me. Way to ruin my movie experience Janova. Ninja Turtles will always be a classic in my eyes. If you really love spoofs, please go to youtube and search for Itsreal85 “Nigga Turtles.”


#10. Schindler’s List.

I loved this movie and as impactful as this movie is, It still gives you chills. I love movies about WW2, Nazi’s, Hitler etc. Great flick.


#9 Casino

So many memorable quotes from this film. The drama, the cursing, the corruption, the drugs, the lies and the action. Peep Sam Rothstein fell in love with a ho’ though. Breaking all kind of mob rules lmfao.


#8. Half Baked

Yes! Yes! Everyone’s favorite stoner film. Yes Bob Sagat sucking dick for coke. Yes Buttercup. Yes Sir Smoke a lot.Yes Samson. Yes Jane being a big dyke. Yes Nigga going to weed college. Lmfao


#7. Forrest Gump

So question. Is Forrest Gump’s mama a ho? I mean think about it, she did give up the goods so Forrest can have a good “Schooling” hahahahahahaha. My favorite part is when the drill sergeant was yelling at Gump for assembling the weapon too fast, and Forrest’s face with the serious blank emotion “Cuz you told me too, Drill Sergeant!”


#6 Friday

No explanation needed!


#5 Coming To America.

What does dumb fuck means? I actually have soul glow as my ring tone!


#4 Step Brothers.

This was the hardest I’ve ever laughed inside a movie theater. there were infinite amount of jokes. Just look at their picture above. I bet you it didn’t even feel like work for these 2.  Came to interview as a team though. Please do not make a sequel.


#3 Transformers

Finally Michael Bays excessive explosions were justified. And finally did a movie company do justice to my childhood. Megatron was the shit. I am still mad that the didn’t resurrect Jazz in part 2. Why because he was black, huh? Can resurrect Optimus but not Jazz. LMFAO I’m just joking, Jazz should have knew his role. Trying to challenge Megatron as soon as Megatron comes to the fight. Megan Fox was hot as hell in this.


#2 Terminator 2

“Gibbons, you can’t just leave the desk like that!” I saw this the 1st time at my friends Jimmy house. He had this on Laser Disc and we were blown away by the sound effects. T1000 was relentless. If you can watch the deleted scenes and it explain a few questions about Skynet and Sara Conner’s fears.

#1. Tie between The Rock & Bebe’s Kids

My list my rules. Bebe’s kids is probably the most underrated Black time. Faizon Love did a great job doing Robin Harris’s voice. Very relatable cultural references. Now The Rock is also my favorite because it’s an action film here in the city. VX Gas is some real shit and that’s a great original story about mutiny at Alcatraz.




What Are You Doing with Your Time?

How much time do you think you have left on earth? If you could take a wild guess would would you estimate? 10 years? 20? Thing is, none of us know—and that’s the beauty of it.

If we treated life like we weren’t guaranteed infinite time, we as a society, as a people would accomplish more. Most of us take time for granted. For time, is something we can never get back. You can get back money, you can get back status, shit you can even get back an ex. Time… each minute you live you’ll never see again. If you spend all day procrastinating, then get around to what it was you should of been doing, well how many hours—or days did you waste? For some of us, we waste years. Years holding grudges, not accomplishing goals, being around the wrong people. The solution?


Live like today is your last day and you have shit to accomplish! Eat, sleep, repeat.


It’s a beautiful Sunday morning, the first official day of the week, why not reinvent yourself today. Whatever happened yesterday is now the past, fuck it. Today is a new day. You have 24 hours in a day, what will you do with each hour given? If today was your last day, what would you do today? Notice the mind frame the question put you in? That’s a real feeling. But that’s how you have to live in order to accomplish your goals, and live out your dreams. I’ve been a gold medal caliber procrastinator most of my life. Everyday I find new ways to motivate myself. Time, being the biggest factor.

9-5 Breakdown:

  • 24 hours in a day
  • 7 days in week
  • 168 hours in week

Here’s the kicker

  • 8 hours at work
  • 8 hours = good sleep.  16 hours out of 24 gone!
  • 8 hours left

If you add in work + sleep, you give up 112 out of the 168 hours given to you in a week, leaving you 56 hours left to work with.

What are you doing with your time? 


If you’re choosing the entrepreneurial route, obviously your time management works a lot different, and you’re more in tune with using the time given wisely. One would think. Personally that’s the route I feel most people should take. Control your time and money.


Balance & Productivity

Write that down, and look at it 3 a day. As well as your 6 month goals, 1 year goals and life time goals.

I’m not here to preach, just here to provoke thought. At the end of the day, each individual is responsible for their own life. What you do with your time is up to you, but take self responsibility when your life doesn’t pan out the way you thought it would—most likely because you took your time for granted. We don’t know when our time is up, but I believe we should live like it’s soon.


How much is your time worth?


Divided Equality From Within

feminism-4.jpgHere we are in 2016. Some things has changed for the better. Some for the worst. Can we unanimously agree that women today have more rights and power than they ever had in the history of mankind? I think the answer is Hell Yes. Now before I divulge into this next article I want to openingly state: I AM NO FEMINIST. I honestly think that feminism only benefits White and Asian Women, while women of color are well, still colored. (“Ain’t I a Woman?” Thanks Isabella Baumfree) If you do not know, Black women have always been the forefront of gender equality, equal pay, rights, etc but they were always tasked to make the difficult decision: Do I choose my sex or my race? The answer will always be Race. It’s kind of synonymous with the whole transgender issue today. I as a black man can wake up tomorrow and say “I want to be a woman and treat me as such!” but I will still be a black woman. You can change your gender, never your race folks. Remember Gay, Straight, Trans, has no “LOOK” anymore. I use this example because I need people to understand where I am coming from. Do I believe in a woman leader? Yes. Do I belive in equal pay? Yes. Do I believe that a Woman can do all the things that I can do? 99% Yes. The 1% no comes from well BIOLOGY. It’s my job as a Black Man to be aware of my surroundings in these days of cultural unrest here in the United States. I don’t trust anyone else with this task of awareness like I do my own kind. I don’t care if I was married to a bad ass chick like a Pam Grier or a Ronda Rousey, If some shit pops off somewhere, I as a man need to get you to safety. If there is a disaster somewhere, It’s my primitive duty to make sure the “Women and children are safe 1st.” That is not to say that a woman is not stronger than me, or has less poise under pressure, or any of those things. Not at all. But we can’t fight biology. If the Titanic was sinking, how could I as a man have a mind-set of neutrality. I can’t do it. I can’t morally leave some women behind and say that we are all equal. Sorry can’t do it. Wont do it. So with this opening monologue coming to an end I want you to go into this with just my mind frame, read the article, then re-read it with your mind frame and see where we differ. Enjoy

Ask any woman in any male dominated profession and they will tell you that they love it. The camaraderie, the bond, the passion. Ask them also if they men had to change anything to accommodate them, the answer will most likely be no (except for lady arrangements for you know uh that time of the month.) I’ve worked with dozens of women in the different types of jobs I’ve had in my life. Police, Security, Carpentry, Delivery, Warehousing, Printing, Dispatching, Bus Driving, Homemakers, and entrepeneurs. Ask them also who has been their biggest detractors, some would answer women in opposing fields. What I noticed in my experiences, is that it takes a tough, blue-collar woman to be in a male dominated career field, you can’t have thin skin. You have to work 5 times harder than your male counterparts just to stay afloat. It’s the old saying “There’s no crying in baseball” type of mentality. When I would get approached by policecwomen when I was younger, I would never be scared for my life. I knew that they were professionals ( me being a minority as well, women officers are minorities within their own kind, they can kind of empathize with us right.) I knew if I was in the wrong that that was the end of it. Speeding, making an illegal turn etc. I never once feared for my life while a femal officer was in control. But i also knew that she was in control and to not get out of line. It was always “Sir I pulled you over for blah blah blah.” instead of their male counterparts saying things like “Where’s the drugs, are you on parole etc” Anyways,  I use to date a hair dresser who by traditional standards would be labeled a “Girly Girl” (Lets call her Lily)  Lily would often ask me about the women bus drivers in my career and how she and her  friends thought it was disgusting that women were doing a “Mans” job. I would tell Lily that there are great women that I work with who are way better drivers than I am. LOL, She didn’t care. Lily would make fun of women who she thought was a “butch” or “bull dyke” or “blue-collar.” Now I understand that Lily and her friends were all in this same type of career. Surgeons, Skin care consultants, Pilates instructors. (All which can be easily synonymous with health and beauty, right?) I also understand that Lily and her friends does not speak for all women but just a smaller percentage. She was the type of lady who had a lot of pink stuff, and everything was cute to her. She often would be very condescending to women that had blue collar jobs. “Ewwww” she would say when I would tell her how hard these ladies were working. It really made me question something about today’s American woman. There would be times when I asked Lily and friends wanted to watch WNBA and she would say “No I don’t. It’s boring and the girls are not cute!” Wow. Isn’t that the same sentiments that men would generally have about the sport? Lily’s friend would sometimes complain how their male counterparts in their own respective careers would harass them or how they were not paid like the men in their careers as well. In my head I am honestly laughing. Here you have a group of women from different races and backgrounds, all between 35-45, Married, divorce, kids, widowed, All with long hair, collagen, Botox, implants, surgeries, complaining about wage disparity? Not knowing that one of the reasons the WNBA players are grossly underpaid is because their own doesn’t even support their brand. (See a few sentences ago) So if a WNBA player makes about $50k average salary a year, and a NBA players average salary is now $900k, whose fault is that? Women don’t even watch the WNBA but the same women who don’t even watch the WNBA is complaining about wage disparities?? (I hope you can since the sarcasm as I’m typing)

Anyways, (hahahahahahahhahaah)Is there a division within that us men don’t know about? (CAT IS OUT OF THE BAG, LADIES) The answer is Yes. Yes there is. I realize that certain women sometimes do not hang out with another type of woman. It also made me wonder about the traditional roles vs modern roles. What justifies what a “Real Woman” is? Is it based of off preference? Income? Popularity? Vanity? Status? Easy answer folks. All of these above and then some. As a man and a father of a tween daughter, I know that women mature way faster than a man does. (Biology people.) However there is certain things that I can’t teach her that only a woman can. (Biology duh) What I can teach her is about being comfortable from where she fits in at in this world. Because of women trailblazers before her, she can enter the workforce when she is older and work comfortably knowing there will be women just like her there to help. However, I do have to teach her about what strength from within is and to have to confidence to not get deterred if she’s around the opposite sex a lot. I know I know, ladies. Sometimes working with men can be damn right intimidating. It’s the truth. We can be. The shit talking, the farting, the belching, the cursing, but that’s what a man’s mans is. It’s an acquired taste by todays standards, right?

I talked earlier in this article about WNBA and NBA salary disparities. I want to give you some stats real quick to enhance my point. This past Olympics the Men’s & Women’s Basketball team won the Gold medal. The Women’s team beat their opponents by an average of 37 points (Setting a record by beating Senegal by 65 points) while the Men had an average of 23 points in their wins. (Almost losing 3 times) Throughout these Olympic games, all anyone could talk about was how lousy the men where. No one acknowledged the women. Not even Women. SMH. Like I mentioned earlier, I am no feminist and as you know I do watch when I can (see previous articles) but come on people, We can’t turn a blind eye to these types of things anymore. Blowing a team out by 65 points should be the talk of the town in basketball lore, not barely beating a French team without Tony Parker.


Now with this I might get backlash but I don’t give a shit honestly. I want to talk about equality again. And I constantly sue my experiences because that’s what I know best. Ladies, How can a lady be independent when she get so much help? What I mean by that is, The same type of aid a lot of women get, I as a single BLACK father is not privy too. Food Stamps, Cash Aide, Alimony, WIC (Women Infant & Children not Men Infant & Children), HUD , Section 8 vouchers, I’ve applied for all of these and I am either over qualified or they don’t have any resources available for “My” situation. Let a lady in MY same SITUATION walks in and she gets it all. Where is the equality there? There are no homeless men shelters r single fathers. So we can’t complain about Equality when it only benefits women. What about men? If we are equals where’s my help. I would love to be able to get child support or cash aide and brag about how independent I am. Its kind of like that Cougar life dating commercial. The young lady was criticizing the nerdy computer programmer but when the lady who was the COUGAR came on she said “But you fold clothes for a living!” to the young lady. That’s exactly how I feel a lot of the times with this whole gender equality stuff. How can you criticize someone or something when do not have your shit together? You ready to be a little more upset with me? A man can make a woman his queen, take her from being a waitress to a Hollywood starlet, and when he leaves her she will be financially abled for the remaining of her years. A woman (Except Oprah) can not do that. flav

Look if Flavor Flav was able to have sex with all these beautiful women, could a woman who looks like Flavor Flav do the same thing? Could Star Jones have sex with a lot of young men from different colors and get them a Clothing line, A lip gloss line etc? Didn’t New York have a reality dating show? Uh-Huh and What happened to the men on that show? We don’t remember them. But we remember Deelishes, We remember Bucky, We remember New York etc. And I understand that is a bad example because it’s reality TV.  Another example. A few years ago LA Clippers All-Star Point Guard Chris Paul came under fire for criticizing female Referee Lauren Holtkamp. She gave him a Technical foul for wanting to take the ball out faster. Ms. Holtkamp is known for making bad calls and she is no Violet Palmer. The media and soft ass, politically correct ESPN tried to do a segment saying that “Chris Paul shouldn’t have said what he said.” I as a NBA connoisseur was mad that he should have to apologize. If you don’t want to be yelled at, then the job might not be about you. If VioletPalmer-660x535you don’t recall Violet Palmer was a great official and even checked Rasheed Wallace when he was playing and had the respect of the league. unfortunately Ms Holtkamp does not and the Women pundits of the sport sided with her when CP3 yelled at her. (Hmmmmmm Violet Palmer is Black and MS. Holtkamp is White but nevermind hahahahahahahahaha see earlier paragraphs about women’s suffrage. Where was the women rallying for Violet Palmer, Oh wait she didn’t need it)

So lets use a thought-provoking example. One of our Presidential Candidates is Hilary Clinton correct? Who is her husband? Who is Donald Trumps wife? I’ll wait. No need you know the answer people. We can’t sit here and say that things are so unfair for women all the time without acknowledging the flip side. There is no way a Woman can have a Be much elder than her immigrant husband who was a model, right (Sarcasm) Keep in mind I am shaking my head laughing as I am typing this. Lets acknowledge these hidden truths folks. We both know the backlash women get when they are involved in a cheating scandal or rape and sexual assualt cases. I whole hardely have the mindframe of innocent until proven guilty in those cases. 2 sides to the story. But I acknowledge also how some women gets bad labels in scandals as well. If Hilary Clinton had a yong man perform oral sex on her (EWWWWWWW Tareau) while being president (in 1996 time frame) would she be a celibratity a la her husband? No she wouldn’t. Hoe, Skank Jezeebel, Harlot, Home Wrecker are some of the bad names that get thrown around when involved with a cheating scandal, right? So please don;t conclude this piece by hating me (the player) hate the Game (*society*) And let’s go back to what I’ve always said and what I stand for:

Yes I am for equal rights, Yes I want equal pay for all, Yes I believe in modern lifestyles, Yes I am for Women leaders. But I want women to acknowledge flip side of things. Don’t just throw the equality card when it benefits you. Much Love









You dive for the ball

When I watch the summer olympics I always looked forward to the USA Mens Basketball team. Unfortunately this 2016 Olympics mens team has been unwatchable. Watching team USA Mens basketball is really boring. It feels like Coach K has 5 of the same players on the floor at the same time. (Except DeAndre Jordan.) This team I would definitely label a C+ team. Our roster consists of 12 players. 9 of whom are scorers (Klay, Kyrie, Boogie, Kyle, Durant, Melo, PG13, Derozan, Jimmy Butler),  1 Systematic Swiss army knife in Draymond Green, 1 rebounding big man in DeAndre Jordan, and 1 Standard athlete in Harrison Barnes. This team sucks and they chose the wrong guys to represent us. There is no heart. No guts. No glory. (See what I did there) And this is today’s NBA people. Australia and Serbia punked us badly. Both of those teams played well. Hard fouls, crisp cuts, communication, ball movement, making the extra pass. The USA team plays too much ISO ball and I’m tired of seeing this play plague our league. Plague our youth. Isolation basketball subliminally tells the fans that this style of basketball wins games. This is what you want to see. For gods sakes, i just watch Kyrie Irving dribble for the entire shotclock without passing the ball to his teammates. His teammates were just standing around like this was an And 1 mixtape audition. For me it’s just like me theory with my Golden State Warriors. We were one player (role player) away from forming a strong, blue collar dynasty. But we get another superstar shooter in Kevin Durant. Let me remind you that I was a blue collar basketball player in high school and in pick up games. So scorers and shooters don’t impress me because they become a liability when they cant shoot or score. They pout, they sulk, they miss assignments on defense. You can see it in their body language when they don’t get a call. All of today’s superstars do it. It’s hard to watch. The flopping. The complaining. The whining. The flailing and tantrums. So imagine when you have a team withas a majority of affromentioned talents. What happens? Exactly. I found myself rooting for Serbia. This team should of never been assembled. They have no identity. The problem is there is no floor general. Kyrie and Kyle are scoring point guards. They don’t run offenses. Kyrie is a smaller Kevin Durant. Kyle Lowry is your prototypical scoring point guard. They needed a Rajon Rondo, or John Wall esq, type of point guard. A facilitator. Anyways, people more scorers are a bad thing. They don’t fix a problem only add to it. Thanks for stopping by.

Self Hate & The Truth about Colorism: The Hidden Levels of Blackness

AlightAAhhh Yes. This was a long time coming. It’s School Daze all over again. Light Skint Vs. Dark Skint. Real Nigga Vs. Black Guys like me. Jokingly it is very funny and I have no problem with the jokes,but it is when people actually feel this way about each other. Imagine being me for a day growing up. Yes I’m light Skint and I’m proud. Does that comes with any benefits? Yes. Honestly it does. I’m not going to lie about it. There is a lot of cocky arrogant Light Skint Brothas who have a lot of self hate about themselves. Problem is when a Light Skint Brotha is cocky, he gets called all kind of bad names. When a darker Brotha does it, it’s ok!  But somehow in todays Black culture Light Skint has been labeled weak or frail. Nevermind that Muhammed Ali, Huey Newton, Malcolm X, William Alexander Leidesdorff are all Light Skint. But because of the Drakes, The Chris Browns, The Steph Currys, The Klay Thompsons, The Yung Bergs, We are critiqued for their actions. We can’t let them speak for an entire race of people, right? By today’s standards we are not labeled as strong. The “They’re not one of us.” mentality has got to stop.
There are a lot of people of different backgrounds who genuinely want to help the Black community. I say this because is it possible to forgive someone who was a racist? Is it wrong to label all white people as bad or evil? Of course it is. Not every Black person is named Jaquita or La’Shawn right? If we as black people do not want to be stereotyped than shouldn’t we do the same thing? It is tricky depending on where you live but one of my greatest philosophies that I live by is this: “Never judge someone off of a first impression.. You don’t know what that person is going through that day.”





niggers.png I get called NIGGER the same way as my darker counterpart. Light Skint people within the African-American community has been the laughing-stock. Would you tell Malcolm X that “That is some Light Skinned shit?” So does being Dark Skint gives you a pass for certain actions or vice versa? I would be oblivious to think or to say that colorism within our own community doesn’t exist. It sure in the fuck does. Black comes in different shades. Different Hues. But we are constantly labeled. (I mean WE as black people.) Growing up I wished that I could be called light-skinned American instead of African-American. Truth be told I’m glad I didn’t harbor those feelings into adulthood. White Boy, High Yella, House Nigga, Massah’s Boy, Uncle Tom etc. The shit didn’t bother me for the longest time. Until today.
We All come in different colors



It’s a challenge to be me sometimes. Supporting black businesses, reading about lost black history, dating within my race, dating outside of my race. Black community are fearful it seems of homosexuality, not being a Christian, not identifying with a lot of common stereotypes, other races, crying, seeing a therapist and not conforming to the status quo. It is taboo. So if I don’t like Pigs feet, or Chiterlins, am I not Black? If I don’t like basketball am I not Black? If I played the guitar and like Lacrosse, am I not Black? If I don’t date a black woman am I not black? (In a lot of people’s eyes, Yes) I love black women but do they love me? Let’s use my life for example before we go any further. I’ve been trying to date black women but for a lot of ladies that I’ve encountered, my lifestyle didn’t fit them. I am a single father of 3 kids and 2 of them are autistic. Not one black lady is knocking at my door to help me raise my children or start a new family. I don’t smoke weed, I don’t go to clubs, I don’t hang out on the block, I don’t do any drugs, I don’t watch B.E.T., I don’t like being in big crowds at times, but some how, black culture deems that soft, or deems that weird. “Oh Tareau, you’re not hood enough. You’re not a real nigga!” So if you are constantly told this by numerous of women you encountered, what would you do? You shouldn’t have to change who you are to please some one. And no these aren’t the unfortunate hood rat girls that are constantly a large misrepresentation of black women. Some of these were college educated women, entrepeneurs etc. Granted these women do not make up all of black women. It would be ignorant to label everyone like that. I have even thought of moving to where there are more black women. I’ve searched high and low believe me, but I haven’t found it. When I date outside of my race, a lot of Black women from my past gets upset. The same ones who weren’t giving me any time. At the end of the day, you love who you love. When I see a white man with a black woman I don’t care nor do I have any ill will. I don’t care honestly who a stranger is dating. Maybe that’s just in my twisted head but I think if we look at the big picture, we will stop self imploding each other from within. I once was told by my ex that I need to change to understand Black women better. This stemmed from an argument about hair. She had beautiful dreadlocks, long great smelling, healthy locks, and she asked my how I would feel if she cut them and got a weave. I personally do not like weaves. They freak me out. I told her exactly what I just told you guys. All hell broke loose. I told her that it’s her hair and at the end of the day I will miss her locks, but Weaves gross me out. (Just by the fact that it’s not your hair) She then went off on me. Boy she let me have it. So here we have one of the most beautiful hair style within the African culture (dreadlocks) and I showed dismay because she wanted to cut them off for this…..


 In todays cultural accepting world (or lack thereof) there is a fight within the fight. Almost every race has different shades to them but us as black people project those differences with either hate or love. An example of hate is Yung Bergs Dumbass comments. An example of Love would be on the movie Precious where Gabourey Sildibe professes her love for a light-skint man in a fantasy.  “My name is Clarice Precious Jones. I want to be on the cover of a magazine. I wish I had a light-skinned boyfriend with good hair. But first I want to be in one of those BET videos, and we see a fantasy sequence of her dressed in a photo-shoot, accompanied with a light-skinned boyfriend (who will be in all her future movie sequences.) She also says I ‘m gonna break through, someone is going to break through to me, ima be normal and sit in the front of the class.”  And her being a darker skinned lady, It’s never a dual equality on the color spectrums of being black. I remember listening the late Notorious BIG’s ex-wife talk about Biggie being “color Struck” in an interview. Saying after her, his women were all lighter (Lil Kim, Charli Baltimore, and Faith Evans) Nina Simone who was a beautiful chocolate complexion, was played by Zoe Saladana. Although Zoe is bi-racial, Hollywood racially type casted her to play the great Nina Simone. Was not Ledisi available?  Here’s another example. President Barack Obama is the 1st African-American President, right? Some people says things like “Well would he have won if he was darker?” or “He’s not a real nigga!” Truth be told does any of that matter? I’m no die-hard Barack Obama fan but if that’s the case why aren’t people voting for Herman Cain or Ben Carson? They are darker than I am but some how if we are going to name call, we should do it right, right? I rarely hear my fellow dark-skinned brethren call those 2 gentleman names but are constantly attack our President’s white lineage. Brothas and Sisters we can’t control our skin color, parents, race, or lineage. We are doing Willie Lynch’s job for him. Today We should be able to not give in to such stereotypes, but we are constantly challenging each other for the reins of our Negro Kingdom.
I share with you my thoughts because the future of our children are misled. I wish at times everyone was like my twin sons who are autistic. On the spectrum there is no racism, there is no colorism, there is no religion. It’s just their world. They don’t have a clue that they are black. (or half) do you think I care? Hell no. Do you think they care? Hell no. I realize that this will never stop. I am only sharing with you my experiences in my lifetime and my views on things. You can totally disagree with everything I just said. At least you would know that I respect the agree to disagree statement. I said all this because one day my daughter who is bi racial will not have to question her ethnicity. I am trying to lay the foundation down to prevent an identity crises. I can’t control how she looks. Family members who I don’t talk to would say “she doesn’t look black at all!” Granted she does favor her mother (mother was Salvadoran) but that right there will give you a complex on who you are. Will the Black community accept her? Will the Latino community accept her? I thought this through and through and the answer is no. No to both. but that doesn’t mean she can’t be carefree and live a great life. She knows about racism and colorism. But does she know about this world that is hidden in plain sight? I think we know the answer to that……….

One in the Same (Vol. I)

Aaron Rodgers and Chris Paul, two of the best at their respective sports—and positions. Both have a remarkable feel for the game they play. Renowned for poise, command, and finding the open man. Although the two play different sports, they are nearly identical in approach, and style. The positions of Quarterback and Point Guard are kindred—by the very nature of their respective duties. The responsibility to lead men in battle, not to mention being depended upon to set tone and tempo. The two men are arguably the best at what they do, and thecouchsports.com is here to recognize greatness.

-In his career, Aaron Rodgers has thrown 257 touchdown passes (17th all time) and rushed for 21, resulting in 1,668 points.

-In 11 years Chris Paul has dropped 1,688 dimes (11th all time), resulting in 1,688 buckets, and scored 14,506 points himself.

-Rodgers is a  2 -time NFL MVP,  2-time First Team All Pro, and a 5-time Pro Bowler. In ten years Aaron is not only incredibly accurate, he is vigilant with the football. Only 65 interceptions in a decade. Closest player with double digit picks, with at least ten years of service, is Alex Smith—with 83. They are no where near the same caliber of player, but as you can see, Aaron is on another level from every other QB.

-Paul is a former Rookie of the Year, 8-time All-star, makes the NBA All Defensive team almost every year, and like Rodgers, rarely turns the ball over.

Both players are not only respected, but are two transcendent players in sports period.


The Green Bay Packers have made the playoffs for the last 7 years straight, with a Super Bowl victory in Rodgers second year at the helm. The Los Angeles Clippers have made the playoffs each of the five seasons since Chris Paul’s arrival,but have yet to make it out of the second round.

Here’s where I draw the similarities. Much like the Packers recievers, the Clippers players depend upon one man to set them up to score. DeAndre Jordan, Wesley Johnson, and to a certain extent—J.J. Redick and Blake Griffin can not score on their own. Take last season playoff series against the Portland TrailBlazers for example:


credit to Free Dawkins

As you can see, Chris Paul has to do everything. Control tempo, set the table, read the defense (even for others), and pass people open. He’s a duel threat, and he stays in the passing lanes, part of the reason he’s in the top 5 in steals every year.

Now look at this highlight reel of Paul racking up 18 assist, and wait for the 24 second mark, to see Chris scramble like a QB and make the big play happen: 


Credit to Free Dawkins 

Now watch the correlation between the two. Here is Aaron Rodgers making shit happen on the field, scrambling, and making players look better than they are. [note: Due the NFL not being very fan friendly, you have to follow the link above and watch Rodgers on youtube]

Do you see the  similarities? If you change out the footwear, you’re looking at two men playing the same style.


This play in particular shows what looks like the football equivalent of a crossover, to an  in-and-out move, finished off by a lob for the score.

One in the same indeed. Leave your comments below, there will be more installments in the future, including the similarities between Cam Newton and LeBron James, Russell Westbrook and Adrian Peterson,  and more.


The return of Jesus

According to reports the great Ray Allen is considering coming back to the NBA. The 41 year old Allen isn’t coming back for the love of the game no, he reportedly wants to play again to pad his 3-point record. Yes, the very record that will inevitably be broken by Wardell Stephen Curry. Currently Jesus Shuttlesworth sits atop the record book with 2,973 three pointers made, and Curry is 19th on the list with 1,593. If Steph keeps up the record breaking pace from last season, the record will be broken in the year 2020. If Ray does comes back, the record will be broken—maybe by 2021. My feeling is, the record isn’t safe, so what’s the point of coming back for that? You left gracefully Ray, we don’t want to see you in a bad light, taking shots away from young guys, to prove a bitter point to one young whipper snapper. Wardell may go down as the best shooter to ever breathe, but you’ll still have the prettiest shooting form of all all time. Hey, you may be the best athlete actor of all time as well, huh-huh? Consider those two things wins, and wait for that Hall of Fame invite.





After all the dust has settled on football Sunday, most NFL fans jump into their familiar routines. Some begin to mentally prepare for Monday morning work, some shower, or even eat a late dinner. Myself on the other hand, I carefully comb through the statistics of quarterbacks, black quarterbacks. The subject of African-American signal callers is one I’m very fond of, and as passionate about the topic as anyone I’ve ever met—if not more. One reason is because it’s the most important position in all of the four major American sports. Another reason is because militancy runs in my blood. For decades people of African diaspora weren’t allowed to play the position, and when we were, we were labeled “not smart enough”, or “unfit.” In 2016, otherwise known as the “acceptance era”, sports bigotry has been relegated into much more coded language, such as, does (Insert Black QB name) have the “mental capacity” to make quick decisions?  Or the talking heads favorite separate but equal phrase, “Class act.” If you don’t have blinders on, then you can read between the lines. In our alleged “post-racial” society, certain groups of men are still vying to be seen in the whole category —and not the sepreate, he’s a great black… category

This isn’t a piece on racial justice, but more of a closer look at the evolution of footballs future.

“Very disingenuous — has a fake smile, comes off as very scripted and has a selfish, me-first makeup, always knows where the cameras are and plays to them. Has an enormous ego with a sense of entitlement that continually invites trouble and makes him believe he is above the law — does not command respect from teammates and will always struggle to win a locker room … Lacks accountability, focus and trustworthiness — is not punctual, seeks shortcuts and sets a bad example. Immature and has had issues with authority. Not dependable.”  -Nolan Nawrocki


Nolan Nawrocki, of Pro Football Weekly wrote the above statement about Cam Newton before the 2011 draft. Many pundits wrote the man off as a sure fire draft bust, and all but openly wished he’d fail. Cam went on to become the number one draft pick, went on to garner MVP honors in 2016—and a lead his team to a Super Bowl appearance. One would think after a such accomplishments, the critics would hush the hell up right? Wrong! The Coded-Language Alliance showed up with a different spin. This time from a former player, who wanted Cam to show more “class.” An angry mom pinned Cameron a letter, with racial undertones—and wanted Newton to “think of the children.

Cam-Newton-1200Discount double standard 


In 1978 Two men who took similar paths down two different roads, unknowingly blazed trails for future players of the same melanin. One being a former MVP and 9x Pro Bowler, and the other becoming the first black quarterback to ever win a Super Bowl—and be named MVP of the big game.

Like many high school stars, Warren Moon was recruited by a number of colleges, but some wanted to convert Moon to another position, as was the norm for many major colleges recruiting black high school quarterbacks. Warren ended up attending Western Los Angeles college,  before going on to star at the University of Washington. Unfortunately Warren Moon went undrafted in the 1978. Moon wanting badly to play quarterback, turned to the Canadian Football League. To Say Warren found success North of the border is an understatement; winning 5 straight Grey Cups! He also won the offensive Grey Cup Most Valuable Player award in the 1980 and 1982 games. Moon became the first professional quarterback to pass for 5,000 yards in a season in 1982. After proving his worth year after year, in 1983 Moon threw for 5,648 yards and 31 touchdowns, then the NFL came calling. After a bidding war, Moon ended up with the Houston Oilers. Fast forward to 1987, a season shortened by a players’ strike that eliminated the third week of the regular season, the Oilers ended up with their first winning record in seven years. Then two years later Moon signed a contract extension making him the leagues highest paid player, which was for 5 years worth $10 million.

The name Doug Williams is as synonymous with the Superbowl victory in 1988, than the actual team. Why? Because he was the First black quarterback to ever Start, and win the big game. The former two time Black College Player of the Year, also tacted on MVP honors, and not only forever attached his name to NFL history, but gave Black People something to hang their hats on for years to come. Before the day that really opened the door for a generation of players, Williams turned around a  talent deficient franchise in the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The Bucs had won only two games in as many seasons, and after Williams arrival went to the playoffs three times in four years—and played in the 1979 NFC Championship Game. Unfortunately his tenure with the Buccaneers didn’t last long, as team owner Hugh Culver house refused to pay Doug Williams his worth in 1982. Williams was only paid $120,000 a year. Not only was this far and away the lowest salary for a starting quarterback in the league, but it was less than the salary of 12 backups. Williams wanted $600,000 but Culver relented countering with $400,000. Still back up money though. Ain’t that a bitch. Doug bolted for the USFL, and Tampa Bay went 2-14. Williams returned to the league ’86, and… the rest as we know is history.

The New Era

In 1985 while Warren Moon was carving up the league, and three years before Doug Williams won it all a a young man by the name of Randall Cunningham entered the NFL. He was mostly a backup to Ron Jaworski,  but when he did play he showed flashes of what was to come in the future. In 1987 young Randall was given the keys,and in 1988 was selected to his first Pro Bowl  (first black Quarterback to start), and won the MVP trophy. Cunningham went on to 3 more Pro Bowls, won the league MVP twice (’90 & ’98), and made the Philadelphia Eagles hall of fame.

Black Quarterbacks became novelty like in the historical copy-cat league that is the NFL. Teams were trying to capitalize finacially, but outside of Randall Cunningham there wasn’t someone to really come in and test the Myth of the so-called inferior players, until the late Steve Mcnair. Smart, Mobile, versatile, cannon for an arm, and shitted all over the “can’t throw from the pocket” argument.

In 1998 the Allen Iverson of football entered the NFL. Mike Vick not only changed the way the quarterback position is played, even today, but transformed how you judge African-Americans at that position—forever.


If you are old enough to remember  when Vick was tearing up the league, then you know how simultaneously hilarious and mind blowing it was to watch him. Opposing defenses had no idea what to do. Not a clue. He may throw a 60 yard bomb with an effortless flick of the wrist. He may juke your whole team out their cleats, then use his world class speed to score. It was like watching a live video game.

At the time that Vick was commanding most of the nation’s attention, the league had a slew of young, black, talented arms around the league. Dante Culpepper, Donovan Mcnabb, the aforementioned Steve Mcnair, Aaron Brooks, veteran Rodney Peete and more. Despite the corner we all thought we turned, people such as Rush Limbaugh reminded us we hadn’t got that far.


Generational Gap

In 2015 Russell Wilson became the first black quarterback to win a Super Bowl  in 25 years. In 2014 some of Wilson’s teammates felt as though he wasn’t black enough; whatever that shit means, and alienated him. This one baffled me, not because it was said, but more so because grown-ass rich men had a tissy fit over who’s more relatable to a streotype. In these exhausting times of our people being more concerned with keeping it real (looking cool while fucking up), police brutality, and gaining our economic freedom, I feel like there’s  no room for such rhetoric. Wilson ended up Signing an $86 million extention, a far cry from the $600,000 Doug Williams was pleading for in 1982.

In 2015 there were 9, count them 9 (if you count Colin Kaepernick), starting Quarterbacks for week 1. 30 teams, 9 quarterbacks, in a league that’s 78% black. Interesting right? Also just as interesting is the hatefull letters and vitriol aimed at the leagues most polarizing, yet always smiling star. One, Cam Newton.



I’m realizing all the old sayings may be true after all. You know, “misery loves company” or “they hate to see you enjoy yourself.” All the hate this young man gets is amazing.  After all the Charity work, after all the touchdowns thrown, yards gained, and footballs given to kids. He danced , so he’s a classless thug. Peyton Manning would never embarrass the league. Tom Brady would never upstage anyone. Oh, that hyperlink? Oh that’s just Tom showing  passion. Anytime one of the fair skin players gets rowdy it’s passion. How many chances will Johnny Manziel get? The four letter network is chomping at the bit for an all-American comeback story. Yet when any player darker then a corporate CEO see a blunt being rolled, it’s a reflection of 38.9 Million people. Oh, and that individual player gets the book thrown at him. What’s worse, what Mike Vick got in trouble for, or what Ben Roethlisberger got away with?


The 2016 season is upon us, and like Allstate, the league is in good hands. America is a diverse place, and it’s most popular position, in the countries most popular sport is on the verge of reflecting that. So while you’re debating who you’ll play in fantasy league, I’ll be watching a dream come true.