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Tareau’s thoughts on new America. The NBA!

Yes indeed. The NBA gets it. NFL and MLB you really need to take note. Hockey? Psst! Lets not even go there with Hockey. Like it or not America is no longer a “Good ole boy” country. It’s officially diverse. America is for everyone. Not just me, not just you. The NBA Gets it.¬†Don’t try to change it. The NBA not only gets it, but they’ve made a worldwide brand off of this sport. There’s so much change that has happened in this country since basketball was invented in 1891 by Dr. James Naismith. We are not going to visit those life changing venues. We could. But we will save them for another day.¬†Instead we will talk about the current infrastructure of the¬†NBA, the NFL, the MLB, Hockey and other¬†socio-economical¬†issues. One thing that we have to realize before proceeding, is the acceptance of other. Please try to do that. I, myself am working on that everyday. So with that being said, I present to you America, The NBA.

Diversity is talk about amongst everyone today in modern America. (maybe not in rural areas and certain states. Talking bout you, Vermont)¬†From civil rights, to religious freedoms, to the LGBT movements, to Womens rights, equal pay etc. The NBA has been at the forefront of all these issues. Just think. In the NBA you will be suspended and fined for saying gay slurs like “FAG” or¬†“Homo.” Remember those words was commonly used in common jokes. Not today ¬†Do you think that would happen in the NFL? Sacramento Kings Guard Darren Collison got arrested for Domestic violence. He will face a hefty fine and suspended. The NFL Ray Rice fiasco?? Hahahahahahaha next. Is it because the NFL players are considered modern-day gladiators and get a free pass once they sack the Quarterback? Or is the fact the Helmet these gladiators wear can protect them from public opinion. A sense of anonymity? Ok what about Michael Sam? Look how he was ostracized from NFL locker rooms. Now compare that to Jason Collins. Granted Jason Collins was a bust, a journey man and on the tail end of his career. He did not have star power or influence as a Michael Sam. (Now I personally do not like Michael Sam which is another story as well.) But Michael Sam on the other hand was an All American in 2013, The 2013¬†SEC Defensive¬†Player of the year, 1st team All-SEC 2013 team. NFL Scouts and GM’s (anonymously of course) would masquerade Michael Sam’s media coverage as a reason not to take him. Whispers of “Oh he’s not even played an NFL down and look at all that attention he’s getting.” True but let’s be honest here: When in the fuck has the NFL ever shied away from media attention. Isnt any publicity good publicity? Hell NFL commissioner Roger Goodell made an estimate $44 million dollars from the time of the Ray Rice incident 2/15/14-Mid 2015 (Thanks to & Yahoo writer Frank Schwab.) Now lets dig in deeper, shall we. The NBA just released its LBGT shirts for every team in the NBA. Do you think this would happen in football? “Hell to the Naw.”

Now America (sorry bout that again) The NBA gets it right when it comes to our ladies. Becky Hammon was hired as an assistant coach by the San Antonio Spurs in 2014. Multiple women basketball players have been inducted into the Hall of fame with their male counterparts. There are women analyst. Women trainers. Another win for The NBA. Now The MLB on the other hand (to my knowledge) does not really advertise softball or camps for girls at all. There are no women 3rd basecoaches, or umpires. NFL? Hahahahahahha once again why bother. I understand the physicality of football and most people would agree that a women’s body could not handle the constant wear and tear on the gridiron. True. Ok but why not have more women integrated in football? We know for a fact that it takes a strong woman to work in any male dominated field.

I’m a 100%¬†Straight, black, young single father whom was born and raised here in San Francisco Ca. Now I’ve had the privy of growing up, growing around and interacting with different groups of people. So you might say I’m biased but if you disagree with this sentiment, I might be more like you if I grew up in a place where it’s just black and white. I’m accepting of the fact, that many individuals in this world are products of their environment. (guilty to some extent) When I was a tour guide here in the city I, I would often folks from all over the world.What was crazy it that it was always someone from a small town middle America, who would ask me this question: “Hey T, Are we going to see any queers on the tour today? You know like on TV?” I would always laugh in my head on how close minded some people are. My response was simple: “Sir, How don’t you know if I’m gay?” Now being that I’m comfortable with my sexuality I know that comment would offend them. But wait! There’s more. They would respond with something along the lines of “Well you don’t look gay” LMFAO. Gay no longer has a look. Fat, old, sweaty, feminine, masculine, thug etc. Every type of personality has gay people in that genre. After statements Like that I would ponder deeper. What do people who’ve never met a black person think about us? Do they think we can all Jump High, and can rap or dance? Or do they expect us to be “Shucking & Jiving” and “Cooning” it up? Once again It’s portrayal. Food for thought. Also even people without the same upbringing as me, go through the same trials and tribulations. Death, murder, drugs, debt, disease, etc. All the bad stuff, right? So just because someone doesn’t look a certain way does not mean anything. My 9th grade Algebra teacher, Mrs. Grace once told me something I’ll never forget. “Never judge someone on their first impression. You don’t know what that person is going through that day. Judge them on the length of character.”

Another topic. Majority Ownership. You guys know by now that I’m not a big stats guy. Here is something interesting however. In the 3 major sports in America, There are 9 Majority sports owners that are minorities.¬†(Maybe 10 because¬†Nintendo owns the¬†Seattle Mariners)

1. Arturo Moreno majority ower of The LA Angels. Mexican American.

2. Kim Pegula majority owner (via marriage of Terry Pegula) of the Buffalo Bills. Korean American

3. Shahid Khan majority owner of the Jacksonville Jaguars Pakistani American

4. Michael Jordan majority owner of the Charlette Hornets African-American

5-7 Will Smith, Jada Pinkett Smith, and James Lassiter. Majority Owners of the Philadelphia 76ers. All 3 are African-American

8. Erik Thohir majority owner of the Philadelphia 76ers Indonesian American

9. Vivek Ranadive majority owner of the Sacramento Kings Indian American

There are countless of minority owners in sports ownership. We all know this. But look at the NBA. They are getting it right. NFL and MLB? light-years away from cracking any major barriers. Please understand that I don’t hate the NFL or MLB. No as you know I am a die-hard sports fan. There’s nothing wrong with harsh, constructive criticism. It’s like me telling them that their breath stinks or telling them that maybe you shouldn’t wear that out of the house. Sometimes the truth hurts, but we all need to hear it.

The global effect is something that the NBA has dominated. It is a brand that people of many countries around this earth understands. They know the players. You can’t do that in football. The world hates American football. Basketball is easier to understand and follow. Baseball can be complex at times but it doesn’t have that same style of basketball. Yes baseball has a diverse group of ball players, from Cuba, to Japan, to the Dominican Republic but baseball doesn’t really transcend into the Eurasian market like basketball. Just look at Stephon Marbury. Some would say he was oust here in the US, he is living like a king in China. Speaking of China yesterday Minnasota Timberwolves owner Glen Taylor sold 30% of the rteam to a Chinese business man named Lizhang Jiang. Ahhhh yes Diversity. At its finest too.





Tareau’s Top 10 Jerseys in MLB History

Yawn, you say? Not another top 10 list! You betcha sweet butt another top 10 list, Damm right. This time it’s for baseball so let’s go

Screenshot_20160627-16491710. The 1998 Inaugural season home Unis. I love the graphics of the sting Ray on the front.

Screenshot_20160627-1635449. The 1978 Montreal Expos Road Unis. ¬†I loved that it looks like the 70s. Just weird ¬†and colorful.¬†Screenshot_20160627-163059.jpg8. The 1983 Chicago White Sox Home Unis. I was born in those year and plus who wouldn’t want to wear a white Jersey that says “sox” on it

Screenshot_20160627-1700427. The Early 2000s New York Mets Alt Unis. Seeing Mike Piazza in these wish I was a Mets fan.

Screenshot_20160627-1637106. The 1969 Oakland A’s unis. Reggie Jackson at the A’s 2nd year in Oakland was a nice season. Surely you can agree on that¬†Screenshot_20160627-170422.jpg5. The Florida Marlins 2002 Alt Unis. I had that hat with the black and Carolina blue Nike uptempo.

Screenshot_20160627-1626334. The 1983-94 Home Giants Unis. I’m no traitor or anything. I do love our Unis I’m just tired of looking at them. Hahahah

Screenshot_20160627-1639193. The 1994 Seattle Marlins away unis Tell me that purple didn’t look refreshing man. Griffey was always clean but these will make any germaphop dirty.

Screenshot_20160627-1643352. The 1976 Houston Astros Away. This one and the #1 Jersey has sentimental value to me. My first ever pack of baseball cards had this hologram in it. (Not the player above)Screenshot_20160627-1706251. The 1976 Pittsburgh Pirates unis. Lookie here man. Dave Parker is stunting and smoking like a G in this pic. That is classic triple OG status.

So there you have it. What do you think. Please share your thoughts.


Giving Them that D

And no it’s not what you think. I’m talking about defense. Say what? Defense. Yes that’s right. My focus here is to make you (the reader) love defense. Because, let’s be honest here, a¬†lot of people don’t care nor like defense. The average sports fan can give 2 @#$% about defense. Well why is that? My theory is an interesting and off the wall theory. You might be offended. You might be displeased. You might be excited. Whatever the feelings just know that I’ve done my job to challenge and engage you. Please try to keep up with my.¬†Lewis Howard Latimore-Esq theories.
For starters, defense is not sexy. It’s not advertised. It’s not glorified amongst common folks. What’s ironic however is the fact that defense takes less skill to develop than offense. Think about it. Sometimes just being in the right place at the right time can cause a turn over in Basketball, football, soccer,¬†hockey etc. Sometimes all you have to do is be at the right place at the right time. With that comes the WILL to do that. The Heart, Will, and Desire to do that. Wait! What? The heart, will, and desire to stand around? “No way, I’m not going to do that Mr. Barron.”¬† You might say. No silly,¬†the heart, will and desire to will yourself to anticipate making the play to be there at the right place and the right time. Please don’t get it twisted however. I’m not saying it’s easy to play defense. In fact I think it’s harder. It’s just not as glitzy as offense is advertised. Why do you think Steph Curry does not guard the opposing teams best point guard?
Now I truly believe soccer players and swimmers are the best athletes in the world. Soccer players with their endurance, footwork, and skills. Swimmers with their stamina, will and intuition. They are also great defenders when they play other sports.Achieng+Ajulu+Bushell+European+Swimming+Championships+eXsuhEbAn0ll Think about it. Muscle memory along with fatigue can be a deadly combination in swimming. Practicing breathing techniques and developing stronger lungs will push a swimmer to its limit. Now that same type of mentality makes a great defender. Did I lose you? Sorry. Soccer players are constantly running for 90 minutes and have to have a general awareness on where the ball is. Let that sink in on ya. You’re running for 90 mins straight only able to use everything but your upper limbs. Once you program yourself that you are restricted, you have to find out who you are guarding. What your task or assignment is. All while trying to score a goal or prevent the opponent to score on you. These 2 sports I just mentioned would transfer easily on being great wing defenders in basketball and great help side defenders
Not impressed yet? Ok good. I want you to be uninterested at this point. In fact I dare you to be. Now here’s where it gets fun. Think about this. Here in the United States we have an offensive mentality. We are easily OFFENDED. We are not proactive We are reactive. We have a vast amount of wealth but we are in tremendous debt. We as an American culture do not defend well. Socially, Economically, Financially, and Emotionally. We wait till something bad happens before taking preventive countermeasures. Whatever your political affiliation or upbringing you know I’m right. Even in entertainment the superhero is usual a defender but no one wants to pay to see defense. We want explosions (i.e. Hail Mary’s) We want high-octane (I.e. Thrills) We want to see what most americans view as sexy save the day. We don’t want to see the Tech guy save the day with¬†his unique coding and hacking skills,¬†or the 2nd in command. I do, but unfortunately im in that¬†2% of people who cares. I’m speaking to the majority.¬†Now I have your attention, Sir or Madam. Ok now think about that previous statement and translate it into sports. No one wants to see 2x Defensive player of the year Kahwai Leonard, or 2015 NFL tackle Leader¬†Navarro Bowman, year or Brandon Crawford making his 1st golden glove last year. (Shout out to Pleasanton Ca)¬†or¬†¬†Tamika Catchings making the All WNBA second team last tamika_catchings_-_h_-_2015
Now to fix this problem, We as society have to teach kids about defense. Defense in life, defense in sports, defense with finances, and defense with their own personal beliefs. It’s synonymous with each other. Not only that, but kids don’t want to play defense because it’s hard. It’s not fun. It doesn’t get you on the highlight tape. It doesnt get you the girl that you want or the boy that you’ve been chasing. Imagine that it took Lebron pinning Andre Igudola’s shot against the backboard in game & of the 2016 NBA finals to have children talking about defense. What about the whole Cavs team, clamping down on the Splash Bros? defense is the ultimate team effort. If Justin Timberlake a decade ago brought sexy back (hahaha The Purple One would disagree)¬†you think LeBron James james will bring defense back because of that block? We are a copy cat society. Monkey see monkey do. Its human nature. I get it.
Another thing is for basketball players both collegiate mens and women coming into the L. The offense will be there for you. Look at how many people couldnt shoot 3’s when they were a novice (Al Harrington I’m talking to you) The fadeaway, the free throws, the floaters, the lay ins etc. All that will be there for you. What’s not there for you is learning great fundamentally sound defense. Denying the ball, getting your hands in the passing lanes, calling out screens, boxing out, learning your opponents weaknesses. How many times must we bare witness to flat-footed defense. Imagine if collegiate men and women worked on their defense, imagine how much more money and longevity they would make and have in their lives. Just by playing defense. And not just a stat stuffer defender. (Ahem Hassan Whiteside) To add-on I want to say that Damien Jones and Patrick McCaw of my Warriors please don’t worry about offense. We need you to be defenders, The offense is there for the taking.2016 Warriors Draft Picks
What we need to teach them is defense is a vital and glorious part of sports. Look at the 2001 Ravens. Usually its the quarterback who carries and rallies his team to the promise land. Nope. Sorry. All about defense that year. See how that is never the story that you want to hear. Fast forward to boxing. May-Pac fight. Some people paid a lot of money to watch a great fight. In their eyes a great fight consists of haymakers, jabs, taunting, dancing and showmanship. How many people do you know said it was a rip off? Well news flash that’s real boxing. Tiring your opponent out is a beautiful, calculated, orchestrated chess move. Oh that’s right, We don’t like chess. We like Call Of Duty and Madden though, right? Lets make defense alluring. Lets have a parade for all NBA Defensive 1st and 2nd teamers, or MLB Golden Glove winners or NFL tackle leaders or collegiate Women’s defensive player of the year awards. Lets stop making these huge accomplishments minimal and celebrate these great feats not only for the men and women who are sacrificing their bodies for our entertainment but let’s do it for kids. We teach them how to defend themselves as a society we will be in good hands. Why do you think Draymond Green got his $85 million dollar deal? Defense.
In conclusion I hope that me and my conspiracy theories on things help you understand where I am coming from. I hope you enjoy our articles, even if you disagree with everything we say.
Defended by a vanguard


“Best Seats In The House” Quick Catch Up on the Giants

Kruk and KuipFor any die-hard Giants fan, you might remember this quote from an earlier 2000 season game. It was the best announcers in Professional Baseball. Who am I talking about.¬†No other than Mike Krukow and Duane Kuiper. Collectively known as “Kruk and Kuip.”¬†Let me walk you through the title quote. I couldn’t stop laughing when I heard and saw this awesomeness. It was a typical game at the best stadium in the world. AT&T Park. Kruk and Kuip were handling their business as usual. Doing hall of fame commentary along with making nice jokes and keeping you as the viewer, engaged. There was a little baby sitting on his mothers’ lap. His mother was (hmmm how can I say this without offending anyone) His mother was. She was STACKED. Yes well endowed. Anyways it looked to be the babies 1st game and one of the greatest announcers in the world said “Best seats in the house.” I thought this was a great way to be subtle and slick. Now that was classic, wasn’t it? I’m not here to talk about how great Kruk & Kuip is. (He hits it high, he hits it deep) I’m here to talk about my 2nd place San Francisco Giants. 2nd place in the whole league Craig. The whole league. (Friday After Next Friday reference)

mbum and posey

As of today 6/25/16 the Giants are 48-27. We are 15-6 in the month of June and from 6/11/16-6/19/16 we went on an 8 game winning streak. 23-13 at home and 25-14 on the road. Now I know there is this “Even year pressure” to win another World Series Trophy. Which I am hoping like hell to happen.¬† We are having a great 1st couple of months thus far. And I have a lot of groveling to do with the Giants due to my extended attention on the Warriors. Now one thing I do want to see is Mad Bum in the home run Derby. Why not? While pitching a 1.85 ERA and at 8-3 record he also has 2 dingers.¬†I would also like to see Brandon Belt move up from 21 on the Batting average list, to about top 15. Now granted we are a great team. If you’re watching the Giants for fantasy numbers, this is the wrong site buddy.¬† The Giants has a great recipe for repeating. It may not be pretty and alluring to most but this has been some the most exciting baseball in a while. Just make sure you get some of our Gigantes in the upcoming all-star game in San Diego. Yadier Molina of the St. Louis Cardinals leads Buster Posey for the starting catcher position by 75,413 votes. Come on people wake up. Lets get our boys some love. Besides… We have




Tareau’s top 10 shoes of the 90’s

Yes monkey see monkey do. Dave did his list so now i will do one too. Walk in my shoes. Hell I’ve had size 13/14 since I was 13.¬†Screenshot_20160624-232516


10. The 96 side laced Dennis Rodmen’s. If you remember correctly he had 3 different shoes from Nike out around this time. These (the side laces) the zippers, and the basic ones that cost $60 at Copeland. Yall remember Copelands’ right?


9. The 95/96 red Deion Sanders. Yes because he was with the 49ers at that time but we also use to say that this design looked like a dinosaur claw.


8. Fila Grant Hill Navy #2 I didn’t like the white ones with the blue patent leather. I liked these better.


7. The 96 AIRS airmax shoes.

Scottie Pippen and other greats in the 90s rocked these like they were new socks. Especially looked clean in the Bulls red jersey.



6. The 97 Nike blue air bakins. The seems were Tim Hardaway’s first signature shoe but I liked the blue ones better than the Red.


5.The Reebok Answers red and white¬†These were probably some of the most comfortable shoes I’ve ever played ball in. I liked these with the sixers home jersey.


4. The Red and black Jordan XI, yes this one would be higher on anyone lists. Too bad I could never afford these. Still cant.Not that Jordan gives 2 shits about black and Latinos killing each over over some dumb shoes. But that’s another article.


3. The 95 Griffey Airmax. All the ballers had these in Fillmoe around 95. From local rappers JT that Bgga Figga, to Rappin 4-tay everyone who was anyone in that era had these.



2. The 96 black and white penny air. These were my original favorite shoes of all time. But a few years ago, age took over my young mind and I had a grown man epiphany. See my #1 shoes


1. The black Larry Johnson converse with react juice. These shoes are sentimental to me because these were the 1st name brand shoes I ever owned. From pro wings, xj900, to attack forces, honchos, Oxford Street, to finally these. Copelands had a sale in the mid 90s and these and the Kevin Johnson’s were only $19.99. I was no longer getting made fun of because of my shoes. I had cool shoes. This was in 95.


What would be your favorite? Please leave feedback and comments. Thank you for checking out our site.



Dave’s Top 10 shoes from the 90’s

Whether ¬†you grew up in the 90’season or not, you have to admit the best athletic shoes came out of that decade. I put together a list of my 10 favorite pair of shoes to come out of that great era.



     10. Nike Air Penny

I had a tough time deciding between these and the ¬†Nike Air Ups. I adored both, but I decided I’d give his official debut signature shoe the nod.





¬† ¬† ¬†9. Nike Air Max ’97 aka Dan O’briens’

My cousin Terrell had these, and I wanted to borrow them more than anything, ¬† ¬† ¬† because I knew I couldn’t have them. These shoes were classic! This shoe in. ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†particular rekindleday my love for running shoes




8. Fila ’96 Varsity

Oh yes! I know you remember these. Grant Hill’s second signature shoe. Jordan who? These took over for a little while as a top selling shoe.If you had these you. ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† automatically went up a few notches in popularity.




¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† 7. Nike Zoom Flight ’95

Easily one of everybody’s favorites. I can remember Jason Kidd dropping dimes in these vividly! These were cleaner than your grandma’s living room




       6. Nike Air Max 2 (Charles Barkley)

You wanted them. ¬†You know how I know? ¬†Because I wanted them. ¬†Everybody wanted them! Matched with so many outfits, ¬†these were versatile. I’m thinking of starting a retro shoe collection starting ¬†with these.




5. Nike Air Diamond Fury (Ken Griffey, Jr.)

I don’t have to write anything to sell you on these. ¬†LOOK AT THEM




¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† 4. Nike Air Max ’95

With a litany of colors, these are my favorite scheme. Classic, ¬†smooth, and this is the shoe that made neon green cool to rock. Neon green became the “go-to” color for a couple of years for a variety of shoes for Nike after this.




       3.Nike Air Griffey Max 1

These were some of the coldest shoes ever created. Go ahead and stare. It’s ok. They some mean ass shoes huh? I just about celebrated when I got a pair. Didn’t wear them often because I refused to let someone “accidentally” step on them





       2. Air Jordan XI

Thought long and hard about putting the original white & black joints. Then I remembered people breaking their necks to get their grubby hands on these. These changed lives for people good and bad. Only one word sums these shoes up….¬†Sexy





¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† 1. Nike Air Max 90’s

Unequivocally, undeniably my favorite shoe ever made! Look at them. Look at the majesty! The infrared is what really sets these apart. I just hope whoever designed these got a raise and permanent job security.






For The Love Of Her

teen girlI’m going to be brutally honest. I only got into basketball when I was younger due to a girl I had a crush on. I was fascinated as an 8 year old boy, watching her move and break defenders down. She was 13 at the time. Call it pre pubescant hormones but it was amazing watching this young lady.¬†The sad part is, I dont even remember her name. She was the one who gave me confidence to play the game. I would see her in the summers at the North Beach Playground here in the city. She would be on the court with grown men, Balling Out. I would rebound her shots for her¬†hours on end. She told me that I’m great at finding the loose balls and looking for my teammates. I couldn’t shoot however. I shot like Josh Childress. Which sounds fine for an 8 year old kid, right? But when you play with hood kids and project kids, you constantly get teased. I wasn’t the best athlete growing up. I hated basketball at that time because I couldn’t play. I loved football and baseball more when I was younger. That young lady told me something very important during one our shoot around. She said “listen boy, you will play better when girls are around because we are prettier, smarter, and better than boys.” Now that may sound innocent and cute but that young lady taught me something that day: Women have tremendous power over us men. They motivate us, encourage us, make us work harder and teach us lessons. It may sound pompous or schvunistic but just think about it. Women are better teachers naturally than men. Because of our primitive interactions as humans I find this opinion of mine true. Think about it. You ever been in the gym working out, and a lady starts to work out next to you. You automatically start showing off or trying to impress her. There’s nothing wrong with it. Animals do it all the time. Whether it’s dancing, singing, urinating on things, scratching on tree branches etc. Now I know what you’re thinking. That’s all based off of chemistry, affection, attraction, and maybe lust. True, but let’s take that away. Women are more naturally fundamentally sound than men. In basketball men rely on their athleticism, their power, their height, and their speed. But what happens when a man loses those and doesn’t have a skill? He won’t be in the league for long. He would get immediatley¬† “Knocked tha fuck out.”


This isn’t one of those lets pay homage to women and never mention them again type of deals. This isn’t a flavor of the month and move on type of deal. It’s just one man expressing his love and respect for women sports. Whether its Women’s volleyball, gymnastics, swimming, softball or hoops, I’ve always respected the athlete. I also (aint gonna lie) love seeing athletic toned and curvy bodies, of the opposite sex move and sweat. Say what you want but women do the same thing. Like in football when the offensive line bends down. A lot of women are looking at their butts. Hahahahhahahahah its true. Its true. So this paragraph is to kinda preface you, as the reader on how I got into sports. WOMEN. With of course respectful boundaries it still doesn’t hurt to be surrounded by something you’re naturally attractive too and to be motivated to get better. Also,¬†I’m the type of dude who support equal pay for women in¬†the workplace and I’m not the type of guy who has a problem with a woman leader. Women who are strong get labeled as being a¬†“BITCH” or “FORMIDABLE” never strong, or stern but fair. I’m all for a woman leading me, but understand that when danger comes, I am the Man. I have a primitive nature to protect those who are the weaker “STRENGTH” than me. I don’t care if I dated Ronda Rousey, If some shit goes down at a bar, I gotta make sure that¬†you get out safely. That’s the priority.¬†This is where it starts however. One of the reasons why a lot of boys don’t watch or respect women’s sports (so to say) is because they’re not taught how to respect women in general. Understanding that more that my daughter is now 11 years old, if I don’t teach her how to respect herself, she wont command any from boys. I say that to say this:¬† Lets give our women athletes the respect the deserve. When you play pick up ball against a women, you treat them like everyone else. No special treatment. Go hard against them. Compete hard, show respect, interact.


Now let’s talk, really talk about women basketball. The WNBA just started their 20th season. Experts did not give them 5 years. Because the ABL folded in 1998 due to bankruptcy, a lot of men hated the WNBA. Saying things like it was phony, that the women were ugly etc. I remember when USF would have open gym in the late 90s and Jennifer Azzi was there. Jennifer Azzi played for the San Jose Lasers at the time. She is now the current coach for the USF Women’s Basketball. It was a wake up call for a lot of the dudes playing because naturally we under-estimate women in sports. Our bravado clouds our judgement on things.¬† We forget while we have the physical prowess and ability to impose our will, women will not back down and have been playing against men their whole life. We forget about the fundamentals that women display. The array of moves. The foot work. The boxing out. Anyways Ms. Azzi was crossing cats up, making good plays, hitting 3’s. I was lucky enough to guard her on a few possessions she crossed me up too. I wasn’t ashamed because it happens but the guys let me have it. “Oh a girl crossed you up.” Yea well that girl had just won a gold medal in the 96 Olympics in the ATL. And honestly how many people can say that?¬†¬†Call it an honor honestly.


Now fast forward to the 2016 WNBA season. Ask the common sports fan who their team is. Majority of people don’t watch Women’s hoops. I’ve heard all kind of excuses. It’s boring, the women are ugly, it’s too slow-paced, and girls suck. Now truthfully a lot of this feedback¬†comes from women. Not all but some. Of course you got your typical alpha males, the do as I say man, but It’s surprising that most brothas my age hates the WNBA. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve never been to a WNBA game nor do I have their schedule, but I do watch when it’s on. I do honestly have a hard time watching sometimes because¬†¬†when I watch women’s basketball today I tend to drift off. And it’s not because I don’t respect the game. It’s not that I don’t like women’s basketball. It’s honestly the frigging announcers. I love Doris Burke but her voice is so annoying. I wish they have a Marv Albert for women’s hoops. When I was younger I would want to see more athleticism. I would only watch the Lisa Leslie’s,¬† the Tina Thompsons’ the Michelle Snow’s, etc. Just the main ladies. In my older age I started to watch more of it to study the game from some of our greatest teachers. That’s right women. Understand that if it wasn’t for a woman, I wouldn’t have fell in love with this game. All because of a pretty older girl took the time to show this awkward, gangly, rebel how to ball, but not only that show him a lesson in life. Wherever she is Thank You


Tareau’s Top 10 jersey’s in NFL History

Ok. Alright now. Football season is a brewing. Even though I consider myself different from most people, I still tend to follow the trends and the crowds in occasion. With that being said here’s my top 10 Jerseys in NFL history. Enjoy.


10. The Red throwback New England Patriots jersey.
Originally the Patriots wore these from 1960 to 1992. But the one in the photo above is a tweaked version of those. Keep in mind I hate the Patriots but, those red unis are easy on the eyes. (That was corny as hell.)


9.The “Bucco Bruce” Away Tampa Bay unis.
The Bucs wore these from their inaugural season, 1976 to 1998. I like the away Unis better. Reminds me of the ORANGE SLICE soda. Who loves orange soda? Kel loves orange soda. Hahhahaha


8. The Revamped AFL San Diego Chargers powder blues.
According to alot of “OG’S” powder blue was a common color in the 70’s (hmmm I wonder why) bright pastel blue makes any man looks manlier but cleaner than the next


7. The “Randall Cunningham” Era away unis
Now Philly fans help me out here. Because Philly has one of the richest American football history in the country, when exactly did this style come about? Was it 1975? Prior? I’m doing my research and I’m getting conflicting reports. Any who, these duds were the shit. Especially with some green and white Saucony’s.


6. The Orange Cincinnati Bengals Alt Unis
These were known as the “Cardiac Cats” I remember these from the mid 2000’s Era and they are some of the cleanest unis in football.


5. The Away Detroit Lions Unis
Barry Sanders breaking cats ankles in this unique, was a blur before HD television. Imagine seeing him tear up defenses, on artificial turf back then. The gray compliments this Carolinian-ish blue.


4. The Baltimore Ravens Away Purple Unis
Yes I know. A lot of people like the Black ones better. Well I dont. Ravens have a hint of purple when the sun hits their feathers at a certain angle. But Ray Lewis and Ed Reed and company got you exited to see purple on Sunday and not just in ya mama’s church hat either.


3. The L.A. Rams Away unis.
these were popular in the 80s and early 90s. I hated the rams as a 9ers fan but you gotta admit these are clean duds. Nas and Ginuwine rocked these in the 1999 “You owe me video” and was looking dipped in butter


2. The Oakland Raiders Away Whites
Yes I know. The black unis is what everyone identifies with the Raiders. But I always loved this one better because you had to be Hella clean yet a Man’s man to get away with it.


1. The 94 San Francisco 49ers away unis
Ahhhhh yes. Super Bowl year. Whooping the Chargers assess 55-10. Seeing Deion Sanders do showtime in the end zone was classic. Loved the 3d black outline with the patch also.

So there we have it. My rhyme and reasoning for these. What are yours?.